Can YOU Guess That Song From One Word Only?

– What, they’re all
singing different things. – The beat sounds familiar. – Jeannie!
– (Jeannie) Worcestershire! – Jeannie, you’re not
helping me, girl! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we are gonna test
your knowledge of pop music songs. – Okay.
– Okay. – I’ve been a little bit off
of listening to radio lately. – Popular music, like radio stuff?
Not my best subject. – I never listen to the radio anymore.
– Yeah, yeah. – Which, I feel like is gonna
make this pretty tough. – (FBE) So here’s the thing. We actually won’t be playing you
the songs themselves. Instead, we’ve asked a few people
to sing a 30 second snippet for you to try and guess
the song from. – Oh God.
– That’s so fun, okay. – Okay. – (FBE) To make this even harder,
we limited them to using only a single word, no humming,
no whistling, and absolutely no lyrics.
– How’s that possible? – What?
– (FBE) You’ll find out! – I’m excited to see
what word they chose. – I know! (laughs) Oh God, this is gonna be a disaster.
I love it. – (FBE) Of course, you will be
competing with each other. Once the song starts playing,
you’ll write down both the title and the artist
on your whiteboard. If you get both correct,
you’ll get two points, if you get one correct,
you get one point. – Awesome!
– Okey dokey. – I hope that their
humming skills and singing skills are on point, ’cause my victory
depends on you guys, so. – ♪ Squirrel, squirrel ♪
♪ Squirrel, squirrel, squirrel ♪ – ♪ Squirrel, squirrel ♪
♪ Squirrel, squirrel, squirrel ♪ ♪ Squirrel, squirrel ♪
♪ Squirrel, squirrel ♪ – Oh!
– Oh, I know, I know. – ♪ Squirrel, squirrel ♪
♪ Squirrel, squirrel ♪ – Okay, I know it.
– I actually know it now! – ♪ Squirrel, squirrel ♪
♪ Squirrel, squirrel ♪ (laughs) – Jeannie you’re not helping me! – ♪ Squirrel, squirrel ♪
♪ Squirrel, squirrel, squirrel ♪ ♪ Squirrel, squirrel ♪
♪ Squirrel, squirrel ♪ (laughs) – ♪ Squirrel, squirrel ♪
♪ Squirrel, squirrel, squirrel ♪ ♪ Squirrel, squirrel, squirrel ♪
I’m losing it! – ♪ Squirrel, squirrel ♪
♪ Sq-squirrel, sq-squirrel ♪ – I know what this song is but
I don’t know the name of it at all. – This was an, who made this idea up? – Huh.
– Okay, this is actually not as hard
as I thought it was gonna be. – Huh, the beat sounds familiar.
– They’re pretty good. My brain would have lost the beat
like four times. – Austin came in with
the actual melody, and I’m like okay, now I know. (Sheila hums) – Sounds like a pop-ish song, sounds like something
a girl would sing. Okay, I’m just gonna take a guess. – (FBE) Show me your boards.
Three, two, one. – Is it Miley Cyrus? – Truth Hurts by Lizzo. – (FBE) Let’s go to the answer. – (Jeannie) That was
Truth Hurts by Lizzo. (buzzer rings) – I don’t know who Lizzo is. – I’m pissed I didn’t get that. – (Jeannie) That was
Truth Hurts by Lizzo. – Hey!
– Okay, we got it! – Cool.
– Okay. At least I knew who it was.
– Truth Hurts, Lizzo. – Yes.
– That’s such a good song. – ♪ Squirrel, squirrel ♪
♪ Squirrel, squirrel, squirrel ♪ – That was truth hurts? Wait, I listen to that song
all the time and I didn’t recognize it. – ♪ Squirrel, squirrel ♪
♪ Squirrel, squirrel, sq-sq-squirrel ♪ – ♪ Worcestershire ♪
♪ Worcestershire ♪ – What? – ♪ Worcestershire ♪
♪ Worcestershire ♪ My brain’s not connecting right now! – ♪ Worce-worcestershire ♪
♪ Worce-worce-worcestershire ♪ – I have no idea.
– Oh yeah. ♪ Worce-worce-worcestershire ♪
♪ Worce-wor-ce-wor ♪ – Got it.
– ♪ Worcestershire, worcestershire ♪ – What, they’re all singing
different things. – ♪ Worcestershire ♪
♪ Worcestershire, Worcestershire ♪ – ♪ Worcestershire ♪
♪ Worcestershire ♪ – Jeannie!
– ♪ Worcestershire ♪ – Jeannie, you’re not helping me girl! – ♪ Worcestershire ♪
♪ Worcestershire ♪ ♪ Worcestershire ♪ – I hope I spelled it right.
– I have no idea. – I, yeah.
– I know the melody in my head, but I can’t connect it
with a person or anything. – I have no idea at all. They all sung three
completely different [bleep] melodies. – I didn’t even get
the melody in my head, ’cause they were laughing so much. Come on guys,
do you care about us or not? – Oh, this is bad,
this is real bad. – Them singing Worcestershire
is my last brain song. – Like each clip
was them like on a completely different melody and beat,
like that was a mess. – Had they heard the song before? – (FBE) Alright, show me your boards.
