Chung Ha: Singing Cinderella Songs | SXSW LIVE STUDIO

We have a big treat for you kpop fans out there Her songs have many millions of streams across YouTube and Spotify, please welcome to South by Southwest live. Korean pop star Chung ha This is so exited I think we should start with your new single, Gotta Go It came out on January I’m it’s unbeyond repeat for me. I was I just wanted to know what is that song about? It’s a song about going home before 12 My fans call it like a Cinderella song, but it’s not actually Cinderella song But the concept might be similar to it, but it’s a very fun flute EDM Dance song that you guys can hop into if you haven’t checked it out. So yeah One of the things that I’ve noticed about your videos and your your social media as well as in other really talented k-pop artists media is the attention to detail around fashion Oh fashion like sparkles sparkles All the specific colors. Oh, thank you I guess my All of my staffs and me they all you know Go into the music and see what’s best for the music. And so I guess that’s why you got so interested in it Yeah, it’s it’s it pops. You know what I mean? And I have to have a deep appreciation for how much work goes into what you do As far as the all the dance moves and like I said the fashion and be able to dance and sing at the same time And you have videos on your YouTube channel that show you practicing. Yeah, how many hours do you put in for one music video practice? Practice. Oh That’s a hard question like forever Forever
Forever like non-stop the day I start my music date from day one To the promotion ends that’s like everyday practice but for just movie shooting Maybe like two days without any any sleeping Wow But before that like a couple of like maybe like a month or two
Wow Like go over and over over a change stuff and you know monitor ourselves And all that That’s exhausting You’re really unique for a Korean musician because you also used to live in Dallas, Texas. Right, I’m actually at my hometown right now. I had my childhood here. …in Austin. Yeah, no, no in Dallas Okay, that was like second time in Austin but yeah, so excited. Tell me about that. Why were you traveling between Texas and South Korea? Oh my family actually Lives here, still lives here. Yeah, and so I got to meet my family last night and And actually I was born in Korea So that’s why how I you know started my life in Dallas and went back and forth And yeah, it reminds me a lot of stuff here. You’re probably the only Kpop star who is a Korean and also Texan NO That sounds good. Yeah right.
Yeah right. Wish I was the only one. Do you think that your time in Texas has influenced your art? Right, a lot like especially a lot of stuff like you know listening to just pop music starting when I was young or just like, you know learning a lot of English like speaking to you. This is possible because I lived in Texas when I was young and all of that languages all of that vibe that comes from America or like this society actually influenced a lot in my music the Texas swagger. Yes So you used to be in a group with other female musicians called IOI Oh I’m glad you mentioned. Yeah, tell me how you got started in music and then how you got into that group. Actually, I was into music my whole life. I guess when I was young I all my life I wanted to dance I wanted to sing that but that was just like kind of like a real dream for me But I didn’t know that it would come true. But I had a chance to go on this TV program called Produce 101. This is in Korea.
Mm-hmm. And then that’s how it started like all these trainees we, call it You know, like training for you know to debut all these 101 trainees got into that program and then you know, we kind of like survived and then 11 people were picked and I was one of the 11 people and then that’s how the group whole Project started and influenced a lot of a lot of you know other stuff and so yeah I think I’m a very lucky and uh In many ways to be one of IOI member.
That’s amazing. Let’s see here, so you’re in Austin and you’re in Texas, which is sort of one of your homes and You said you’re with your family. What’s it like coming back to the U.S. now and being received amongst people? Oh Actually, uhm I can’t believe actually I’m Like I’ve I’ve been here since oh, no I left Texas since I was very young like in middle school after seventh grade So that would be 2009 and it’s 2019. So exactly it took me 10 years to come back here again and Actually a lot of things changed and I came back here as a singer and you know, it was all Dream come true, I guess especially back here in Texas never thought I would be Here singing, you know, like maybe Los Angeles in like New York and like other hot places. They I Go they would you know hold a lot of you know, like big events there so that a lot of kpop people would go there and you know Enjoy the event but not in Texas. Not much in, Texas not that I know of but being a part of South by Southwest and Being in Texas is really special and it really means a lot to me. That’s great So I want to go back to the business of being a pop star it’s hard work It’s joyful, it’s it’s happy to be one of you know, kpop members What is one of the most challenging parts of your job? I can’t pick out just one but You know, I think it’s very similar to other you know stars and I think the most hard this part is to go out to international fans That’s the most hardest part, but I get I got a chance right now. So I’m very happy with that and I’m looking forward more to you know, going overseas and meet my fans over there What is one of the your your most favorite aspects t your job, is it being a fashion icon? Is it is it the dancing? Is it just singing? Everything I guess. That makes you know that makes a lot of people I think every parts of These categories you told me Makes into one kpop, you know, that’s why it’s so I don’t know hot these days I’ve heard that it’s high So that’s why I guess a lot of love comes from there and yeah Your English maybe is an advantage for you as a Korean musician because you can You do use a little a little bit of English in some of your songs. I do like teeny bits.
What’s that part again? You like the way Yeah That’s why I just told you that it influenced me a lot in music like like pronunciation Yeah You know if I didn’t speak English like just a little, I would have a hard time You know figuring that out, you know Yeah, I would love to you know make up music without any Korean just full in English one day one day one of my wish list and you know and make my international fans listen to more you know Confident lyrics I guess That’s a really cool thing to aspire to I have to ask I don’t know what you’re gonna say. But why do we love Kpop so much? Why do you? Why do you that’s my question? Now you put it back on me. Because I can’t understand the lyrics Oh, right Right most obviously most Americans cannot but yet We will just repeat the song over and over again. I don’t know. Is it the fashion? Is it the dancing? Is it the stories you tell in the music videos? I don’t know Maybe like I don’t know because I also Love music in different languages too and a lot of Korean people might not understand English as well as You don’t understand a lot of in Korean, but we still listen to pop music I think it’s pretty the same. You know music is one. Yeah and good music transcends Yeah, it makes all into one. I think that’s just you know Everything equals out. I read the statistic today that apparently kpop is a five billion dollars export every year from Korea So we like a lot of that Keep on loving. Thank you. Before we go When can we hear more music from you? Oh my music. Yes Maybe I always have a comeback and during the summer, so Maybe summer. Maybe summer? you’re gonna tease us with that Yeah, maybe summer you gotta keep tuning with me That’s very exciting. Well, I’m very very appreciative of you being here. Thank you so much for being at South by Southwest I think this is a big opportunity and moment for Austin and South by Southwest music Absolutely Congratulations, and I want to thank you out there for tuning into South by Southwest live and don’t forget you can see more at South By Southwest calm slash live. Thanks so much Yes, thank you.


