“Building A Singing Voice… Brick By Brick” – Quick Singing Tips Ep. 25

Hey singers, it’s Justin Stoney the founder of New York Vocal Coaching joining you for another episode of Quick Singing Tips. I think by now it’s quite obvious that I eat, breathe, and sleep vocal technique. But you might be asking yourself, “What does this guy do for fun?” Legos. Which is why today we’re going shopping at the NYC Lego store. Well, I’ve made my choice. Now I’ve got to go build this thing. Which leads us to our question for the day from Ben W. in Toronto, Canada. Ben writes, “Dear Justin, how do I build a singing voice?” Well Ben, a singing voice can only be built brick by brick. Lego collections and singing voices both take years and years to build. But who would ever guess that all of this stuff could be equal to all of this stuff? And in the same way who could ever guess that a sound could be made up of so many smaller parts? In other words, when I sing the sound ♪ Ah ♪ It contains a flexibility piece ♪ Hoo Hoo Hoo ♪ A strength piece ♪ Hah Hah Hah ♪ A dark piece ♪ Huh Huh Huh ♪ And a bright piece ♪ Neh Neh Neh ♪ Along with many others. A great voice is only equal to the sum of its parts. That’s why building a voice means not just focusing on one part of the voice, but all the little parts. Some rather amazing creations come from following the instructions. Same thing is true in singing. If it’s possible for you I recommend seeking the instruction of a voice teacher. Or a mentor who can help you to grow. In most cases you can go a lot further when you’re guided than you ever could on your own. This being said, some people don’t have the benefit of instruction. They have no choice but to create entirely on their own. If that’s you, don’t worry. Glorious creations can be made without the instructions. Remember to sing every day and check out these little instruction booklets that we’ve already made for you. “I love your episodes but some of the topics are very advanced.” “Could you do an episode on where to begin?” “I come from a poor family and I can’t afford voice lessons. What can I do?” No art can truly be art without some kind of structure. And singing is no exception. Some singers want to be artistic and end up with this… Other singers want to make it all about discipline, focus, and hard work. And you end up with this… Your best practice sessions should be one part perspiration and one part inspiration. In other words, make sure to spend some of the time drilling the voice on areas that need improvement. Do vocal exercises that work on your chest voice, your head voice, mix, vibrato, agility, volume control, larynx position, etc. But also make sure to sing from the heart and sing for the art. Some of your practice should be spent singing songs that express yourself as an artist. No lego city was ever built in a day. And no singing voice was ever built in a day either. Nah. Some things are much more important than being built. Some things have to be created over a lifetime. That’s why it’s odd when some singers are worried about when will they “make it”. “Well, if only I could make it as a singer then I’d be happy. What do you think? Do you think I have what it takes to make it?” “I’ve always wanted to be a singer, but everyone told me I’d never make it.” If you’ve fallen in love with the craft of singing then you understand it’s not about making it. It’s about singing making YOU. It’s about waking up each day and saying, “today I don’t have to practice, today I GET to practice.” Today, I have the distinct honor of making sound. And so, today I’m going to add one more brick to my masterpiece. Look, at the end of the day I’m a grown man with responsibilities and a job and as much stress as the next guy. But it just so happens that my job is to help people remember how to play. How to be a kid again. How to sing. And, what I’ve noticed is that anytime we forget to play We end up playing it safe. But any time we remember to be children we become the kind of adults that we dreamed to be when we were children. Let that truth work down deep into your singing as you build your voice. Here’s some other things to play with on your vocal journey. For voice lessons or Skype lessons with the NYVC staff visit us at NewYorkVocalCoaching.com. If you’d like a vocal course that you can do at home check out the Voice Lessons To The World Vocal Course This twelve part program takes you on a singing journey from beginner to master level vocal exercises. You can find it at VoiceLessonsToTheWorld.com. Or if you’d like free vocal tips sent to you each day sign up at DailyVocalTips.com. And now, here’s Justin with this week’s vocal benediction. Your voice is an intricate work of art. So take it very seriously. But also, don’t be so serious all the time. Remember to lego. [ Hits piano ]