Three, two, one. – Nicki Minaj!
– It’s Britney, bitch! – Big question mark.
– Bad Guy? – Yep.
– Billie Eilish? – (FBE) Let’s see the answer. – (Tori) This was Billie Eilish’s
Bad Guy! – How?
– ♪ I’m the bad guy ♪ – Oh! (hums)
– Duh! Mm-hmm. – Oh my God!
– How was that? – That did not sound…
– What the [bleep]! – Okay, so.
– Yeah, they did like the slowdown like the
♪ Worcestershire ♪ – Yeah, and then they kept…
– And I was like that’s from Bad Guy. – Yeah.
– Good job! – Literally, I thought it was
Billie Eilish from like the first three seconds and then every single
person after that made me question that decision. – I had no idea where it was going. I was very confused the whole time. – ♪ An-ne-ne-ne-ne-anemone ♪ – I’m gonna wait til the chorus. – ♪ Anemone, anemone, anemone ♪ – Okay, I think I recognize this. – ♪ Enemy, enemy ♪ – ♪ Anemone ♪
Wait, it’s anemone… – Why’d you guys pick these words? – ♪ Anemone ♪
Wait, wait. – Wait, oh my God! – ♪ Anemone, anemone ♪ – ♪ Anemone, anemone ♪ – What are they saying? – (laughs) Ane-ne-ne-nome-nome. – That was, that was tragic. That’s on camera forever, good. – I have no idea.
– I have an idea, but it’s like a really bad one. It’s not gonna be right,
but I’m gonna say it anyway. – That one didn’t translate
very well. – I have absolutely no idea.
– That one didn’t translate out. – ♪ Ne, ne, ne ♪
I have this one! ♪ Ne, ne, ne, ne, ne ♪ – What is this?
– Wow! I like, only the first clip kinda
gave me a little bit of something. – I have nothing,
I have literally nothing. I know this isn’t it.
Like, I’m fully writing down a song being like this is not
the song I heard. – (FBE) Alright, show me your boards.
Three, two, one. – Senorita.
You didn’t guess anything? – No, ’cause like I have no clue. – I was gonna write that one! – ‘Cause I kinda felt like
I got a little bit of that. – No, you don’t understand!
I wrote Senorita, then I erased it! If it’s Senorita, I’m gonna be so sad! – I feel like a failure. – (Austin) That was Boyfriend
by Ariana Grande. – How?
(buzzer rings) – Oh my God, I’m sorry queen!
Oh my gosh! – I don’t know her,
but I’m sorry. – That was an L. – It was Boyfriend!?
Yes! We did it,
this is still a competition though. – Oh my God!
(Becca laughs) Oh my God, no way! – I did not think it was that song! There’s no way that’s Boyfriend. – That’s so funny.
That did not sound like that at all. (buzzer rings) – There’s no way
we coulda gotten that one. – I, like I haven’t
even heard that one yet. – They were given the word.
– I’m gonna blame it on the reactors. – They were given
the name anemone. They did they best they could.
– Right, okay. – So really, it’s the producers
giving them words that are hard to use.
– And that’s the tea everybody. – Explic, oh God,
I gotta wait til the chorus. – ♪ Explicit, explicit, explicit ♪ – ♪ Explicit, explicit ♪
♪ Explicit, explicit, explicit ♪ – Oh, I know it!
– ♪ Explicit ♪ – ♪ Explicit-cit-cit-cit-cit-cit-cit ♪
♪ Explicit-cit-cit ♪ – You know this.
– ♪ Ooh, explicit, explicit ♪ ♪ Ooh, explicit, explicit ♪
– Dang man. The beat sounds familiar,
I just can’t. I think Tori did like the best
in like giving something that was like notable in the song.
– Yeah. – The look in your eye says
that you know what this is, and it’s something I should know.
– You know what this is. – That was a good one. I could understand what the song was.
– That one was more understandable. – ♪ Ooh, nah nah ♪
– What [bleep] song is that? – ♪ Nah-nah-nah, nah-nah, nah-nah ♪
(both humming) – Oh my God, this is pissing me off,
it’s on the tip of my tongue, can you see it?
– Nah, nah, just wanna try to keep it positive over here.
– Oh! I [bleep] knew it, I got it, I got it,
I actually have it, I have it. – Stop talking for two. – (FBE) Show me your boards.
Three, two, one. – Senorita. – Yeah, yep, yeah. – (FBE) That was Senorita
by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. (bell rings)
– Okay. Back on the board a little bit.
– Woo! – Yeah, no, I’ve never heard
that song in my life. YouTube keeps telling me to watch
the video, and I keep saying no. – ♪ I love it when you ♪
♪ Call me senorita ♪ You don’t know that song?
– Nope! – Ah, I wouldn’t have gotten that. – Oh, ooh, explicit, explicit,
♪ Ooh, explicit, explicit ♪ This is hard!
(Brandon laughs) This is so much harder
than I thought it would be. – Yeah, yeah.
(bell rings) – We got it, you’re welcome.
– That was not good. Oh my God!
– We got one! – That was so hard!
