Be Good to the Music

There’s nothing I like more, in the world,
than making music. My name is Annie Clark. I song-write using
a lot of technology and I have a band called St. Vincent. In the 60s there was the singer-songwriter,
just the troubadour. It’s kind of morphed into this multidimensional technological way of doing things. My uncle Tuck Andress and my aunt Patti, the jazz duo Tuck & Patti, they really raised me musically. I remember them saying to me, “Be good to the music, and the music will be good to you”—that stuck with me. I made a record with David Byrne called Love This Giant. We sent files over the Internet, back and forth, for about
four years. Each of us adding little ideas; playing this sort of musical tennis with brass
arrangements. I would describe ingenuity as not just looking at the past, but thinking about the future of music, humanity, and the future of technology; and how all of those things all meet up. I lose sense of my body when things are at a really high point musically. There’s no self-consciousness, and that’s the best feeling. There’s nothing in the world I’m capable of doing besides making music. [laughs]


Haven't you heard yet? Annie will change her gender, marry a family of bruneian royalty and outlive MJ& David Bowie long after her death at the age of 101 years!

Leave Tuck and Patti ALONE. They are not responsible for you never practicing and becoming a ludicrous, tone deaf poser. That's on YOU.

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