BTS 🎬 of the Younger Cast Singing ‘9 to 5’ by Dolly Parton | TV Land

9 to 5 is just one of
the best songs ever written, because Dolly Parton
is a goddess. It was so creative the way
Darren and the writers came up with that
to be our singing number. Everyone’s like
when is Sutton and Hillary and Miriam singing on the show?
And obviously our characters aren’t supposed to be singers
in real life. When I first started
doing Younger, I told Darren Star,
I said “I don’t want to sing”. And then slowly over the years
I’m singing, I’m dancing,
I’m like doing it all. You know the writers
are so amazing on the show. They have Diana, Kelsey and Liza
singing on the show, but it’s in such an organic,
authentic way that’s actually bringing
the characters together and uniting them, and it’s
completely story driven. And to get to sing 9
to 5, it was awesome. It’s really sweet that Liza
knows Diana’s character enough to know that
would stop her in her tracks. And the conversation
that goes on in the song is so true to what’s
going on in the story. When we read the first script and we have
the singing scene 9 to 5, we’re like “Oh my god, we’re going to be
at Marie’s Crisis again”, because it’s literally this big. And once you get
two cameras down there, and a whole crew,
and background, and us, it’s just like there’s
no room for anything in there. And I think that’s
what made it fun, it’s such a classic location. All they do is play
show tunes there, and it was the perfect setting. I think my favorite thing from
that whole scene was just Sutton doing this. Which she does in the scene,
it made laugh every single time. Ruined a couple takes, sorry.
Stop being funny. We just made
each other laugh a lot. It was fun to get to be
a part of that scene, and to feel like we were
creating something that we thought
the fans would really enjoy, as well as my parents, because they always
want to hear me sing. We had that song in our head
for weeks and now if anyone starts
singing it on set we go, “No. Stop.” Because it’s like an earworm,
it won’t get out. But it was just a special I think
for these women to unite, and to join forces, and empowerment of how they’re
going to be the top dogs. So I fulfilled my fantasy of getting to sing with
Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff, of getting to sing 9 to 5 which is one of the best songs
every written, and getting to pretend
in my mind that I’m Lily Tomlin. Like I sort of do every day,
if I’m honest. It was a lot of fun to shoot.


This cast is awesome!!! I look forward to this show every summer!!! I'm addicted!!! Just a breath of fresh air!!!💜😊💙

Oh this was one of the best episodes. The trio makes the song beautiful and the chemistry was unmistakable. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

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