Cheap and Quality Wired Lavalier Microphone ATR-3350 by Audio Technica (for Voice & Video Recording)

Greetings! This is Valerian and now it’s time to unbox
and review this cheap lavalier microphone. It is called ATR-3350 and is produced by Audio-Technica. The parts include the control unit with the
mic itself, the foam windscreen, the battery, and tie clip. Do note that till now I am recording sound
using the internal microphone of my DSLR Canon T3i. And to compare, this is the sound coming from
Audio-Technica’s mic. I have just decided to check the things out
staying outdoors. At first, the built-in microphone is in action. And by listening to this, you can evaluate
how the reviewed product records on a street. That is it! Please do click on LIKE and subscribe.
Have a great day!

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