Bohemian Rhapsody misheard lyrics & music: Rainer Hersch

Now, the thing about Bohemian Rhapsody, what makes it so special: well, for a start it is an incredibly…. …long song the other is the words. The
words are amazing. They are so amazing they have… …a tendency to be misheard. For example when I was first listening to this and before I focussed on this for this show I used to think this bit was ‘wish me
luck’, ‘wish me luck’ – here we go: It’s ‘wish me luck’ isn’t it? Wish me luck! Turns out it’s something called
‘Bismillah’. Who know that? Who know that? ‘Bismillah’ – oh, you’re such liars. But that’s happened to me quite
a lot of times. For example it was a time I used to think that the only reason why we didn’t see Saddam Hussein anymore was because The Monkeys had him. Listen to this: Some of you can’t believe you just seen
that. The rest of you are trying to… …remember all the words that song actually are. OK. So that’s some of the confusions. Now, the fact is that the Bohemian
Rhapsody theme… …it’s got classical beginnings, actually.
It, in fact, started with Bach. It was a Bach chorale where the theme was first heard. Sounds like this: The rock-out bit is very tame, I’ll tell you
that. And then Scott Joplin then took up his
famous ‘Bohemian Ragsody’. Please, Scott Joplin: And the first people to try to set in
modern era were Benny and Björn from ABBA. This is their version: But the original one that we know – the
classic version – was recorded by Queen. Apparently took them three weeks and in
that three weeks some of the bits were recorded over and over – a hundred and eighty times. A hundred and eighty overdubs. We say poo poo to all of that. We are going to do it in one hit with your help. Are you up for it? And to focus your singing, please welcome back the lovely, the talented Charlotte Page. SINGS BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY WITH AUDIENCE


What a shit….get us interested and liking what we hear…and then BOOM…cut it of and tell us we gotta pay to hear the rest…and it's only the fan channel….fuck you.

Bismillah is actually the first word of the Muezzin, the Muslim call to prayer: Bismillah, ir-Rahman, ir-Rahim. "In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate." A shame so many of them hear this 6 times a day and have no idea what it means.

Bimillah – I though it was "Miss Miller" – who was a notorious ever present member of the studio audience on TV shows in the USA such as Merv Grriffin, and evern older one, like TONIGHT with Jack Parr.

One great musician who truly enjoys entertaining and gives the audience so much more than mere notes and technique. Love Rainer !!

I always thought it was something in German (I do not speak German) that sounded a little like "Iech Spiel Nacht" … 😛

Lol, growing up in French speaking Canada, we were listening to many of these British bands and at the time, trying to interpret the lyrics while we could not speak not understood English … what came out was usually quite funny, when I think on it today.

Bismillah….. If you are a Muslim, the first thing you are thinking when you heard this song is "Bismillah" because it has a meaning of it. It took me a while to think what is the REAL lyrict

Rainer Hersch is a genius.. The way he gets people to engage with classical music, and music in general is just on another level

Being a muslim myself, I was like “this can’t be it… why would a rock band say “bismillah” in their lyrics, i wonder what it is really…” :)) it was “bismillah” unbelievably:)
By the way, who wouldn’t love this conductor? He is awesome!

Such beauty! You know you've among greatness when literally everyone in the room is singing Bohemian Rhaspody and know the lyrics by heart. Reminds me of sitting in the cinema watching Bohemian Rhaspody and not a single person remained silent at that moment.

I read the lyrics off the album sleeve when I was a kid while I listened to it. So never in doubt what was sung. Just never understood it though. Lol

Haven't started the video but I'm predicting, Got a moose, got a moose." Just because that's what I thought they were saying when I was a little kid

Well I was wrong

I always thought he was saying for absolutely no reason whatsoever "Ich will nach" which is german for "I wanna go to" and I

It says “We’re just trying to be friendly Come and watch us sing and play we’re the young generation and we’ve got something to say.”

Every time I hear the "Tara" theme song from "Gone With the Wind", I imagine someone singing these words: "You can't have Tara; Tara is mine." I've never managed any more words to it than that.

Imagine what this guy could do to and for the words to: "Jumpin' Jack Flash"! Even Whoopi Goldberg had difficulty (in the movie, "Jumpin' Jack Flash").

Listen to the chorus of butthole surfers song pepper. I swear for years (adolescence time only a few months lol)I genuinely thought and even defended I was right. …"smell you in my clothes " was ACTUALLY…"smell you in my toes…" no foolin, I lost friends trying to defend I was right….

1:28 Can't see that anyone's bothered to correct the last line: "And we've got something to say." (They didn't really have much to say now I look back on it. They were fibbing slightly.)

I had a friend once who was shocked to learn that the old song says "There's a bad moon on the rise." He thought it was "There's a bathroom on the right>"

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