Best Microphone for YouTube 2019? Deity D3 Pro Test


The d3 pro is my mic. Love it! There’s a coolness factor that I like about the build and the sound is smooth, especially when I master it in LumaFusion. I have to say though, I used to boom my little cheap Boya mic that looks like the rode micro and the sound I got out of that little $35 was strikingly similiar. So if you’re pinched for $ go for the Boya. If you have plenty of $ go with the Deity. Do not buy the Takstar, it’s tinny and just horrendous sounding.

Currently the MoVo vxr10, great cost/benefit but this one definitely caught my eye to improve the quality.

NICE!! Thanks Sean for the review. Having a mic totally ups your game…I learned that from YOU!

Thank you for this amazing comparison video. Looking forward to testing the Deity in Singapore. Question: Do you recommend a beginner content creator to jump into getting a shotgun or a lapel mic? thanks!

QOTD ⚡What mic are you currently using? Let us know! 👇 **** 🎤 Looking for the best budget microphones for creating content? Check out the Think Media video series here:

Hey have you heard "It's not what you know It's who you know"?
Well if I know God then I know the best person to help me grow my channel.

Sounds good in comparison with rode mic. Great content Thanks!!!!! I usually use lav mic and Samson mic r21 for my videos.

Thank you ThinkMedia, I really learn a lot from you. Please everyone, I have a young youtube channel please subscribe to my channel to encourage me. You can get to my channel by clicking on my picture by left. God bless you as you subscribe

Small youtuber, I am very honest and willing to help. Let's help each other and grow together 😀

Great, the D3 Pro version definitely is the business so added to my wish list. For now, I'm using the Takstar SGC-598 which I'm happy with for now~

Just passed the Rode VideoMic Pro on as part of a camera sale. I have the Deity V-Mic D3 Pro now. I think it’s a more robust a diverse mic.

I wish I could afford mic. Anyone in the comments have anything used for sale or donation? 😁

They all sounded close enough to me that as a very broke new youtuber, my first mic purchase will definitely be that $99 Diety!

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199 USD as affordable… yea not affordable for me anyway. I guess it's my lav mic for me still

Sound like something I'd buy. I bought rode go and when I tell waste of money because I'm getting a frying sound and I've never used it after that. So I'm glad I have another option that's affordable. Yup on my list. Is it on Amazon tho?

Great video as always guys, always super information and helps in the production of my YouTube videos whether at home or on the go. Cheers!

Great mic, for the price, i didn't see much difference with the Rode. I would prefer the D3 instead of the D3 Pro, sound is pretty similar, of course the Pro as more options
but i like the fact that i can use normal battery than i can find everywhere and use it immediately instead of waiting for my D3 Pro to charge. And on a long term…i dont think i can change the
D3 Pro battery that is incorporate to the Mic…. with the standard D3, it is not a problem to have always new battery 🙂 I would like if Deity can do a D3 Pro with normal battery that i can change also.

Nice video brother. Thanks so much for inspiring me making a channel in china 🇨🇳 and now it’s growing so fast. I really appreciate it.

YOUR Content is AMAZING!!!! and I ALWAYS use You in my End Screen Titles are you Help me choose my vlogging Camera the Panasonic Lumix G7. Will ALWAYS be a fan of your content.

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I use Blue Yeti USB Microphone for when I am recording in my computer, now I need to buy a mic for my new Canon M50. The ones in this videos are a great option!

this is brilliant really helps me think about the audio game. so excited for the new mics coming out! i love the comparisons made so we can see the difference. thank you for all the help in making us better content creators

If I were to get the Deity Pro model what DB setting would you recommend to get rid of the hissing noise with a standard canon DSLR preamp?

I like the DD Pro and think it’s better to buy as it will be there for future needs (if one budget allows it). The battery on the Pro is definitely the way to go. Carrying around AA and/or AAA batteries in one bag is just a hassle. It’s one thing to have extra camera batteries, but in my bag anymore batteries is just to much. If your going to carry extra weight, get a portable batter pack to recharge the lithium batteries.

Sounds like a decent mic,now if we could get them to make the motovlogger mic,for us youtubers on Motorcycles,i would buy one

The first mic sounded a little hollow, the pro version sounded great, just as good as the more expensive Rode mic. I currently use the Rode Video Mirco.

Any chance the Pro will show up in the scene when using Short or Wide Angle Lenses since it sticks out So Much?

I am using Comica V30 Lite…. I haven't used it it that much but I am satisfied with it as my on camera vlogging mic… I wish that this Brand will reach the Philippine Market soon…. it seems to be a nice mic and comparable with rode mics well atleast on what I heard on this video….

I've been using the standard microphone that my Nikon D5300 came with, and it is brutal. Especially when I zoom or focus, you can hear every single thing happening on video. WORST. So, now that I've seen this, I've added the Deity D3 to my cart (using your affiliate link), and will be buying it within the next 30 days, so thank you, and you're welcome as well (affiliate link). 🙂

Man I hope they gave u guys some free mics. U just gave the only advertizing lol. It's not even about the number of subs u guys have. Ur influence doesn't do ur subs justice. Better hit them for mics lol

Deity seems to be the best value vs build quality and sound. Would have liked to known more about pattern pick up and off axis rejection? Expo floor too limiting. Send us one to review and we will give it a proper workout. Tku for making this video.

Great info! Thank you for sharing this. I actually don’t have a microphone yet and I’m using my iPhone to make my videos. I like the price and the quality of the sound of the 199 one.

Good information I enjoyed this very much, I noticed a small difference, but I am going to purchase the first one, in my shoot there is no background noise. 👍480

I mainly use lavs, either Sony wired, or the new Rode Wireless Go. Needed an on-camera mini-shotgun solution, so just ordered the Deity pro featured here. Deity pro sounded way better than the regular Deity. Deity Pro sounded similar to the Rode, but in this live, background noise, the Deity sounded better. I think Deity is killing Rode on price vs performance. If Rode lowered their price down to Deity's $199, Rode could compete much more. But at current prices, there's no reason anyone should go w/ the Rode, especially considering Deity has more features and even sounds slightly better in noisy environments.

what audio level do you recommend for the a7III and the D3? I have the internal level set around 6 or so…wdyt?

Hey, love your videos. Very helpful and informative.

I have a Question.. the 99$ is it good for songs&piano covers?! If so, Do i need additional gadgets beside the mic?

We are a Small Youtube Channel and want to invest in an microphone, cause WE need too..its growing but we have to Upgrade Soon.

Thank you advance!

If you use the Deity d3 pro as a on camera mic, does it pick up the lenses autofocus noise ?? This is the current problem I’m facing using my Sigma 17-50mm lens with my current on camera shotgun mic!! Any solutions to fix this problem if I’m wanting to still use the autofocus and keep a on camera shotgun mic ?

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