can autotune fix singing THIS BAD?

ShAaAaAa~ (autotune), do you do like that? ( Sings more with autotune) APop music’s lame–they use too much auto-tune. I guess I can understand what you mean with that… But…what kind of music do you enjoy? I like Post Malone and Drake. What?! But they use auto-tune more than, like…anyone else on the radio! Ha! I don’t care! *Stammers* You’re ugly! That’s a fair and valid argument–*Civil discourse epic win everybody!* I first came in contact with auto-tune in high school. We were recording a song sketch with my band at the time called Wrong Direction– –and I wasn’t really a good singer at the time. If you think I’m a good singer now, It’s because I practiced a lot; not because I–was–born with a lot of natural talents. At this time in my life, I really sucked. Anyway, for the chorus of the song we were recording, my friend… –Let’s call him Jazza for the sake of this video. He put some auto-tune on my vocals and suddenly, it sounded so much better! It’s funny listening to that song now, because we only used Auto-tune on the chorus and it just sounds so much better in the chorus than the rest of the song… Here’s a clip of the verse. “I wonder what has happened to me back then~” And he-*chuckle*-re’s the clip of the chorus. “And I have nothin’ to remember~” When we heard how much of a difference it made on my singing, we were blown away. Nowadays, auto-tune is just an everyday thing– People use it in their kitchens, while driving…I-I don’t know. But at that point for us, we felt like we had just discovered the dirtiest secret; the biggest cheat there ever was However, we never ended up using it on any of our real recordings because we felt like we didn’t want to stoop to the auto-tune level. Anyway, today’s video is a collaboration with my friend Jazza from the channel Draw With Jazza! I only met him for the first time at VidCon U.S. this year, but we’re already great friends–and his channel is super dope. I just wish he would live closer to the UK than *freaking* Australia so we could hang out more. For this video me and Jazza are gonna show you some of the crazy and amazing things you can do with auto-tune. And I know what you’re thinking, This video is not sponsored. I wish it was…*chuckle* Let’s go! PITCH UP!–Pitching up is a classic and something you can do in a lot of other programs. What’s good about doing it in auto-tune is that it doesn’t speed up the audio, and by using this ‘throat setting’ you can actually Make it sound really good. For this example I pitched myself up an octave so that me and Jazza can sing a duet together–where I’m the female. Let’s see. Yeah. Hey Baby! OH MY GOD!~ It makes me change the way I talk! Ah? Why do I feel like I should be a hillbilly? I love you


This video made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂😂😂 and one of the reasons why is because I’m a singer myself and i can relate to like all of this 😂😂😂😂😂😂

I watched this video before i knew jazza. And then i started watching jazza and now i'm watching this again and i know its jazza

This part 5:20 is AWESOME!
LIKED AND SUBBED 👌 Thanks for brining my favorite Artist Youtuber in this video as well!

Well when I was 10 I can sing and I don’t know what was auto tune it sounded so close and my only problem was most songs were too deep. I didn’t hit puberty yet… I do now

Wait you live in uk hi visit meeeee (London)

Me: watches shadiversity
Also me: finds boyinaband
Boyinaband: is friends with roomie
Roomie: is friends with jazza
Jazza: is shads brother
Me: the cycle is complete

Roomie: "I dont think most of our viewers have seen Titanic. Its such an old movie"
Me: Watching movies all the way back to the 30s

Lol I'm 17 and have watched titanic around 5 times. I also had to sing "my heart will go on" in our school chorus (but I ain't a good singer lol) 🤣🤣

Auto tune can fix just about anything! But the more it has to, the chance is greater that it will sound robot. If the singer is out of tune very badly, it's better to fix every note manually, and fine tune it with AT. It will sound much more human! Also, the tamber of some notes should be fixed with EVO Throat, (Same company and you can buy that Suite of plug-ins) so one note doesn't sound like Chipmunks and the tambers all match. Thank GOD for AT!!

When i heard roomie's voice pitched up i remember a very dark time in YouTube a time with every song that comes out there's an alvin and the chipmunks singing that song video

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