Best things to do and eat in Kingston, Jamaica

Welcome to Jamaica! I’m here in Kingston
the cultural and economic capital of the city. There’s so much to do, eat, and see
here, and I’m going to show you all of it today. But stay tuned until the end of
this video because I’m going to be giving away a trip to come to Kingston
with me to experience carnival. Let’s begin! Go to the beaches! But really do I even need to tell you that? Look at this! It’s Jamaica. A really good Beach is Fort Clarence, which is where I am now, and
this one’s awesome because it’s not overly crowded like a lot of the ones that are
closer to the city. You can just chill, relax, the water is
beautiful. It’s a perfect beach for getting away from the stresses. One of the cool things
about Fort Clarence beach is you can get some really good fried and steamed fish
here freshly caught from the ocean. We just talked to the chef and he taught us a bit about the fish. This one’s a red snapper, which is freaking delicious. So if you come to Fort Clarence
Beach make sure you stop at the fish shack and get some of the fried fish and
that is how you eat here in Jamaica at the beach. Are you running from the cold? That is what I’m doing! I am running
from the cold. This is moonshine snapper. We use it for soup. Our picnic on the beach is ready. This is fried escovitch, served with spicy sauce. This is bammy bread, which is made from cassava and made into a bread. Cassava is a Jamaican way of saying yuca. This is festival. It’s fried bread made from cornmeal and flour. So great place to come chill, have a nice picnic, and you’ll have a good day. Visit the Bob Marley Museum when you’re here. This legendary site was converted to a museum five
years after his death. And contains tons of his own personal treasures, a movie theater, and a cafe. It’s so inspiring we just did the tour and this man was amazing. So do not miss this
place when you come here. One Love. What about the. One heart. Let’s get together and feel all right. I’m here at Truck Stop here in Kingston,
Jamaica and this place is local spot that is known for their jerk chicken.
This is jerk chicken right here and the reason it’s jerk chicken is because it’s
cooked with pimento wood. It’s also served with something called festival which is
like a sweet fried dough. It’s delicious and this is a classic Jamaican dish so
make sure that you have that when you come here. When you’re here in Jamaica, make sure
you try Red Stripe. It is the beer of Jamaica, and guess what, here the alcohol
content is higher than it is in the US. So cheers to that! Did a quick stop to get a Jamaican patty.
This has chicken in it. We just learned the way you eat it, you bite the corner, open
it up so the steam comes out, let it cool and just work your way through this
deliciousness. They can be filled with beef, chicken, or pork, and they’re filled
with spices. They’re baked they’re kind of like a turnover but it’s more savoury
than that, and then Coco bread, which is like Hawaiian bread, it’s really sweet
and the way you do it is you just put it inside and you eat it like that. You can
eat it like a hot dog, eat it separately. You know do whatever you want.
But yea get a Jamaican patty, get coco bread. You’ll be good to go. Have a meal
at Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records. Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world, and
he has a restaurant called Tracks and Records, which is all about his track
records Tracks symbolizing he’s a fastest man in the world and
records symbolizing music. So it’s a fun little combo and they have really
delicious food. Plus there’s a Netflix documentary out now about Usain Bolt’s
life so it’s worth checking out. We’re at Devon House and they have great ice cream shops. Just all around this place is really beautiful and
there’s so many things to do here – things to eat. They have really good Jamaican patties so
if you’re looking for one of the best ones come to Devon House Bakery.
Devon House Ice Cream is one of the 10 best foods to eat around the world, as well. So don’t miss it. This is what depression looks like
people. Do you see this? What a tragedy! Go to carnival! There’s no better way to experience Jamaica then to come to carnival to see the show-stopping energy and colorful vibes like this amazing costume. This April I invite you to join me to come to Carnival, and party,
and dance, and have an amazing time with freakin amazing outfits. To enter all you
need to do is subscribe to my youtube channel and comment below why I should
choose you above everyone else. Are you from Jamaica but you’ve never been? Has
it always been a dream of yours to go to Carnival? Just tell me why in the
comments below and I will choose a winner on Wednesday, March 21st, and then
announce them that Friday. So good luck, and enter, and then join me in carnival. Why wouldn’t you want to come right? It’s freakin’ Jamaica! Thanks for watching, subscribe, follow me
on Instagram, and I will see you next time.


To enter:
1. Subscribe to my channel
2. Write in the comments why I should choose you above everyone else by Wednesday, March 21 at noon EST.
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OMG, absolutely loved our Jamaica trip and cannot wait to go back! Can we wear feathers every day in NYC is that cool? LOL 🙂

I would love to win! I've never been to Jamaica! I would also like to "run from the cold". lol Also…. the food!!!

