BTS Talk About Famous People, Fav Apps, Karaoke Songs, & America. Part 1

J-Hope: Hi, My real name is Jung, Ho-seok Jung, Ho-seok Jung. Can you call it a nickname? and My group name.. Am I saying it right? RM: Guys, Let’s do it quickly. Like, Ho-seok Jung, J-hope. One by one, okay? J-Hope: Hello, I’m Ho-seok Jung and J-hope. Nice to meet you. V: Hello, nice to meet you. I’m Tae-hyung Kim and V. Jungkook: Hello, I’m Jeong-guk Jeon, Jungkook. RM: It sounds like Cheonggukjang (a Korean fermented soybean paste) Jimin: Hello, I’m Ji-min Park and Jimin RM: Hello, I’m Kim, Nam-joon, and RM (Rap Monster). Jin: Hello, I’m Seok-jin Kim and Jin Suga: Yoon-gi Min and Suga. RM: Guys, let’s go one by one. J-Hope: I remember a costume that had electricity running through it V: Vampire one. Jungkook: I think the rabbit one? Jimin: The mickey mouse costume. RM: Ryan for me (RM’s favorite character from the Kakaotalk app) Jin: Centaur for me RM: Is there anywhere else that you remember? Jimin: I think the cities we visited to perform were the most memorable. Like Chicago and Newark? J-Hope: For me, it’s Manhattan. Man…hat…tan V: Jane sent this question from Dallas, right? We like Dallas! Suga: I’m going to sing a song called My Love by My Side. It’s fun when I sing at the fastest tempo. Jin: I like our song, ‘Awake’ RM: I would sing (Memory of the Wind)’ by Naul Jungkook: Despacito for me. V: I like singing ‘Newface’ by Psy these days J-Hope: I like Despacito, too RM: Why doesn’t Jin do a joke as he’s an expert at dad jokes? Jin: Wow…yes, there is a joke that everyone could understand. You know how we write Bear in Korean? When you flip the letter, it’s Door…Hahaha RM: There’s one more joke that Jin did that would work internationally. RM: When you say ‘Don’t fart’ in english, it’s Don’t gas. (This is funny because don’t gas sounds like Tonkatsu: a deep-fried pork cutlet) in Korean. OK? Use this joke! Suga: Drake, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj… RM: Psy! He’s really famous Jin: Hitman Bang (CEO/Composer Bang Si Hyuk’s stage name) RM: Hitman Bang. Do you know Bang Si Hyuk? J-hope: Who is it? The one who sang the song from the movie, ‘Titanic’? J-hope: Yes, Celine Dion! We saw her when we were at the BBMAs. It was really amazing! Suga: Dion Noona (Korean for “older sister”) has amazing personality. Suga: V app! You can meet us at V app! J-Hope Clash Royal! (A mobile video game) Jin: I like Melon. (streaming app in Korea) RM: Also there’s a really good Korean app called, ‘Unicorn’ that blocks all the ads. Please download it!

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