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Hello there, singers! Welcome to today’s episode of Total Voice TV I’m Darren Wicks, founder of Total Voice Studio and a contemporary voice coach here in Melbourne, Australia Confidence issues are one of the most frequent concerns that get brought to me by singers. It seems, that crises of confidence can kill your joy of singing, they can paralyse you during a performance, and even stop you taking up singing in the first place. To comment on this important issue, I asked 5 TVS clients at different stages of their singing journey to comment on what helps them with issues of confidence, and how a singer can become more confident. Please enjoy. Please ‘like’ this video and comment below. I’ll be back to talk to you soon. When I started singing lessons with Darren I felt I had no control over my voice Not just my singing voice, but
my speech in general I had a fear, because I felt that
I didn’t have any control of my voice To be able to control it, has brought me a lot of confidence in the way I live my life because I have control, it takes away the fear for me I think people fear things that they don’t understand or that they can’t control By bringing that control back, you can eliminate the fear that’s holding you back You start off with not much confidence. What gives me confidence is when I can see development But it’s something that doesn’t happen very obviously It sort of sneaks up on you It’s only through giving your blind sort of trust in the process practice daily, weekly. Whatever it is, there’s something regular about it and you put your faith in it that over time, it dawns on you that you’ve travelled from somewhere to somewhere else But it’s not something you can put your finger on and say, ‘it was when I did this, that happened’ It feels like it just creeps up on you They are tiny little specks of hope that pop up from time to time and that is enough to give you to give you the confidence to keep trying The more that you accept those little offerings of hope, the more confidence it gives you A lot of singers wouldn’t have the confidence to do what you did as in to put together a complete show and present it Having done your first show now, what have you learned about vocal confidence? When all those intrusive thoughts come
about looking ridiculous It’s not going to work,
your voice is not going to hold up and they just come all the time I think it’s important to know them know them in the sense of
‘here comes that thought again’ rather than, ‘oh, no! here comes that thought
again. I can’t stand it. I don’t want to have it’ because they will just come Just get to know those thoughts.
Allow them to sit with you. Just keep on with the process It’s all about the process The rehearsing, the lessons all the scaffolding that
you need to have That builds the confidence Confidence isn’t just some nebulous thing
that you either have or don’t have There is scaffolding that relates to confidence all your rehearsing, and your lessons, watching other people sing, and going to gigs makes up that scaffolding that helps your confidence Was there anything that you consciously did to build your confidence? I listened to a lot of singers performing the songs
and how they interpreted them I think, rehearsing a lot and then when I was rehearsing just paying attention to my perception that that my voice was getting stronger,
and that it was improving really paying attention to that and then when I had cracked notes, or
was singing on a day when my voice didn’t sound good just trusting that it was alll
part of the process and that if I kept on practising,
it would work out. So what destroys your confidence? Really getting sucked into the self-critical thoughts Paying attention to people who are critical without really having the educational background
to know what they’re talking about When you make a mistake So, when I made mistakes in the show Really trying to be mindfully in the next moment and not be dragging that mistake with you It can go belly up pretty quickly if you just focussed on, ‘I just made a mistake,
it’s not going well, I’m not doing it right’ you have to be able to move on What kind of advice would you give to any singer,
who is looking to become more confident? Sing in front of anyone; just do it. When you have the thoughts after
that it was pathetic, or you’re a loser, don’t do it again. You kind of just have to plough on sing in front of as many people as possible So I was in a choir and I had some solo performances in the choir in concerts that I think helped me a lot so practising performing in front of people even if it’s only your family just do that You said something before about commitment ? What does that mean? if you are going to do this… just commit to the singing When you’re singing the songs, commit to the songs Try and feel them so the gestures come from come from that real place of feeling so that they are not just rehearsed gestures so commit in every way you can Give your all to the performance? Surrender. Thank you so much, Lisa! I’m going to share a few things that help me with my confidence The first thing is vocal preparation You could call this technique How it works for me practically is knowing the different sounds that I can make and that I want to make with my voice and having the tools to be able to make those sounds. Like, if I want to sing in the top of my range Technique helps me to know how to get there and how to connect all the different parts of my voice to tell the story through the music The second thing is music preparation. For me, the best fun I have when I’m performing is when I know the music really well and I can take it to the next level in my performance quality, and in engaging with the audience. That for me, is knowing a chart really well. and knowing where my place, the vocal line, fits in with the rest of the ensemble, knowing how it sounds when it’s all together, and really knowing my part inside out. so that it fits in with the ensemble sound The last thing for me is mental preparation really it’s about dealing with nerves When I was first starting a few years ago, I just said yes to every opportunity that came my way and what that meant was I got lots of
different experiences in different situations. So sometimes I would do a show where
I would have many rehearsals in advance and I would know the charts and I could go on stage and be
really confident with the music Other times, I’d be asked to do something
at the last minute and I’d be given the charts and quickly have to learn them and then go on stage with very little rehearsal And everything in between those two situations What that meant was, I got to experience all different levels of pulling it off Sometimes, I would make mistakes and that is a really good thing to experience because you learn what’s the worst thing that could happen if I sing a bum note, or if I sing the wrong lyric, or I mess up something. In the scheme of the ensemble, people are not necessarily listening just to me. They are also not listening to every note, and they don’t know the music as well as you. Oftentimes, they don’t know you are making a mistake To experience that, and to keep working as a performer no matter what goes wrong that’s the way it has really worked for me in mentally preparing and dealing with nerves. knowing exactly what might happen and being OK with the unpredictability of it all What is vocal confidence for you? And how could you see that a singer could get more confident vocally? I think for me it is connecting – connecting with the love of it and wanting to give it as a gift It becomes harder if it is about you that becomes really personal Suddenly, you can feel judged Suddenly, you can feel like YOU’RE going to succeed, or YOU’RE going to fail. But, that’s when it’s all about you. I think it’s just that trick of…. ‘I’ve got this song; I’ve worked really hard on it; and it’s beautiful to me.’ The act of bringing it to people is an act of beauty. I want to give to the audience. If you think of it that way; if you think of it as this gift and you think of them as just humans like you. They have given you this beautiful gift of their time. They could be watching a movie, they could be at a theatre show, but they chose this space to be here for you. You have this opportunity to give them something. I think it’s as simple as that for me. I love the music, and I love when I see people smile and I love when I hear the little sigh at the end It’s not because I think I’m such a wonderful performer in that act I just think, ‘Oh, yes! I made it!” They hear it. They feel it. They feel the same thing as me. and I think… If you keep your humanity and their humanity and keep that as a point of connection, then suddenly, there’s no room You don’t have any time to be afraid It just becomes this incredibly beautiful act I actually feel better on stage performing, than any other time in my life besides maybe having a cuddle with my sweetheart It’s just such a beautiful place to be To have the gift of people’s attention to show them how much you love this thing called music and these songs you’ve collected Your material choice is very important because of that, because if you don’t believe in what you’re delivering, you’re already starting on the back foot A big thank you to those TVS clients who so willingly shared their stories and insights into singing confidence What are YOUR suggestions and strategies for becoming more confident as a singer? Please share them in the comments below If you liked today’s video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel. If you have any suggestions for future episodes of Total Voice TV, I’d love also to hear them. Until next time, be well, sing well, and remember, you were born to sing!

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Great video Darren! I think it's really important that singers share their own experiences about self-confidence. Wish we saw more of this!

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