Best Microphone For Phones – Small and Large Budgets

if you need the best microphone for phone then stick around to the end of this video because I got multiple ones that
will fit any budget what is going on my name is Devin Street helping you build
your online presence and today I’m gonna be talking about some of my favorite
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platforms first before we get into external microphones let me just suggest
that your internal microphone is not that bad
in fact right here right now this is my phone’s internal microphone it’s not as
clear as what I’m putting through this mic right now that I have but it’s still
pretty good and pretty decent now with that out of the way you probably will
still be looking for an external microphone you want something more Chris
something to make your video sound better and I can completely see why
because audio is one of the most important parts of a video it’s not
actually the video quality your graphics how you edit most important thing with
video is audio because if you have terrible audio I just certainly am NOT
sticking around for a video and most viewers aren’t either so first we’re
gonna start out with our budget microphone it’s the one I’m actually
using right now and the one I use for most of my videos and it is this
lavalier microphone you can get this on Amazon for around ten dollars I’ll leave
a link to it in the description below that the one I purchased and I can
guarantee this is one of the best microphones I’ve ever had and it’s
extremely cheap so literally all you do is clip it to your shirt and you clip
the other end into a phone if you’re like recording a video with the phone
you’re using and you have an extra spare phone then I suggest using that
because you just don’t want the wires to get tangled up with the camera itself
and also there’s some recording apps that I use they’re very good for
recording audio that I’ll also leave a link to in the description below but
maybe you want something a little bit more expensive on a high end and
something where there’s no wire or anything you just plug it straight into
your phone and it’s a directional microphone it just points at what you
want to get the audio from and you can go ahead and just talk straight into it
instead of having to put it on your shirt or something like that
well for that I would suggest the rode videomic me and this is a really great
great microphone I’ve had this for about four or five months now I’ve used it a
couple times I’ll put a YouTube card right up here and you can watch a video
where I’ve actually used this before outdoors it works really great for when
I’m outdoors and maybe I don’t have an extra phone on me
maybe because obviously I can’t use this microphone and plug it into my phone and
just like hold my phone up because the wire would be dangling down and you
would see it in the video so instead this directional mic is really great
I’ll put this one in the link in the description below it’s you can probably
get it around under $50 I think I got it for around fifty forty five dollars so
basically how this works is there’s this back piece right here and if I can get
it off what you would do is you plug the microphone directly into the phone and
then you get this back piece and you just slide it on there until it’s nice
and snug and it’s stuck in this one position on the phone so it’s not going
to be flopping around or anything and also there might be wind interference
outside so this rode videomic me also comes with
a dead cat so you would just put the dead cat right on
there and you’re gonna get no wind interference and nice crisp audio and
those are my two favorite external mics that I use I’m obviously not gonna
recommend anything that I don’t use because I definitely want you to have
the best experience possible with any microphone that you choose and I would
highly suggest if you’re on a tight budget definitely get the lavalier mic
in fact even if you had the money for both I would suggest getting the
lavalier mic because it is such a great microphone for a very cheap price and I
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