Butterfly on ‘The Masked Singer’ Clues & Guesses 9/25/2019

Photo Credit: Michael Becker © 2019 FOX MEDIA LLC.  The Masked Singer season 2 has kicked off with a bang and viewers are drawn in by the craziness For those who are new to the show, there is a panel of celebrity judges, along with an in-studio audience, who watch disguised celebrities sing for votes on stage Each “masked” star wears an elaborate costume and gets into character. Then, they are voted on based on their performances The show provides clues about who the star could be. In addition, the judges ask questions to make some of their own guesses  This may sound like it’s fairly easy, but it’s actually pretty difficult. Some of the clues are very vague  At the end of each show, one of the “masked singers” is eliminated and unmasked And, the very first singer on the show this season was “Butterfly”.  Each week, we will continue to update you with more guesses and clues about the identity of the Butterfly Read on below for the rundown on the clues and guesses about the Butterfly so far, as well as more info on the show itself Butterfly “Masked Singer” Clues Like an actual butterfly, for the past year, Butterfly said, “I’ve been waiting in my cocoon ” She said she’s been waiting for a change, that she’s experienced success. She was then shown in a photoshoot The city of London was shown as her possible home. Then, some kind of transformation shown  She went on to say, “I release my past and anyone who has clipped my wings.” She also said she’s there to take people to church Then, a cross was shown in the background.  Host Nick Cannon asked Butterfly why she’s the Butterfly and she said that she has “a lot of soul” in her wings  Ahead of the premiere, on the sneak peek episode, Butterfly said she “bumps into everything” and prays she doesn’t “fall over” on stage Billboard reported that Butterfly also said on the sneak preview, “I’m flying high and ready to shake up the competition! I’m going to give my components butterflies in their stomachs Are you ready to feel the butterfly effect?” Butterfly “Masked Singer” Guesses Judge Nicole Scherzinger called Butterfly a singer and she exclaimed, “What a way to open the show!” She said she loved that Butterfly was so in character  Jenny McCarthy was guessing Fantasia as the Butterfly’s identity, while Nicole Scherzinger threw out Diana Ross as a guess She also guessed a possible Cara Delevigne. Butterfly “Masked Singer” Premiere Performance Butterfly performed “Bang Bang” with an awesome performance She pulled off some killer runs in a face-off against contestant Egg.  Ultimately, the Butterfly won the face-off  Leading up to the premiere, judge Ken Jeong spoke with Parade about what a surprise it was to him that The Masked Singer became such a huge hit He said, “It’s really been the biggest surprise hit so far this year. None of us expected the monster ratings, pun intended One reviewer described the show as a ‘fever dream.’ It’s like, wow, is The Masked Singer on, or do I have the flu?”

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