BOYA BY-WM6 Wireless Lavalier Microphone System (Unboxing and Review)

hi everybody today we’re gonna look at a
wireless lavalier microphone system and that would be the Boya BY-WM6 and ya
guys basically it’s a wireless microphone system in the UHF range and
maybe you noticed a lot of more more people are on YouTube more and more
people are vlogging so a common problem that people encounter when they make
youtube videos is like this maybe I can’t simulate that real quick ominous wind noise that shows up all the
time when you’re just using the built-in microphone from your camera because a
camera like this for example has like two microphones one right here I mean
you probably can’t see it but it has these two microphones and I mean for
vlogging that works great but if you as soon as you’re outside and there’s a
little bit of wind going that will blow right into these microphones and yeah it
will mess up your sound and that’s very frustrating if you spend time and energy
producing like videos outside and then the sound is all messed up anyway guys
maybe you have seen that some youtubers they get like small kind of pads with
some adhesive and velcro and then they stick these kind of things I mean that’s
like a little bit bigger now if you have to imagine like the smaller size but
they stick that on top of the camera and yeah it kind of works but it’s also
messy I mean you don’t want to have lose hair let’s say when you change your lens
come inside here otherwise like for this camera you can’t even use it because the
microphones are positioned so in such a unique spot right here so that’s in many
cases that doesn’t even work and that’s why I picked one of those because that
is really the best solution keep in mind like a microphone like that a lavalier
microphone you can just locate very close to the source of your voice so
that alone will improve the sound quality just because it’s closer to your
voice and then instead of putting something like this on the camera you
can just put it on to the microphone onto the lavalier itself but guys to be
quite honest I mean I tested this and even without the how do you call that in
English like I mean I don’t know how to pronounce that but … dead cat that’s
what it was even without that wind protection if you tuck that neatly
somewhere on your polo shirt um sometimes it gave this alone even when
there was wind gave me a much better protection than the built-in camera and
as soon as you attach that on you really like have stepped out you have stepped
up your son quality really are quite significantly so let’s quickly unbox
this thing I mean you probably have seen other companies like such Sennheiser and
Rode and I want to be quite straightforward about it like if you buy
like a Sennheiser unquestionably the quality is gonna be significantly better
but youtubers that start out they don’t maybe they don’t want to spend like six
hundred seven hundred dollars or whatever on a microphone system like that and this right here is like a real
affordable budget solution and look at this like it comes like reference really
nice and you carrying case so that’s super convenient if you’re traveling
it’s always protected and safe so let’s zoom in a little bit here and see what
we can find inside that box of course obviously you will have you want to
check this out one receiver unit and basically what you do like here you
insert the battery the batteries and I mean if you notice like if you look at
the competitors like I mean this system right here is maybe like $150 or
something if you look at the competitors so you will see the similarity even in
design so it really looks like a version that they copy power switch and maybe
what I do I just insert the batteries real quick and show you the menu you
just insert this like so and it snaps into place power it on and then yeah you
can select a variety of channel channel just make sure the channels are matching
right now this light is flashing and that’s telling you that the receiver and
the sender are not connect so I would have to power this unit on as well and
yeah if you push this button in the middle you can also change the volume I
think the standard setting is 24 and on the receiver it’s the output volume and
on the on the transmitter it’s the the sensitivity of the microphone and you
might want to play it play around a little bit and maybe adjust up or down
based on your environment like if your lavalier mic if you’re in a loud
environment you would just like turn this down and then the microphone is
less sensitive and if you’re speaking like really kind of quietly you just go
to the microphone and you turn the volume like higher so to make it more
sensitive and I think it goes up to 32 in only rare cases you will turn this
all the way up I recommend you leave it maybe a 25 that should be fine and then
adjust the micro microphone gain inside your camera accordingly so and yeah and
as you can see it comes also with these really nice sturdy belt attachments and
that just clips into place right here it’s very easy to install of course in
most cases you would probably only use this at a transmitter while for the
receiver you would use something like that so that you can put it on your
camera and it also really easily just screws in right here and you can get
these on I mean you can get these anywhere on ebay on Amazon and for
couple dollars or cents maybe and you just screw it in here and then it’s ready to attach to your
camera how easy is that and then another piece of advice that may be interesting
for you is maybe you get some of those rechargeable batteries like these
Panasonic eneloop and you just put them into that tray and if for some reason it
needs recharging you can always recharge it so that even saves you some money on
batteries and it’s good for the environment and yeah what else is inside
the box you have a adapter here for example for XLR and what you could use
that for I mean realistically speaking some people are not going to use a
wireless lavalier for vlogging maybe some other one some some other people
may want to use it for event purposes so what you could do is you could just use
that and plug it into your mixer like so and then obviously you would connect it
to the receiver and then you could use this as well and that plugs in like so
here let’s untie this here real quick yeah and you just connect it to the
output right here and then you you can even tie it down here with that
so you see all in all it’s like a really quite flexible system and yeah if you do not