This is such a great video!!! Very informative and makes me want to visit there so badly!! You did a great job highlighting fun places to see and do! I just had a baby a few months ago and would love to have a getaway with my husband! Looks beautiful!

Awesome video! 💃🏾 🇯🇲 I would like you to choose me because traveling to Jamaica and really immersing myself in the CULTURE has always been a huge goal for me. From the blue mountain coffee, Dunn’s River to Devon House; I’ve saved a million many tabs of the places I would just love to see and visit. 😅 I really wanted to go the Jamaica Carnival this year because I LOVE soca music and carnival is a great time to let loose and be comfortable in your freedom and body, especially as a woman. However, other obligations didn’t allow to book…those packages were outta my range 🤣

I have always wanted to go to Jamaica for many reasons…when I tell people that I am part Jamaican the first thing they ask is have you been? My answer is always no…and I want to change that! I want to say I have been to Jamaica and it is BEAUTIFUL. 
I always promised myself that my first trip out of North America would be to this beautiful Island for several reasons. Growing up, I always knew that my grandfather was born and raised in Jamaica. I was proud to be part Jamaican even though I didn't get the opportunity to meet him until I was 21 years old. From that day on, I instantly wanted to be more connected with my roots and experience where my grandfather was born and raised because the more you know about your culture, the more you learn about yourself! But I had never had the financial means to do so. Regardless, I have always enjoyed Jamaican food, music and their Irie lifestyle but never got the opportunity to experience it in person for myself. Winning this trip would not only be fun and exciting, it would help me fill an empty space and learn a thing or two about that 25% of me that's still, to this day, quite a bit of mystery. I hope I win this trip not just for fun, but for my culture!!! 🙂

You should take me with you because it's on my bucket list to go to that carnival, also, Im great company! Hugs!! 😘😘😘

You got the Funk
Its fly as da junk
Im loving the vibe
The gift of the sky
Ocean and Jamaica is da life
I wanna get down
I wanna get high
On the food of life
The travel sexy ride
Take me away
Ill take the stride
Ill dance with the energies
Tropical Jamaican
Rides to light up our eyes❤️🌈🧜🏼‍♀️🦊🦄☀️
Bring me!!

You should chooose me because I need a vacation and Jamaica is my dream trip! I live in the mountains of East Tennessee and its been soo cold this winter..I need some beautiful Sunshine and sand between my toes get me out of this depression I'm feeling being cooped in the house all winter! I have always heard how beautiful Jamaica is and I would love to experience it for myself. My goal is to travel the world and meet new people and learn the history and cultures of others and what better way to start than Jamaica!

Jamaica looks like an absolute dream!😍 I hope I win the giveaway! The only time I went to Jamaica I stayed at an all inclusive resort and didn’t leave!!

Hi, my name is Valentina and I’m from Italy🇮🇹 . I always watch your video and believe me your such an inspiration for me 🙌🏻. I always have my suitcase ready. From my first travel I understood that this would become my passion; I think that travel can enrich you in a way that nothing else can do. The best part for me is know new cultures and people, eat local food, explore new place, try local tradition..I just wanna go and live fully! ⚡️
Jamaica is on my bucket list: soca music, carnival, food, lifestyle..I wanna try everything! Would be a dream for me! And we surely we could have fun together! ☀️


What an amazing experience!
You should pick me for this trip to Jamaica Carnival because I really need the pick me up! I am currently searching for a new job so have been going out of my mind at home for weeks. Carnival would be a great way to blow off some steam and not feel guilty for spending a ton of money. I have loved reggae and Jamaican culture for a long time but only recently found out that they celebrate Carnival like many smaller islands. Being from a small island myself (st Maarten) it is so surprising as the stereotypical view of Jamaica is always centred around dancehall and reggae. For that reason I would love to go to Jamaica Carnival with you and see how they do things!

Having been a university student from Trinidad to Jamaica for three years, Jamaica almost feels like a second home to me..I might even be able to even teach you a thing or two! Their culture is rich and there is so much to see and do on this island. Being a Trinidadian (the home of soca music), my insides always light up when I hear sweet soca music which a lot of Jamaicans love, and is vital to any Carnival experience! If I am chosen to visit Jamaica during Carnival, it will literally be the opportunity of a lifetime since I love Carnival, I love soca, and I love Jamaica! #winwinwin
Pick me and let's have an unforgettable Carnival experience! 🙂

Amazing video girl! I would love to visit Jamaica with you and do a collab! I have never been before, it looks like such a beautiful & fun destination!