Finally the first one here .
Justin you’re the best. Thank you so much. It’s all because of you I’ve learned so much about music

I see the voice as having 7 pillars made up of several kinds of bricks:
-Breathing (ribs, diaphragm, spine, general posture, volume)
-Larynx (high and low, and combinations of other dynamics like jaw and tongue position)
-Compression (raspy and breathy)
-Pitch (6 registers, vibrato)
-Pharyngeal and nasal resonance
-Jaw and tongue (Vowels [ee ih ay eh aa ah aw uh oh oouh oo er] Consonants [g k ng s z sh zh j d t n l th th~])
-Lips (trills, b p m f v, embouchure [combined with jaw and tongue])

Is this close to a summation of the dynamics of singing?

I am self-taught and I'm probably missing plenty, but I was wondering what an outline of singing from an expert would look like? Y'all at NYVC should publish a poster/wall chart of all this stuff! I'd buy it for sure!

Wow. This has gotta be one of the best videos I've seen from this channel recently. Very informative and entertaining.

Hey Justin! My larynx is a big problem for my singing as well as my speaking. It shoots up right as im trying to say a word. How can I stabilize my larynx at all time? Do I have to keep my diaphragm engaged on the inhale and exhale?

Justin, you're just the best and most entertaining vocal coach I've ever seen. It's so pleasant to see your videos that it doesn't even seems I'm studying, I learn while I'm entertained

Great video!!! I think I’ve got a hobby similar to Justin’s: I’m a puzzle 🧩 Fan😜My inner child Greets you all at NYVC!

Thanks a lot Justin! I can't afford a teacher right now, but you are the best teacher I have ever had!!! I'm so glad you make these videos!! Wish you the best, thanks for your time and effort you put to make these beautiful videos!! Abdel

Started learning how to sing a year ago and I had my first show (Annie) last week and I LOVED IT, ty for the help man

wow, that last couple minutes really hit close to home. right now, I'm deciding on what college i wanna go to, and i'm truly in a dilemma. do i go to one college, and put my main focus into engineering (obviously i still will sing/theater, but not as much), or do i go to another college (where they dont have engineering), but focus a lot on theater and singing? and both things make me happy, i just don't know :/ also SORRY I JUST RANTED but i felt like that lil speech really resonated (lol pun) with me. idk, whatever i do, i'm DEFINITELY gonna keep singing. i just love it so much. i just don't know what to do. just wanna say, thank u for another amazing video 🙂

Hihi really great done 👍🙏 I have luckily that balance with my logopedie I build my new voice but I do alot out of the soul. I'm a artist for a ferry good art peace alot of layers are needed with my style I love to do it but also to let it look lovely its alot of dedication same is for the voice. Keep doing the amazing videos 😊🙏👍

How do you do whistle voice breathing out, I watched your video on how to do it but i cant figure it out breathing out

When i sing it sounds pretty good… And everyone around says so too…
But when i record it sounds like a hoarse la larona scream… Others have said so too……….
How to fix this?!??

I started taking voice lessons because even though I always had a natural ease at singing I had a damaging technique and i was having problems with my voice. I've been taking lessons for three years and i just don't improve, but if I stop taking them my voice starts getting worse in terms of health like it did back then. I've read a lot about singing technique and what science says about it. I've been researching for years and I just can't find the way to really make my voice improve. It's frustrating, because I really want to be a singer, and I have big potential since I was a child, but for some reason I just can't get better, no matter what I do. I'm also a teacher and my voice feels always tired after the working day. I just don't know what I should do, if anyone can give me some ideas i could definitelly use some help.

he just talked greatly about anything else, this video wasn’t just on singing. It was about drawing, playing an instrument, coding… and anything else that has room for improvement

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