Can you learn to sing ? Part 1 Singing / Vocal Tutorial how to sing better fast by Raj Gaikwad.

hello everyone This is raj gaikwad. Today I am covering very sensitive topic. And that question is Can I learn to sing ? I will be covering this Video in multiple languages. You will understand this video in better way Yes , Can I really sing ? And The Answer of the question is a BIG YES. You can sing though you haven’t seen seen me How can you say that i can sing or i cannot sing ? you haven’t heard my voice yet But i am not talking about you only whereas i am talking about each and every person who exist on this planet. Just except those people who are mentally challenged who can hardly catch normal thing. which lies below 1% . atcually everyone can sing because while singing we use our throat muscles it is also called as Vocal Chords. Air is everywhere and we use same air for singing. According to me , Singing is advanced version of speaking/talking. If you speak in melodic way you can call it a song. How voice is generated ? when we inhale, we take an amount of air in our lungs and while exhaling/speaking our vocal chords rub on each other which generates frequency/Voice. If you have air Around you and you have vocal chords and lungs you can definitely sing .


Vryyyy nic raj sir nw i can also sing song….
muje confidence aaya hai… abhi dar nhi raha kuch man m ki m ga nhi sakati n all….👍👍

Hello brother I took a look your videos they are so good and i liked your all video and subscribe u so,please do subscribe me back humble request your subscribe (Wazed Ali channel)subscribe back please

Thank You so much Sir for the information. Baki channels pe sirf information aur tips hi milte hai. Yaha pe information aur tips ke sath sath motivation bhi milta hai.😍😍

I am 17years old and I want to learn singing. I had no experience. Can I sing like arijit Singh till age of 25 or 27 years

lovely bro I want make a good singer but I am do a copy to all singer so thanks you tell this video
ki logon ko ek hi Sonu Mohan chiye

Sir aap please हिन्दी का ज्यादा प्रयोग करें ….. मुझे ज्यादा समझ मे नही आई आपकी बात…. धन्यवाद

Sir I really love to singing song but it is been long time I learned by myself so some time i give up i didn't feel well I have great voice how can I singing batter then better it is going be really for me to hard work keep it up

ap khud kitne success ho jo ye video banai hai ap ne.
Agar itna pata hai to video na banoa or khud singer bane ki practise karo

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