Jamaica Jamaicaaa!!! There is so much to learn, experience and see. I am inspired. Of course traveling, getting away and the overall idea of just being in Jamaica is awesome. But I truly believe this world for the time we have here should be explored and appreciated. I have tons of questions and a lot of interest in embracing the whole world that we live in. I would love to experience Jamaica during carnival with your guidance Sarah and I don't doubt that I would be a fun person to experience it with.

Why me? I love jerk chicken, or anything food with jerk sauce, and Bob Marley.

I love your editing and especially love the drone footage. Gotta admit, you've made me want to visit Jamaica. It looks beautiful! I also love your sunglasses

Wow that's an awesome giveaway. I would love to go and explore this country meeting locals, I would do a travel video as well, and I will thank you forever to have chosen me 😁😁😁

What a great video! I love the editing and the content. I can't wait to visit Fort Clarence beach and eat that delicious fish you showed off in the video. Jamaica is a beautiful island that I am absolutely in love with. Looking forward to being there again.

Pick me because Carnival in Jamaica would be so much fun and I would love the chill beach vibes, food, music, dancing and people. It looks like a great vacation and stress relief.

@sarahfunky I have never been to Jamaica and would love to go with you to experience Carnival please! 🙏 I am a super clean and considerate person and a great travel buddy because I can help plan/navigate or just be spontaneous! I’m not picky and will have fun wherever we go and whatever we decide to do! It’s been a stressful start to the year and I haven’t had a vacation in a long time, so this would be perfect! Plus, I would love to take some acroyoga photos on the beautiful Jamaica beaches! 🏝🤸🏻‍♀️
I’ve already subscribed on YouTube and commented, as well as following you on Instagram, regrammed this photo, and tagged you saying why you should choose ME! 😊 Thanks @iflycaribbean and @visitjamaica for sponsoring this, and of course to Sarah for this funky giveaway! 😉

Your the best and all your video is just perfect and you got the good vibes just wish you could take me with you on this trip #bringmewithyou #Jamaica carnival #teamsarahfunk

I'm from Jamaica but never been to Carnival. Really, I've never been to carnival anywhere. Left Jamaica before we started to celebrate carnival there. I would love to experience it firsthand.

I would love to go. It’s being a dream
Of my to go to Jamaica and what else that carnaval!! Music, beach and good company . It can’t get better

I have a million reasons why I would LOVE to go to Jamaica…but my favorite reason would be to go on another adventure with Sarah Funky! 😍.

You shine on the camera girl! I would looove to come to carnival because I’ve recently had a spiritual awakening! Was going through a tough time and something like this would just boost this awakening to the max! I think we would have such an amazing time together!! Xox keep being you, sunshine 💕

Loved this! I'm going to Jamaica next month but to Ochos Rios. I've never been to Kingston and would absolutely love to! Especially to see the Bob Marley museum.

Ahh I'm so proud of you. You should pick me cuz like we would have so much fun and I'm pretty good at taking pretty pictures (and did I say we'd have fun?!)

Hi Sarah, I’m Jamaican and I live in Jamaica but I’d really love to experience Jamaica carnival because it’s something I love. I love soca and have always wanted to go to Jamaica carnival but have not been able to afford to go. I have a lot of energy and I’m able to keep up with all of the vibes. I’ll also be able to give you experience of the Jamaican carnival with a real Jamaican carnival junkie by your side. I’ve been to UWI (leading university in Jamaica) carnival so I know how a carnival goes but would really like to go to Jamaica carnival. If I get this opportunity I’m sure you won’t regret choosing me.

I’d love more than anything to win this phenomenal Carnival trip. Simply to be able to enjoy a one a lifetime experience in Jamaica. I want to be free and get lost with the food, colour, culture, people, music, history, EVERYTHING! I want this experience to forever be etched in my mind and soul. My birthday is also next week so more reasons to have an opportunity like this! Make me happy, choose me 🙂

Hi Sarah. Loving your videos. I have always wanted to visit Jamaica and what is a more better time than Carnival? To be totally immerse in Jamaica's rich culture, food and music. I'm certain that it would be a life changing experience for me. And have I mentioned that I have never been to Jamaica ☺️ Pick me and let's change that.
Ps: I have a great carnival whine 💃

Lovely video and informative! I think you guys should pick me because I was actually born on the island of Jamaica, in Kingston but I moved to a different island in the Caribbean at the age of 4 months. I have traveled back a few times and it would be cool to take you guys to my top secret spots my family and I frequent. And, lets not forget that Caribbean culture runs deep in my veins, so playing mas will be amazing! We can visit where I used to live, where I used to eat and what I did for fun! As I'm writing this comment, I realize I'm not eligible because I'm not American, haha. Enjoy the trip!

