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Funny that people say she is beautiful, I mean physically, when she is actually rather ugly, but I like her personality at least what is coming through, and inside, she is nice. I cannot put it together though with her concert performances which is frightening to me. ( I am not talking about the film, in which they are good.) Please, do not start booing me for saying she is ugly as a woman, this is just my opinion of her looks, and I am not saying it to hurt her or anyone, who thinks she is beautiful. I think she at the same time can be a beautiful woman, if we look at her personality added to her looks, but I still do not think she is good-looking. Any honest opinions on that? Please, let me know what you think.

Ah, yes, and Barbra Streisand is not beautiful for me either, but Princess Diana was, so it is not the size of the nose, but the look on one's face, its position, and its overall harmony with the other features of the face. I love big noses, but not all types.

Bradley Cooper is a moron for letting everything happening this way to promote his movie. Low class.

Bradley looks a little annoyed..but I liked how he left the movie open to interpretation but then gave his insight of where Jackson was in his life, as well as Ally and how he explained how his career was NOT over and that she was not just a young star he fell in love with that overshadowed him–a cliched movie script would do that. He definitely showed in this film what is pure love and the personal life conflicts a rock star had that no one understood that he mostly kept to himself.

so much chemistry between the two love it!
I just got the balls to upload my own cover of Shallow! Check it out guys! You won't be disappointed

@ 11:30 "You know we found love through music". I say okay, it's a friendship, but when I hear statements like this…

Both of them have a very strong chemistry on the screen. Brad Pitt and Angelina did not even come close in their movie "Mr & Mrs Smith".

Even tho Bradley is married and got a new babe now, its hard to believe that him and Stephanie doesn't have anything sexual. Just saying ,,,

Those anyone see what happened at the end of the interview
They said “eat” together and they way they laughed with each other
They are connect by supernatural love

Yo….soooo she performs and he's in the audience and then the next day he just showed up at her house… how the f***???

I was really impressed with this movie. I never imagined Bradley had this in him. And I see Lady Gaga in a whole different way. Hands down the BEST movie of the year!!!!

Yeah soulmates come in many forms. Also between 2 friends BUT when these friends are male and female…. come on people. Im not gonna say it.

I just can't with their chemistry!!!……. I think that they understand and respect each other so much, and the way that they look at each other is just so amazing that it mesmerizes me.

man…I've started loving lady gaga after watching this movie… she is so beautiful and has a great voice…

Omg the last part killed me they are both laughing at each others answer and holding hands. Also about the part where Bradley said "she knows everything about me" wow!!

Not shipping them but the following moments are undeniable proof that these two are romantically involved:

19:55 and 21:00

I can clearly see how Brad tries hard to make a serious look to make a balance but yet he doesn’t stop looking at her, she just never stops staring at his eyes, damn it… i think they will never end up together as we wish, hope to be wrong 💕⚡️⚡️⚡️

Oh my these two are so in to one another, & he keeps grabbing her hand such a lovely friendship between those two.

Hmmmm, was the falling in love acting? For her I don't believe it was acting. I hope it doesn't destroy her…

I love Stefani aka LG and I love her with BC too. They are phenomenal together. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

19:40 points to lady gaga “she knows everything about me, everything single thing, there’s no only I”

I think they both have a lot in common and a deep connection that can't be explained only felt . I would not be surprised if they end up being life partners there is a mutual appreciation of each other . Lady Gaga is very supportive of him and gives him a secure feeling in many ways .For some reason i know that , because i was in a similar relationship and i made him feel very secure and connected . I wish them both the very best ! I realize Bradley's Girlfriend and mother of his child is very beautiful , but that is sometimes not enough if you don connect in other ways other than sex and when 2 people are unhappy sex goes out the window too !

Bradley: "She knows everything about me…every single thing."
Gaga: "As do you."
Me: Okkkk Stefani! Ok Bradley! We see you! Sounds like soulmate talk to me, but what do I know. lmfao.

ahhhh i love Bradley and Lady Gaga ( Stephanie ) together A Star is Born is a Masterpiece finally done right And whatever comes pf Bradley and Lady Gaga personally because they are now single and have insane chemistry together on and off the screen so they should do ANOTHER movie together Bradley is AWESOME and his singing is is crazy insane Awesome the soundtrack i love and so to this day i listen to everyday every song is so great Digging my Grave i love the sound lets face it Bradley and Lady Gaga are a pair to sing and to Act together nomatter what they do i will be watching for a long time

Beyonce could not have given the depth of performance as did Stefani Germanotta. I never thought of 'Lady Gaga' once watching that movie. Not.even when she sang. She was Ally. And definitely not with the soulful, vulnerable, Bradley Cooper as leading male.. I do not see it. And absolutely nothing to do with race

Just look at the way Ga Ga stares at Bradley when he's talking, she's smitten, she looks as if she want's to devour him so much, without a doubt, The break up of their individual relationships is a forgone conclusion after watching their facial reactions in this video.
But now they should make it official and get together.


every little man want to be a 'star' but not really want to search for his inerself..or truth.about. modern times..humanity over and gonna be big.bigger than u.american dream..

That movie was so beautiful ,Bradly and lady Gaga you have touched my soul with your acting and the songs you sang, I really believe you have moved so many people and understood what some people come from and life’s journey, it was the BEST MOVIE that left tears in my eyes;hope to see you both to make another movie together again, Should of won Oscar for your MOVIE for MUSIC of the YEAR and BEST SUPPORTING ACTORS OF THE YEAR,AND MOST OF ALL BEST WRITER OF THE YEAR,,

If you watch this movie and don’t like it or connect, your not a true movie lover. It’s more about the love and lives of two people, with excellent singing….. it’s fantastic.

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