Bose Soundlink OE Over Ear Headphones on Xbox One –Voice Chat Microphone for Bose QuietComfort

Using non-gaming headphones on Xbox One can
be a challenge if you want to do voice chat along with game audio. And today I’ll show you how you can use Bose
Soundlink On-Ear or OE heaphones as a full gaming headset. This will also work for Bose headphones like
the QuietComfort Series in case you were wondering. The two things you’ll need are the StarTech
TRRS adapter and a 3.5mm clip on microphone. The TRRS adapter is a splitter for audio input
and output. It has separate ports for microphones and
headphones on one end . But don’t confuse this cable with a standard stereo Y-splitter
because the Y-splitter won’t work. The other end has a 3.5mm plug with 4 metal
sections on it. Be sure yours looks like this. And here is a cheap clip on mic that I bought
in a five pack for about seven dollars. To make this all work, plug the microphone
into the port with the microphone icon on it. Then plug the headphone cable into the headphone
port. Take the microphone and clip it to the headphone
cable near the ear cup. And finally plug the StarTech adapter into
a 2nd generation Xbox One controller. I can confirm that this works when the headset
icon shows up at the top of the Xbox menu screen. You can definitely confirm this works when
you see the circle light up around the GamerPic when you talk in the Party Settings. And now my Bose headphones can be used as
a high-quality gaming headset on my Xbox One. The microphones I’m using are made by Neewer
and you can get multi-packs for super cheap! I’ve had viewers say that their friends have
told them that the voice quality sounds really good compared to others when playing online. So if you have the Bose Soundlink OE headphones
or any Bose wired headphones like the QuietComfort Series, you can now use them on your Xbox
One as the ultimate gaming headset! I hope you found this video helpful and if
you did please give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel TheRenderQ
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