I think you should choose me because April 6 being my birthday that would be a great way to celebrate it eventhough I feel to skip the day completely, it would be a great experience and oppurtunity to explore and be educated with another islands culture besides mine

I would like for you to choose me because I have a lot of Jamaican friends here in the US and they can't afford to take me to see there beautiful country so here is my chance to see what they are always talking about, how awesome the beaches are how amazing the food is how great the people are and I would love to see it… thanks!!!

Great video! Loved it so much! I definitely learned more about Jamaican culture.

I have always dreamed about going to carnival and jumping in those AMAZING costumes! Ugh the feathers and everything are amazing! Just so beautiful. The vibe and just being in the middle of everything is the dream.

Then to top it off it's in Jamaica too! I've never actually been to Jamaica despite living in this region. It's been on my places to go. I haven't been able to find proper jerk chicken either 😪. I love love love their beaches and waterfalls also!
I would love the opportunity to go! Hoping you pick me! 🤞🏽

I would really love it if you would.choose go to Jamaica. I've always wanted to.go it's been #1 on my travel list for 10 years, I've just never had an opportunity to go until I saw this sweepstakes. I love everything about Jamaica and listen to dancehall and soca religiously. To jump Carnivál in Jamaica is a dream come true. Ive always wanted to jump off the cliffs of Rick's Cafe and swim in the swirl of warm/coldwater where Dunst River Falls meets the ocean, and try authentic Jerk and eat a Juicy mangoes from a street stall in Kingston. I've had a lot of pitfalls recently and a vacation to my dream island would be a Godsend

I want to travel and photograph the entire trip, I aspire to become a traveling photographer and capture all the amazing things the place has to offer, the food, the carnival, the culture and the people.
Please pick me! 🙏🏼

Soca has been apart of my healing, i know it sounds weird but it’s helped uplift even some of my darkest moments. Listening to a soca mix on Soundcloud every morning, has really helped bring me through the day in a much more positive way. Right now my morning anthems are Hulk by Blaxx, Sokah, and Family by Destra! That’s only half of the reason I would love to be picked for this trip, I won't say i deserve this because the experience of Jamaica alone is something everyone deserves to experience at least once in their life, the beauty of the island, it’s food and its people is something so unique that even in this video we watch, i know we have no idea what it really means to experience the island first hand. So imagine that, Carnival in an Xodus Costume, flown in on Caribbean airlines and enjoying music that sings to the happy, i don't care part of any and everyone's soul and a beautiful break from reality in Jamaica, all with you?!?! I know, if i got this opportunity, I really wouldn’t know what to do with myself!

really crazy giveaway, totally jealous of you xD, looks so fun. grats to the winner for sure! i would love to go on something like this but im slightly introverted so i feel awkward when im out places haha

I’m a Jamaican and I never experienced carnival in Jamaica and I know it would be super fun experiencing it with you also for that soca and dancehall music it would be a super fun trip that would be unforgettable ❤️

I already am in Kingston, Jamaica, and I would LOVE a chance to be a part of the Road March in one of the beautiful costumes. It has been on my bucketlist for a long time, but as I have to be adulting and prioritize other things than buying a costume and the opportunity to be a part of one of the carneval families it isn't a top priority at the moment. No doubt it would be an experience of a lifetime since I've been fascinated with carneval culture and the amazing handwork that goes into the costumes since I can't even remember and it would be a great experience before I have to go back home to the cold on April the 11th. Hopefully the heat from Jamaica and dancing in the Road March can keep me going until summer and I can cross off a bucketlist wish! Fingers crossed✌🏼💃🏻

This video encapsulates all I could ever hope for in a Jamaican holiday escapade! I've been perfecting my Jamaican accent for years so that when I finally visit I can blend in like a local! I LOVE postcard worthy beaches and carnival and Jamaica marries these together in the most perfect way! You inspire and fuel my love for travel with every video/Instagram story, I live my travel goals through the lenses of your camera and it would mean so much for me to experience visiting my ultimate dream destination with you! So ready to unleash my inner photographer on this beautiful island! My faux locs and bikinis are ready! Oh, did I mention that I know how to whine?

#bringMeToJamaicaWithYou #itWillBeUnforgettable <3

Let’s goooo. I should go to Jamaica with you because 1. We’d be plane buddies 2. I’m a foodie and we shall only eat like queens together and throw calories out the window 3. I’m really really good looking. Haha! No really— I could actually see myself as an added value to your travel team to contribute to your brand. My creativity, organization, and highly motivated attitude will only add to the trip with you and both our experiences! Best of luck!

