Can you sing these three difficult singing exercises? | #DrDan 🎤


Thank-you for another "action-packed" video Dr. Dan!
I love and look forward to getting through these challenging exercises. Bring it on!😄👍

Yep, no problem! my range is A1 to G5 (but not G5 for all vowels yet..) but been working on it 6 days a week now for 5 months. I want to say thank you! I've learned so much from you since i found your channel, you're awesome!

I have to ask. Is that a Behringer XENYX 1832 mixer in the background? I have watched a lot of your videos and never noticed it. If it is, I have the same one.

Always the best lessons Dr. Dan!
I picked up "Voice Essentials 1 Exercise Collection" quite awhile ago and see constant improvement, comfort, confidence and fun in my gigs (as long as I'm doing my part!).
Thanks much, all the best to you!

That was just wonderful Dr Dan! I am DEFINITELY one of those people who REALLY DOES LOVE A CHALLENGE – the only way forward….yes?! That is one of the reasons why I feel I have seriously improved with my singing. When I listen back to my early recordings, the ones I was happy with at the time, I now realise how much more I needed to learn. I have learned emotion, resonance (I know everyone, or at least most people, need to work on that at first, but now I have to work on lower volume when it is needed, and I don't doubt for a second you know what I mean by that). I managed the 2 octave scale with ease so I am pleased with that but I would dearly love to rise into the 3 octave category – there goes that will to challenge again! Thank you so much for this, it was really helpful. Kind rgards.

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