For me why kpop being on the spotlight because of the melody and tone and all of that are so different and kind of catchy cause most american artist produced the same kind of vibes eventhought their songs are amazing too. Topped at charts and selling alot and adding to that, as kpop artist,musician or singer they have to be all-rounded. You need to know how to singing,dancing,acting or modeling and mc-ing so it is really different from what the american served you on the plate. They really produced so many hits song but does not mean they have all of these talents too. But again, i think is all about preferences. As myself, i loved every kind of musics whether its in chinese,korean or japanese, english or latin aas long as the song is catchy and fit into my preference i would get to know and listen into it.

This guy is a good interviewer. I often get really uncomfortable how Americans show host interview kpop artists 😬

**Also Yoon Mirae is another Texan Korean artist.

sometimes i feel chungha is struggling really hard with choosing the right words in english, but that's totally fine since she left the us 10 years ago, i do appreciate that she's trying her best!

He speaks more slowly than normal cause Chungha's English is not perfect and she is definitely not native speaker. If you wonder then just compare to other videos he is definitely speaking very slowly

Chungha? STUNNING. Interviewer? Give that man a raise, he had great questions (like damn, how many time we get to see someone that actually made a research on the artist?) and ALSO he seemed genuinely happy and inrerested in interviewing her👏

Her agency really chose the right thing to make her a solo singer. So far she's the most successful among the 11.

I thought she will sing one of Cinderella songs(because of the title😒)
Queen Chunga is a total packaged.😀
Beautiful angelic voice when singing and talking😃(so good to hear,very clean pronounciation/diction),
Great dancer and choreographer

Humble person
Strong personality


And I think she will be an good actor.

Keep it up!😀

10:08 now yk what to tell that annoying person who’s always saying “you don’t even know what they’re saying! STAN TALENT, STAN CHUNGHA THE QUEEN


청아님 정말 매력이 볼수록 넘치시는군요 👍👍👍😍😍

watching this now with snapping released and her mini album flourishing. she now has a full english song awh :,)

She needs more practice when it comes to answering interview questions. She barely answered the questions properly. I wish the interviewee also made more effort in engaging her to answer better.

Wow what kind of tablet is that? It’s huge!
Lol anyway what a great interview! This is so good and some very good questions for Chung Ha. She’s awesome! Love getting to learn about her

She talked about wanting to make a full English song for her international fans, and now we have “Flourishing.” (‘: 🧡 Chung Ha fighting!!!

Why os she so precious and beautiful and perfect i love her :3 she dance amazing and sings like a Princess :3 i think she is the Queen of texas ;3

This was a really good interview, he didn't ask her the typical questions kpop artists are asked when they come over to the states.

and now chungha in 2019, finally got the wish she's been hoping for to release a full song in english called "flourishing" in her album together with the main track "snapping" I'm so happy for her making all her wishes coming into life little by little. WE LOVE YOU OUR QUEEN!

9:19 "i would love to make a song fully in english. one day, that's one of my wishlist." you did it, chungha ♡♡♡

OMG!!!!!!! she is so beautiful!!!!!! her hair!!!!! 😩😩😩❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️❣️❣️❣️

she is so smart and the way she answered all the questions was so elegant ! beautiful princess pretty chungha stealing hearts with her tiny font voice and her talents

……and she’s supposed to be fluent in English…? She’s clearly not. Most of her speech isn’t even constructed into proper sentences so I wonder why people refer to her as “a fluent”.
I mean I don’t hate her or anything but it just really irritates me when people try to glamour Korean idols who spent a bit time abroad with their families for a few years in their childhood and then moved back to Korea for like the rest of their lives….that’s nothing. That doesn’t make someone “fluent,” especially when their sentences aren’t even grammatically right half the time. YES she can reiterate back basic communication with simple words but THATS NOT FLUENCY. And many of these “English speaking” Korean idols are just like her.
She learned how to SOUND like an American (for the most part), but she sure needs to study a lot more English.

Why are there so many “he wasn’t a bad interviewer why are y’all hating” I but don’t actually see any hate comments???


What more could you ask for?

Goddamn she's so freaking beautiful! I would be stuttering if I was that close to her with her just staring at me while I ask her questions lmao!

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