connect it to a mixer you just use the other cable and you plug one into the
receiver and one in to your DSLR or camera and you’re ready to go I mean it
works in much the same way and as a final note for the microphone for the
lavalier microphone I mean the lavalier microphone that comes with the with the
kit um the kid microphone is just fine you have like a little bit of a
protector here and like I told you you can upgrade that to like maybe like a
better one for enhanced wind protection but uh yeah
I mean it’s no rocket science these things are really nice it improve your
sound quality and I saw even that some people they switched the stock lavalier
against an even better one that you can buy and they improve the sound quality
even more but I wouldn’t even do that I would just start out with the kit mic
that’s probably totally sufficient and then later on if you want to play around
we could even get like a little bit battle lavalier for the system but in
the beginning I would just focus on getting these the the volume settings
right so just really make sure that that the transmit the transmitter is set to
the right volume so that if you have that very close to your voice and you
speak loudly that it didn’t get picked up distorted because that will carry
through your signal chain so you just want to put it at the right volume and
that way you get the best well how do you say signal-to-noise ratio or
something like that and because like I saw some people they complain oh it
doesn’t sound that nice it doesn’t sound that nice and that might also be too due
to the settings or maybe you haven’t switched the channels or try around
switching out to another channel make sure to check these volume settings
here here as well as on your camera because you do also don’t want to have
to signal come in too hot like if you turn the receiver up too high the
receiver will send a pretty hot signal to your camera so you also have to to
adjust that inside your camera so just bear in mind that you have like three
points the microphone sensitivity the receiver output to your camera and then
your camera and you have to keep all three levels and check to get the best
volume and that just like takes a couple minutes to play around just make a
couple test recordings and you should be all set yeah so guys in summary can I
recommend this Boya BY-WM6 wireless lavalier microphone system
definitely yes for $150 it’s a fair price the system works great and you get some
accessories that are useful like so that you can connect it to a mixer and yeah I
mean if you have a camera with a microphone input definitely consider
upgrading to a wireless lavalier if you have the money go for the Sennheiser the
Sennheiser will probably be better but I do we have to see like a lot of
youtubers or people who start out just as a hobby they may just want to try
something that’s a little bit more kind to your wallet and that’s what a
solution like this is for and they also have like for example if you want to do
interviews other microphones that have I mean I have this wait hang on a second
maybe scroll down here like I have the Boya BY-WM6 and that’s basically one
transmitter and one receiver but they also have a version the Boya BY-WM8 and basically all what
that is is like you have two transmitters and then a
dual channel receiver so for example if you do an interview that would be way
more suitable because then you had one lavalier and the person that you
interview has a lavalier and it’s kind of like about the same size so and yeah
you also see you can connect monitor headphones to monitor the quality if
you have someone who is filming it so and I believe I saw those for like $250
or something and like if you had like a Sony or Sennheiser system that would be
probably like eight hundred or thousand dollars even all in all if you don’t
know that brand check it out I think they come up with all sorts of new
products and I also saw another guy on YouTube making really cool reviews and
yeah feel free to also check out my other videos I mean I have like videos
on all the equipment that I do occasionally or like maybe watch some of
my website tutorials or how to use YouTube to promote your business or even
like like technical stuff for voice over IP phone systems how to set up voice
over IP phone systems if you have a business so with that that concludes the
tutorial if you want to see that microphone in action maybe watch one of
my vlogs because in the in the first two vlogs that I recorded I didn’t have that
and let’s say you watched a real estate in Europe boom or bust video or or this
other the second vlog you will hear the wind noise the window is in the video
and I found that kind of annoying so I switched to that boya system I’m very
happy with it and if you look at the the other three vlogs that I did the the
wind noise is completely gone and I didn’t even have to use this little kind
of fur thing wind protector kind of
thing because I just tuck it and the tuck the wireless lavalier here somewhere
being leave my polo shirt and that already gave like a really good protection
because you always have to remember that this lavalier is like
pointing upwards right and you have one and then you put it somewhere here it’s
like two layers of protection it will still pick up the voice so you might not
even need that unless you’re like in a really windy situation so yeah I love
these lavaliers and lastly if you want to learn how to create online business
and freedom lifestyle just check out my free online course it’s for a limited
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check out my free course my digital success boot camp and discover why most
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and yeah with that I hope you have a great week and create your own success
and I see you on my channel and in the next video take care


2:40 location recording people refer to the wind muffler as a 'dead cat' General nickname for it.

Thank you for the clarifications, however after 8:30 the information on the transmitter and receiver was on the wrong side while you were explaining but I understood it the first time because you explained it peroperly in the beginning.

Can i use it for interview ? Like i speak from behind the cam can other perosn explain or reply from front side. In short i required two wireless mic one is for my voice and another for person who is in front of the cam.

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