Billie: has a spider in her mouth

Everybody: terrified

Me: laugh so hard because it's funny after all eheh

Soy el Eva 02, mi anillo es de un bisonte soy nivel ss gouls te rescatare de la ira tengo 24, esta cuenta es prestada muy sister<666

Me: Scared of flies going in my mouth”

Billie: “putting spiders in her mouth”


*Billie:has about 7 spiders on her,and doesn't freak out….
Me: a little baby spider is on me…I have a heart attack

I love you song is very good but this chick is full of demons.and the teenage world loves hers.the devil devouring our yout.the devil a smart sombitch

This is so weird, she is a very strange girl! I feel sorry for people that think this is good music. You all don't know what good music is!!!

Did she actually have to put real bugs and spiders on herself?! Omg I couldn't| me on 1:55:OMG OMG OMG OMG AHHH HOUW DID SHE?!? IT'S GOTTA BE FAKE gag

Lol this is for all the airheads who can easily be brainwashed by this shit. Giving you dark vibrations and keeping you in a low frequency.

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