Celine Tam: Wonder-child Singer Gets Laverne Cox’s GOLDEN BUZZER | America’s Got Talent 2017

A month ago the mean came to meet you up can I go for AGT audition and then wow? Are you kidding me? That’s good We have no idea how it’s going to do on the big stage. Have you got any brothers or sisters? I got a little sister her name is Dion Celine and Dion Celine, what artist you’re going be singing Celine dion Anyway, I love doing this show Watching our daughter chasing her dream. That was my first time crying I was so proud of her We’re lucky to have her yeah. Yes this is how Tonight, I’m going to be singing a song for my little sister. It’s about how we love each other hey pinky resisters and best friends I like to sing because it makes people happy I have been practicing a lot for my performance I Have watch America’s got Talents for likes Forever I Want to go to Garage so badly can I go now bye? Celine and I remember your name is Celine and your sister’s name is Dion Because you guys are all a little bit obsessed with Celine dion this is it So which Celine dion song are you singing for us today? Well today, I’m not saying a celine dion song I’m singing How am I supposed to live without you oh? I wish you the best of luck And yes, oh man Daddy break Adam Unknown employment agreement the my campaign oh and the family Yeah – yeah oh oh my God The crowd is going crazy for you First I would like to hear from our very special Guest judge Laverne What did you think I just want to eat you up and like take you home you were so? Adorable and so cute and your voice is amazing You are so talented Thank you so much. I am really blown away. You are so talented Unbelievable, so adorable I might …. You are going straight to the live show you so much

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