BIRDS OF PREY – Official Trailer 1

You know what a harlequin is?A harlequin’s role is to serve.It’s nothin’ without a master.No one gives two shits who we are beyond that. ♪♪♪The Joker and I broke up.I wanted a fresh start.But it turns out I wasn’t
the only dame in Gotham
looking for emancipation.Spectacular news! Ms. Quinn, she belongs to me. Who are you guys? ♪♪♪ [GUNS CLICKING]Here’s the deal Quinn.-[SIGHS]
-You need me!
He’s after all of us now.None of us are
walkin’ outta here… unless we work together. ♪♪♪ With you? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! You gotta’ be kidding me. Ahh!! Isn’t this fun?
It’s just like a sleepover. [SIGHS]
We should order pizza. Make Cosmos. -Harley, focus!
-Okay. [BELL RINGING] ♪♪♪I’m the one
they should be scared of!
Boo!Not you!Not Mister “J”. Because I’m
Harley frickin’ Quinn! [LAUGHING] Whoo! Who’s having a good time?Get ready ladies.Oh, you’re that psycho chick. You never call a woman chick. I’ll except broad, lady, woman
and on occasion bitch! Bitch? -What are you talking about?
-Toss that for me will ya? Ugh! [LAUGHS]


Why not the Robert Pattinson one should be cast as superman or batman beyonce..

Maybe according to me personally, the batman movie should look for a batman actor from a film actor like an action film and that is certainly cool too, so that it doesn't appear brundel anymore.

yeah, kinda looks whack. waited since the early 90's to finally see HQ in live action, but his looks and sounds like another SJW movie. and when the production team said it was a feminist movie, yeah, i'm out. Lucky for me, i still have my comics and dvds before all these SJW crap. Can you just make a movie to make the movie, to bring the character(s) from comic to live action.

Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad 2: Birds of Prey.
Suicide Squad 3: Joker's Revenge.
— Trilogy concept. Simple DC. ☕ _c.

dude, I can't even get through that birds of prey trailer without feeling embarrassed for myself even though im the only one watching it.

this is easily going to be a beautiful master piece
also much lovee to margot robbie for probably the best harley queen ever

just from the trailer
alsoo mary elizabeth winstead i see youu

so cool

The jokers broken up with Harley because the studios thought their joker was a disaster I think plus1:04 that’s Batman

Why is Dinah Lance black… Why?!!! Fuck this shit, goddam PC era… Why is it so hard to leave the characters loyal to their source? I'm becoming racist thanks to this shit. I know the actress is not to blame, she has to work, but my first reaction was to curse her.

Stupid PC people…. fuck this century, for real.

Step 1: Get hyped for the shitty movie
Step 2: Get hyped for the posters of the shitty movie
Step 3: Get hyped for the teaser of the shitty movie
Step 4: Get hyped for the official trailer of the shitty movie
Step 5: Get hyped for the release date of the shitty movie
Step 6: See the shitty movie and exit the theater disappointed.
Step 7: Repeat

Am I the only one who thinks Harley Quinns voice sounds like shes trying way to hard with that accent? It sounds extremely forced, and more like an impression of Harley Quinn instead of an interpretation.

The actual Hollywood is a shame. Its sick exaltation of violence is nauseating.They've made the film industry a despicable activity. Poor youth that has to grow up with this insanity!

Sorry but L'hymne à l'amour from Edit Piaff is a very big song for Harley Quinn movie. That song is a heartbreaking manifestation of Piaff's love for her lover dead in a plane crash. Its a big mistake and a lack of respect to put this song in a mainstream commercial action movie.

Me: sees Ewan McGregor
Me: screams
Me: has a voice crack
Me: starts coughing
Me: starts choking
Me: coughs up lungs
Me: dies

What I hate most is that people are already saying this movie is shit because they're comparing this to joker,,
I havent seen joker, dont get me wrong I want to, but this movie already looks great.
basically what I'm saying is that I dont want this movie to be like venom, where people just listened to critics and took their advice

Never cared less about an upcoming movie in my life… was really excited to see Black Mask finally, but it kinda looks like they went in a terrible direction with him. All around disappointing.

You know how you go to the circus, and you can smell the shit from outside before you ever even see it? Thats this trailer.

People has been hyping Joker and it's still playing in the cinema, but I'm not interested at all…😂
But Harley Quinn?
And Margot Robbie?

WB! Here, take my money! 🔥🔥🔥

This isn't the project that was theorized early to be Gotham City Sirens, is it?

If so, my friend will be so disappointed to not see White Rabbit on the big screen…

This British revisionist movie "NOT INTENDED FOR AMERICAN CONSUMPTION" is BUSTED revisionist propaganda garbage that all the commie marketing trolls attacking The Free World CAN NEVER, EVER FIX!! You CAN'T put perfume on garbage AND THIS GARBAGE IMPORT DOESN'T FLY AND NEVER, EVER WILL!!

Bet 100000000000 Million taht this movie flops, Remember the guy who is directing this cheated on his wife, who he had kids with……… SCUMBAG ALERT!

Way to go, you’ve ruined the Harley Quinn character. This is just another stupid Thelma and Louise men all suck movie. The same misandrist crap over and over again.

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