Bicho Papão, the Werewolf song – or when the Bogeyman gets down to Boogie – Halloween song.

When there’s a full moon
And the wind blows strong In the gloomy swamp
The wolfman starts to wake up Hey, don’t be afraid to wake up
But, I know you are I know you do
I know you know Spider’s web, dust, centipedes
A bat squeals across the sky It’s close to midnight,
It’s the place where the wild things are Look, it’s the boogeyman
All the boogeyhood is here Pushing and shoving
Their way through Sparing nobody
That’s the way of the world Where everything is an illusion


I luv it!! Do I hear some Afro Cuban with a twist of jazz rhythms? I luv the video and I luv your sound. Thanks for lighting up my day. NooN

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