No matter how old this outro gets, I’ll always find myself coming back to it. It’s so beautifully crafted, the lyrics, the beat, and the emotion. And can I just say how Hobi puts so much emotion into this, it’s as if he’s talking about his expectation to live up to the “happy jhope ” stage name. Jhope isn’t rapping here, Jung Hoseok is.

Perks of having no social life – can have a mini concert in my room blasting 'tear' in full volume pretending to rap in korean and dancing around the room while my entire neighbourhood is asleep

1. It feels like when suga was singing
V was behind some of his vocals..
2. When suga says"u my tear"
It feels like 😂" U MY TAE"

Suga? Slaayyyed
RM? Killed it
Outro tear? Underrated ;-;

Haha You thought.

Well u won't believe but this song is like an anti depressent for me…..BTS RAP LINE IS THE BEST…I TELL U OUR KINGS R THE BEST…The song r just so relatable and pleasurable that it even soothens our pain…They work so hard on each and every song…it's not at all easy to create such types of songs…Well tbh They are the ones who cured my depression , have been with me when I felt damn lonely and left out…Im not the type of person who can express myself easily buy I can say proudly That BTS shaped me…made me into who I'm today….I had no Idea that a group can cause such a turmoil in my emotions. I love them so much and ofc will be with them forever…I have got another family of Army's whom I know will support me along with BTS..

Que obra maestra… cada vez descubro una nueva cancion de bts que me encanta porque todas m3 gustan. Esta es una obra maestra

Who said that SUGA can't sing…… 3:58
And now
Haters: rosted
Suga: rapper and singer
Me: feeling savage
Hotel: trivago
Hungry: sneakers
My mom: shouting at me because I am using my phone from 2 hours straight.
Again me: not listening (showing my Savage side.)

This part just hits me. His vocals are majestic and my heart always makes a sad uwu because people don't give the appreciation he deserves :c

This might be my favorite song ever and I am old! Let’s just say I been there thru it all, it’s been a Fantasic Voyage … if u know what I mean

I went on Duolingo today in hopes of being productive and trying to learn Korean and all I learned was how to say Starbucks and McDonald's lol

Although the song has been released in 2018, it was not until this summer that I was able to understand and identify myself with it completely. I've learned there's no beautiful "Goodbye", I've learned that the people we love are the ones who have the capacity to hurt us in the worst ways possible even if they didn't mean to, I've learned what it feels like to have the tears burn your pillow, or what it means to face your fears and past demons all alone, and I've learned that without love, you live as if there has been a limb torn away from your body. You feel handicapped in more than one way.

In a few years

Next up we have the group Bts
They made history by getting 17 Grammy in just years and we may now play the award winning song

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