Bastille “Joy” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

On one level, you’re kind of walking through
the wreckage of this party and it’s like you know this house that’s been trashed. So that’s
the kind of literal thing that’s happening maybe in the room and then it’s also this
person on the phone call is wondering through the absolute wreckage that is your brain and
all of your worries and all of your thoughts. So you know it’s kind of hinting to the apocalypse,
it could be the wreckage of the city that’s been destroyed, it’s the wreckage of the house
party, and it’s the wreckage of your thoughts. It kind of embodies the levels that the album,
hopefully, exists on as you choose to interpret it. After this big night out during the apocalypse,
which is what our album’s about, it’s waking up on the kitchen floor and realizing where
you are and all of the things you were avoiding on the night out and all of the problems in
your life, and the problems of the world all coming flooding back in. I guess, where did
it come from? It’s funny, I can never remember that well where a song has come from because
ideas just seem to pop into my head and I think this chorus just kind of arrived in
my mind at some point and I would have sung it into my phone, probably when we were on
tour. Ducking off into a corner somewhere to whisper sing into my voice notes. I remember
making the demo in my room at home, which is where a lot of our songs kind of start
their life. I came up with the beat and the chorus at the same time. And the chorus felt
like it needed loads of vocal so I layered up, like a big choir of me. It was one of
the first songs we wrote for the album. It felt sort of uplifting which is kind of our
place on this record that is relatively dark in a lot of respects. We tour quite a lot as a band and so we live
on a tour bus. And for anyone who’s not been on a tour bus, it’s like twelve to sixteen bunks, that
are basically the size of a small coffin, all stacked on top of each other. It’s one
of the more surreal elements of touring, is waking up in this bunk, getting out, seeing
which carpark you’re in. I was going to say it’s like time travel. It’s not time travel.
It’s literal, physical travel. I’m just an idiot. Those feelings that you can’t really control
when they come flooding in. Your head feels like it’s dropping away and when you’re losing
control of how you’re feeling. I wanted it to sound cinematic and be kind of talking
to the listener. Asking them to fall in with you, I thought was a kind of nice way of trying
to draw people in. You can get totally sucked in by feeling regret
and feeling negative. But all it’s going to do is make you feel worse. I think I’m really
guilty of that as well. Like I can really linger on the sort of negative stuff. It’s
not going to change anything. You’re going to fester on these things and it’s this negative
mental churn and I think that’s not helpful. The smallest gesture, the smallest… Like
just a phone call from someone, it can offer complete redemption. And pull you back from
the brink. It’s that thing of… Sometimes you’re own worst enemy is your own head. Sometimes
it just takes a call from somebody to snap you out of it. And turn things around. We wanted it to be sort of subdued, pensiveness
of the verse and then this massive epic rush of a chorus because it is that feeling of
relief when something distracts you and takes you out of the negative parts of your brain.
That feeling is… Could be totally liberating and escaping your own negative thoughts. It’s
pretty great. It’s so important… If you’re thinking about
someone, to let them know that you’re thinking about them even if it’s a text or a message
or WhatsApp or just a call, whatever because everyone knows from experience that it’s always
better to know or be remotely aware that somebody is thinking about you than not particularly
when people are going through a really hard time. Even if they don’t want to talk to someone,
it’s surely way better to know that somebody is thinking about you, right? I wanted the tone to feel like it’s just your
mate taking a piss out of you for the stupid shit you’ve done. If you’re someone who often
does or says stupid stuff intentionally or not, you’ll know what it’s like to have friends
who are like, “Come on. I can’t believe it’s that. Like, come on! What are you thinking?” If you’re alone in your own head and you’re
feeling really rubbish about stuff where you think, “Oh, everything’s awful.” It’s
the worst place to be because you can sit there stewing on it and it gets worse and
worse and worse. So often, you just need to be shaken out of that by someone and that
could be your mate being like, “Oh, what have you done?” As it dissolves into the final frame because obviously it’s the last song of the album.
“You’re my sweet relief, you save me from my brain.” Because I guess, like we’re saying
across the song, your head and your thoughts can be your own worst enemy. And then, the
word “brain” sort of pans around in 3D to sort of try and… I don’t know I wanted
it to be… trippy and weird. I think with our music, often because of the
tone of my voice people think it’s really serious but it’s more often than not, we’re
kind of trying to make lighter stuff and take the piss out of ourselves and I guess it’s
important when you’re feeling like super down or when you’re feeling really sorry for yourself.
Like often it can be justified but often, you know you kind of need that person around
you to be like, “It’s not that bad”. Perspective. With this album, it was about sort of the
importance of escapism. Too much escapism is probably unhealthy but, life can be hard
and the world can seem fucking weird. So it’s important to step out of your head for a minute.
It’s important to step out of your life for a minute sometimes.


He's the most beautiful and most talented thumb/egg/tictac looking person ever (comments section is having so much fun with that thumbnail lol)

Mah boyyyyyyyyyyy! I would love to hear about other songs as well! Even if you think you get the message behind a Bastille song, when you look from another perspective, it's a total new thing!

It's ABOUT TIME they got Bastille on here! You should verify more songs from Doom Days! Probably my favorite album of the year. Great music.

algún latino con buenos gustos y con capacidad de reconocer UN VERDADERO TALENTO.Dan Smith and Bastille are the best

i’m so glad genius is over that weird phase of interviewing questionable “talent” and welcoming the real art in this world!

Randomly met Dan at a Vaccines gig in London, I’ve been listening to these boys since 2012 so it was so surreal to have a little chat with him. Genuinely one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met, he gave me a big bear hug and said thanks for sticking with them for so long, I said thanks for making the music in the first place. Just a lovely human.

Gosh why it take so long to bring in my guy😤❤️ imagine they had the trashy ones (we all know who they are) before Bastille ugh

I want this as a ringtone but I can only find the chorus "oh joy when you call me" but I really want the outro "I feel joy, when you call me"

"I was gonna say it's like time travel, it's not time travel, its literal physical travel, I'm just an idiot." DJJSVZJSH DAN

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I just love Dan so much. I don't even know what else to say. Like how is one human this talented too many time stamp worthy moments to put any down

It's true what he said, that just a small gesture from someone can make you feel better.
I was feeling miserable because it was close to the one year anniversary of my dad's death. Then I met this guy in the crowd, he gave me a hug, and things just got brighter.
All the love in the world to you Dan!

Sounds like the type of guy that would say 'I'm not trying to be political' and then goes on a 14 minute monolog about politics.

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