Hi Sarah!!
3 resons why you should chose me to go to Jamaica with you next month:1. I have a vaild passport 😎2. I desperately need a tan 👙3. And I’m the most low maintenance girl you will ever travel with. 🙋🏻‍♀️ Oh yeah, and I’m the life of the party 🎉

Hey Sarah, it's Pavle from Croatia. You know how i've always talked about wanting to travel more but not having enough money or time to travel around the world. Your trip to Croatia served to me as an inspiration to get up and do more and this giveaway would give me a sense of accomplishment. I mean, imagine talking to someone and saying i've been to Jamaica with a dear friend i met through Couchsurfing, amazing, isnt it? Even if i dont win, i hope you have a great time and lots of fun! Cheers!

Hi Sarah!
Loving seeing all the wonderful adventures you have continued on since we enjoyed some cultural experiences in Argentina Buenos Aires!

Some of the reasons you should choose me!

A fellow world traveller that has never been to Jamaica! Would love to post some cultural experiences with all my fellow followers… and as to my travel blog once I launch.

Life of the Party, continuing my travels, being a social butterfly… being able to join any group and meet anyone it would be amazing to dance, sing and experience Carnival! Not to mention rock the outfit, Damn girl your killin’ it in that costume and I want to wear one with you!

I am able to take off work at that time at the drop of a hat and can go! I have a valid passport and oh did I mention it is my Birthday April 4th so we would be celebrating my birthday as well in the best way possible!

As well as I’d love to return the favour hosting you and your partner again anywhere randomly I end up in the world! Currently… in Las Vegas, but have some fun plans ahead! Ibiza, California, Miami, central and South America again!

Let’s eat! Let’s dance! Let’s party, let’s sing, let’s take some pictures and make amazing memories!

😘😘 Be well girl and can’t wait to continue seeing your wonderful adventures!!

@visitjamaica @iflycaribbean @xoduscarnival

If I went with you I would take 1000 photos per week with my expensive camera that you could use in promos. I also do video. I am nice and easy going.

It would definitely fulfill a bucket list entry for me for sure! Absolutely love the Caribbean and never have got to see Jamaica yet. Whoever you choose this is an amazing opportunity for them!

Traveling is an experience. One that doesn’t happen to everyone. It’s a privilege and definitely all about creating memories that are worth more than all the tea in china.

Am I really more deserving than anyone else? Hard to say.. but no one would be more the foodie than I would be. From Jerk chicken to Jamaican patties … to the drink of choice being Red Stripe or Jamaican Rum… to everything that the country has to offer.

I would make a great food and drink companion. But I would also love to learn more about the country itself. Outside of Usain Bolt, Bob Marley, and the Jamaican bobsled team I would definitely want to gain more insight to this wonderful country.

Oh and it’s my birthday on March 27. So that’d be a great bday gift lol

As a jamaican-american I approve your video…
but it's escovitch not fried escabeche, it isn't a type of fish but rather a style of cooking.
which is any fried fish with some sort of vinaigrette –> either cooked a second time in the vinaigrette (how I prefer it), or used as a topping

You should pick me to go to carnival because I am a student at Penn State, have family in JA and haven't seen my nephew in about 7 years and they live in Kingston. I am firstt generation American with Jamaicn family. I have served as the Caribbean Student Association president at Penn State, and have yet to been to a carnival due to finances. Also…I graduate in December 2018 so that'll be a great graduation trip to be able to go Carnival time

What fun!!! Would you believe in 1949 when I was 3 months old I lived in Jamaica? That was 70 years ago… I've gotta return before I pass from this world. Thanks for the video.

Pick ME ! I just got engaged and experiencing carnival would be the best bachelorette gift. I AM a SOCA fanatic if you can't tell from my profile picture lol . I was already planning to arrive to New Kingston in late April. Also being from Manchester i've barely experienced that side of the island. There are so many fruits and flowers that are only native to that region. We have a similar restaurant/beach area to 'Hellshire Beach" called "Alligator Pond" . I'd LOVE to compare the two. I also do carnival modeling part-time for Freaks Mas and Ramajay Mas in New York City . Please pick me so I can beat the road before I walk down the aisle! – Coconutcoil ( Subscribed Feter)

Never been to carnival in Jamaica looks like a lot of fun…This trip would be a dream come true thanks for choosing me😇

Sarah, loved the video. I will be heading to Kingston for a one day meeting and figure I will spend a week there now. Any affordable local lodging choices? I just love getting a local feel with a mix of safety. BTW if you have not been the Philippines is absolutely AMAZING!!!

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