BTS j-hope – Chicken Noodle Soup (feat. Becky G) (Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/Esp/가사)

ENGLISH TRANSLATION A let it rain, and clear it out Chicken Noodle Soup, Wit a soda on the side From Gwangju, a gang from a little somewhere Geum-nam Chung-jang Street, that’s my Harlem Joined Neuron, Bounce with ma Team Went crazy for dance, workaholic, every day Grew up staying up all night as a teen, that’s the Case My height is measured in dance, I’m Ok A Plan to draw up a grand vision A kid who leads the dream ahead Steps that stomp all over the rhythm Popping, Rocking, Hopping, Tutting, Dougie, Flexing
Swaggin’ Still do it every day, all the time
Work that I do for myself Always spurring myself ahead, the carrots are on the trophies Betting on life, dance is my Cash Hope on the street, now it’s my own path
With Becky G on the side Every day I lit We always got love For where we come from So let ‘em know what’s up No matta wherever we go Bring it back to this place called home (baby) Now that you know that, let me see you Chicken Noodle Soup, Wit a soda on the side Chicken noodle or chicken with spaghetti None of these women have the flow that Becky has Latin american I’m from here Saintly little face but freaky What are you going to tell me (huh) I’ve already seen everything (huh) Where I was born
They didn’t think that a woman would stand out What you gonna do what you gonna do (x4) Look back at it
Lights camera action Definitely the best on the scene Word on the street we got the people reactin’ I pity the people who simply criticise We always got love For where we come from So let ‘em know what’s up No matta wherever we go Bring it back to this place called home (baby) Now that you know that
Let me see you A let it rain, and clear it out Let’s get it (x8) A let it rain, and clear it out Chicken Noodle Soup, Wit a soda on the side I clear it out Let’s get it (x8) Engtrans by @bangtansubs


Why isn't anyone talking abt how he went and gave credit to NEURON, his first dance group, omf started from the bottom and wE STILL GOIN' UP-
Edit: This song is also the first choreography he learned and now after years he's giving it spotlight with his influence i-

Waiter – What do u want
My Brain – Don't say it, don't say it, don't say it
Me – cHickEn nOodLe SoUp, cHickEn nOodLe SoUp, cHickEn nOodLe SoUp wItH a sOda oN tHe siDe

Becky G- So what will you like to have?

Jhope- Chicken noodle soup with a S-

I know you love me oppa:")

Jhope-with a soda on the side

Hamburger- Ok enough of insult like this bring the divorce paper

I'm spanish and I noticed a few mistakes in Becky's rap translate, but it's OK, because spanish is difficult for translating, and she doesn't say the entire word, it's like a latin abreviation.
Sorry for my bad english ♡
Edit: Is Bighit's mistake, not yours. Cuz in the MV appears too.

Chicken noodle o pollo con espagueti ninguna de estas mujeres tiene el flow que tiene becky latina americana soy de aquí, carita de santa pero freaky que me va a decir (huh) si ya todo lo ví (huh) donde yo nací, no pensaban que una mujer iba a sobresalir

^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^ ^_^:- 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😘😘😘😘😘👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 amando muito. Um ritmo contagiante.

1:58 the lyrics are wrong it's "No pensaban que una mujer iba a sobresalir" I know it doesn't sound like it but I'm spanish and i guess that's the correct lyrics (?)

Friend: what's your favorite song?

Me: chicken noodle soup

Friend: I didn't ask what your favorite food was I said son-


J-HOPE & Becky G are a dynamic duo..🤩✌🔥
this was a fun cool mv to watch,
and this song is a bop it's going
on my playlist for sure, I love fact both
JHOPE & Becky G paying homage to
all Hip Hop music, and to tribute to
all Hip Hop dancers around world
who made different Hip Hop dance styles to go viral, and popular in world,
I just love the mix deverse cultures of
street dancers of people in this mv,
and again, fact both Hobi & Becky raps, and sings in 3 different languages all in one in mv was impressive smart by JHOPE & Becky G,

And, Becky G coming in with her swag beautiful singing voice in english, and spanish rap in her lyrics verse was amazing,

And, J-HOPE not only he raps verse in Korea but English to, He totally got swag, and game, so proud of him..👏🔥🤩

J-HOPE verse as he raps in english- 'Poppin, Rockin, Hopping, Tutting, Dougie, Swaggin
( this are english lyrics PPL)
these are hip hop different types of
dance style they done all over world,
In 90's and early 2000's so yea..😁🤩💜

Also this song well the original
song CNS was the first Hip Hop song that got JHOPE to becoming a street Hip Hop dancer as lil kid, So Hobi is very passionate about this song, and smiles in his face said it all he was in his home element with dance crew "HOPE On The Street..🌞😁💜🤩🤑

That's our BTS 'Golden Sunshine Boy,
He brings the lite cheering of joy!😁🌞⭐💜

Sorry for long post..😂😂😂

I bet jin was like what do u guys want and jhope was like "CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP WITH A SODA ON THE SIDE" and jhope was like that would be a dope song and was like boom new song

It's the best collaboration that bts did so far and I loved it when Becky sang in Spanish they gave her everything jhope forever 💜💜💜💜💜

My friend’s been singing this nonstop and she keeps saying “with sauce on the side” and every time she sang it I was so confused like who eats chicken noodle soup with sauce on the side lmao

chicken noodle soup WITH a soda on the side*

chicken noodle o pollo con ESPAGUETI*

ninguna de estas MUJERES tiene el flow que tiene becky*

latinoamericana soy de AQUÍ*

que me va a DECIR*

si ya todo lo VÍ*

DÓNDE yo nací, no pensaban que una mujer IBA A SOBRESALIR*

thx for the lyrics, btw 💕

you’re copying the original lyrics of the mv and that’s why there are so many spelling mistakes, like, wit? hiba? you’re amazing translating from korean to english, and that’s why i love your videos, but this is… meh.

10 ways to say chicken noodle soup.

chicken noodle soup
cicken nuudo soop
chikin noodo suup
chiddin nudo sook
ciken noudle soub
chiken nodele sop
kicken noudle souk
kick it nuudle sorp
chikken no dle sOofk

This is the best 1 😀

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