Bankrupt – Rewound (Official Music Video 2012)

Rewind to the scene with Teenage Me High school is done, it’s ’93 Got me a deal, bought my first bass The means to survive this hopeless place Learnin’ the trade from punk rock tapes It’s more than a fad, there’s no escape I’m joining a band later that year Blowing the chance of a career Afraid of missing out? Nothing will happen Start writing songs about Being let down I hate to tell you It’s only downhill now I’ve seen the future Don’t set your hopes too high


Angolul, de ennek a számnak van magyar változata is, itt figyel a videoválaszoknál.
A weboldalon fenn van az összes dalszöveg, ha valami nem lenne érthető.

thanks, you have a really fresh band. i found a lot of good songs here. hope you become a bit more famos soon (if you want) ;=) you deserve it anyway

We're glad you've found us too 🙂 Make sure you check out our other videos too! Start with Agony Bay and Straight Outta Graceland, these have a touch of psychobilly which you don't mind if I'm not mistaken 🙂

That song was definitely an inspiration, we have to admit that 🙂
We're a punk rock band with Britpop influences using rockabilly imagery, isn't that cool? 🙂

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