Best microphone for iphone – Top 3 iphone microphone review

Hey do you want to know what the best microphones
for iPhone are? In this video I am going to share my top 3 microphone reviews for recording
video with your iPhone so stay tuned.I’m Sara Nguyen, your Online Marketing Strategist helping
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for links to all of the resources mentioned in this video. One of the ways to improve
the quality of your Facebook Livestreams or your YouTube videos is to have good audio.
So let’s look at 3 microphones that you can use when recording video with your iPhone.The
1st microphone that I recommend and personally love and you can see me using it right here
is the SmartLav+ by Rode. I found the sound of the SmartLav+ crisper than its predecessor
the SmartLav, so if you’re tossing up between the SmartLav or the Smart Lav+, definitely
go the SmartLav+. I really like this microphone because of the quality of sound that it produces.
It’s a great little lapel microphone that plugs straight into your iPhone and clips
onto your top. The biggest complaint that I’ve heard about the SmartLav+ from other
users is that the length of the cable isn’t very long, but you can fix the issue by getting
an extension cable that will extend the length of your microphone.The other thing that makes
the SmartLav+ really awesome is this adapter that goes with it that allows you to turn
your iPhone microphone into a microphone that you can also use with a DSLR camera. So it’s
great for your iPhone and for your camera as well. Let’s do a little sound test with
Rode SmartLav+ on my iPhone.So here’s what it sounds like recording on my iPhone without
the Rode SmartLav+. Here’s what it sounds like with the Rode SmartLav+ plugged into
the iPhone. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. And I am going to be silent now so
you can listen to the white noise.The 2nd microphone that I recommend for recording
video with your iPhone is the Boya BY M1 and this microphone is much cheaper than the Rode
SmartLav+ and it still gives you decent quality sound. The other thing that I like about the
Boya BY M1 is that it has a lot of length so you don’t need to get an extension cable
like you would need to with the Rode SmartLav+. It’s great for iPhones, works on Android and
you can also plug it into your DSLR camera as well. So let’s go over to my phone now
and have a look at the quality of sound that you would get from the Boya BY M1. So this
is what it sounds like without the Boya BY M1. And here’s what it sounds like with the
Boya BY M1 plugged into the iPhone. The 3rd microphone that I recommend for recording
video with your iPhone is the iRig Pre, the iRig Pre itself isn’t a microphone but it
allows you to plug in your favorite microphone into your phone and to use that. So if you
have a microphone lying around and a XLR cable, it comes together to produce amazing sound
that you can record audio with your iPhone. So for example, this is an old dynamic microphone
that I have lying around and with an XLR cable and with the right end, I plug one end of
the cable into the microphone and the other end of the microphone into my iRig Pre and
then I can plug my iRig Pre into my iPhone. And together this gives me amazing sound.
Why would you do this? Well think about it. If you are recording with your iPhone, you’re
out and about and you’re doing interviews or you’re interviewing people, this is a great
way to use something that you already have that produces amazing sound with your iPhone.
So let’s have a look at the quality of sound that you can get with the iRig Pre and a dynamic
microphone plugged into your iPhone. So here’s what it sounds like without the iRig Pre and
a dynamic microphone plugged into the iPhone. And here is what it sounds like with the iRig
Pre and a dynamic microphone plugged into the iPhone. So the 4th microphone that I’m
going to recommend which is a bonus recommendation is Rode Videomic Me and I wasn’t sure if I
was going to include this microphone in my reviews because I found the sound of the Rode
Videomic Me to be good only if the microphone was quite close to you when you are recording.
If you put your phone on a tripod at a distance, I didn’t find the sound to be as amazing as
the Rode SmartLav+ or the other microphones that I’ve talked about in this video. But
I’m going to include it anyway and lets go to a sound test so you can judge for yourself.
So here’s what it sounds like without the Rode VIdeomic Me, I am about a meter away
from my phone. Here’s what it sounds like with the Rode Videomic Me at the same distance.
Here’s what it sounds like with the Rode Videomic Me. I am about 30 to 40 centimeters away from
the microphone. And here is what it sounds like on the Rode Videomic Me right up to the
microphone and probably about 10 centimeters away from the microphone now. So there you
have it, a review of some of the top microphones for recording video with your iPhone. If you
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