This is so difficult! – I’m waiting til the chorus again. – ♪ Tur-tur-tur-turn ♪
♪ Turn, turn, turn ♪ – What?
– ♪ Turn, turn, turn, turn, turn ♪ – ♪ Turn, turn ♪
– He’s got pipes. – ♪ Turn, turn, turn, turn, turn ♪
– ♪ Turn, ta-turn turn turn, ta-turn ♪ – ♪ Turn, ta-turn, turn turn ta-turn ♪ – Oh!
– Wait. – I think I know the artist. – ♪ Turn, turn ♪ – God, I know this song,
and I have no idea what the title is. – ♪ Turn turn ♪ – Oh, it could be so many things. – Yeah, it sounds like a bunch
of different things to me right now. – Oh man, I know it too.
What is the name of it? – This is very, very hard. I’ve never been so lost
in a singing like in a song challenge. – ♪ When I’m with my baby girl ♪
♪ Do do-do, do-do, do-do ♪ – God, I don’t know!
– That’s the song. Like that’s what the song is,
I just don’t know what it’s called. Oh!
– You got it? – I don’t know who the artist is. – You got it?
– Yeah. – (FBE) Alright, ready
to show me your answers? – Yes.
– Yeah. – (FBE) Three, two, one. – Big question mark again.
– Is it Somebody, by maybe Ed Sheeran or Justin Bieber?
(laughs) – (FBE) Alright!
– Did I get it right? – (FBE) Let’s look at the answer! – (Austin) I think that was I don’t care by
Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran? (bell rings)
– Oh! – Hey!
– Okay. I got Ed Sheeran.
– (FBE) I’ll give you a point for that since he’s the primary artist
on the song. – Okay.
That was good! You got that one!
– Damn! – ♪ ‘Cause I don’t care ♪
♪ When I’m with my baby, yeah ♪ ♪ All the bad things disappear ♪
– Oh! ♪ Ooh ♪ Oh no!
That makes so much sense! ♪ When I’m with my baby yeah ♪ – ♪ Turn turn turn ta-turn ♪
(laughs) I was like, it’s, ♪ When I’m with baby, yeah ♪ – I haven’t listened to
a single Justin Bieber song since like Where Are You Now? – Huh.
– Okay, now I kinda hear that. I did not get that at all. – I’m proud of myself
for knowing who wrote it. – Yeah, good job.
You did really good! – I was close to getting
full points though, so that makes me sad,
’cause I missed out on the last one. – But you did good.
You won. – (FBE) You definitely won.
– Oh yeah, oh yeah, you smoked me. – (FBE) So there were a total
of 10 points possible today. You both got four points!
– Whoa! – Hey!
– Nice, nice. – (FBE) Caleb, you got two points.
Jordan you got eight points! – Wow!
– Together we get the max score. – There we go!
– So, you know. – (FBE) Sheila, you got four points.
Kostas, you got five points. You are the winner!
(bell rings) – Okay man, you got it,
no, that’s fine. You deserve to win.
Good job. – Let’s get some pizza, baby! – Damn it, I have to buy pizza now. – I think they probably did
the best they could with what word was given to them.
– That was the thing. It’s definitely a very hard
thing to do, so honestly, props to
all the React people… – Yeah.
– …who did these songs for us. Thank you for that. – It was hard to remember
what the songs were called. – Yeah, I really appreciated
Austin’s effort. – Austin came in clutch.
– He did. – I also feel like I could sit here and be like “oh yeah,
they coulda done better,” But then, like if I have to do that.
– Oh God. – In an uncoming episode,
I’ll be like ♪ Anemone, anemone ♪ ♪ Anemone? ♪
(laughs) – (FBE) Alright, well let’s go ahead
and put that to the test. So for your final challenge.
– Yeah. – (FBE) We’re gonna make you sing
a song using a single word for our React audience to guess. We’re challenging them to guess
which song you’re singing, and whoever correctly comments
both the artist and the title will be entered to win
some free React merch. – Okay, cool, that’s awesome. – (FBE) Do you think
you can help the audience out? – Oh God, I’m so sorry in advance. – ♪ Equestrian, equestrian ♪ – ♪ Equestrian ♪ – ♪ Equestrian, equestrian ♪
♪ Equestrian ♪ – ♪ Equestrian, equestrian ♪
♪ Equestrian, equestrian ♪ – Oh yeah, this is a bop.
– ♪ Equestri-questrian ♪ ♪ Questri-questrian ♪
♪ Equestri-questrian ♪ – ♪ Equestrian, equestrian ♪
♪ Equestrian ♪ (both laugh) – (FBE) That was great!
– Yes! – Oh my God.
– I’m very proud of us. I think we did very good! – Thanks for watching us
play Single Word Singles… – On the REACT Channel! – If you like this episode…
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Thanks for watching guys! Bye!


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I know the rhythm to old town rode when i hear it!!!
Old town rode by lil x nas and billy ray cryus. PLease pick me for merch! i love the react channel! My favoutire series is peopleVS food and my fav to watch is Danny, Tori, jordan! please do a group challenge with these 3!!!!

this should be definitely a new kind of series, this is so much fun to watch!

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