Average Andy Sings ‘SexyBack’ for a Cameo Greeting

Something else I
learned about last week is a website called Cameo. Have you heard about this? You can pay celebrities
to record short videos. There’s a bunch of different
celebrities on there. And the denominations vary
depending on the celebrity. And I thought well,
I’m a big celebrity. And I love making money, so
here’s what I’m going to do. Starting today, you will
be able to go on to Cameo and get a personalized video
from– drum roll, please. Drum roll. Oh, try to do it– [LAUGHTER] Try to do it together and
then stop at the same time. OK, y’all ready? Here we go. Oh, good. [LAUGHTER] Starting today you’ll be able
to get a cameo from my producer Andy. [CHEERING] Andy, thank you so much
for suggesting this. It’s a great idea. This didn’t come from me, Ellen. It didn’t? No, it came from you. Well, anyway, it doesn’t
matter who it came from. So at $4, you’re the
cheapest celebrity on Cameo. [LAUGHTER] Because we didn’t
know what we’d get. We tweeted this out
today, and we’ve already gotten over 50 requests. So once this airs,
you can imagine– Andy come over here, and we’re
going to record some right now. This is– we got some– [APPLAUSE] Take that off. What? I don’t know if people want
this on your head or not. I mean, take it off. Thank you. No, thank you. All right, this is from Jay. He says hi, Andy. This is from my father. Just say something nice about
being a fellow middle aged Jewish father. [LAUGHTER] OK, so you’re going to
look into that camera. What’s his name? Jay? Yeah, it’s for his father. Oh– Just say– Hi, Jay’s father. Wait start– What? I was talking. OK. Be professional about this. Hi, Jay’s father. I’m also a Jew. [LAUGHTER] I’m middle aged. And I wake up in a little
bit of pain every day. And I say shalom alaichem. Gesundheit. [APPLAUSE] All right, here’s another
one we got from Diane. I’m a huge Justin Timberlake
fan and would love for Andy to sing me a Justin Timberlake
song to brighten my day. Do you know any of his songs? Even– Why is this happening? [LAUGHTER] It’s for money. Diane, you said? I just said it a second ago. Well, I mean, I’m
in a panic inside. Hi, Diane. (SINGING) I’m
bringing sexy back. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] Dirty baby, going to
[INAUDIBLE] misbehave. [INAUDIBLE] I feel this way. That’s all I got. That’s great. Thanks. All right, we have,
I think, one more. Please stop. This is from– no. This is from Eric. OK, Eric. He said please say– all right, you have to
read what’s on the card. All right, so read
what’s on the card. This is for Eric. I don’t have a card. I’m giving it to you. Hey, Eric. I’m– Wait. All right. Now? Hey, Eric. OK. Hey, Eric. Eric, when you get
home from work, Kimberly wants your
giant eggplant Parmesan. And for dessert, Kimberly’s
got a juicy peach for you. Seriously, that’s
what’s for dinner, Eric. All right, that’s great. OK, since this is
going to a good cause and you seem to
be in demand, I’m going to raise your
price because I think this is going to go well. So we’re no longer
at $4, everybody. It’s 4.50. [LAUGHTER] No, that’s not– no, I’m not– I’m kidding. No, that’s undervaluing you. You’re average, but you’re
worth more than that. So I’m going to raise
the price to $30. The most expensive person
on there is $1,000. So I think $30 is fair to
get a message from Andy. And all the money will
go to the Ellen Fund to help save the mountain
gorillas in Rwanda. So it goes to– you get nothing. [APPLAUSE] It seems fair. Yeah, it does, right? [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, it is. It’s a good cause. So if you’d like a video
from Andy, go on Cameo and he can sing happy
birthday to your cousin. He can wish you a
happy anniversary. You could try to make him
say balls or shuttlecock. [LAUGHTER] He’ll do pretty much anything. So– OK. You can go sit down. OK, thank you. Thank you. Bye. [APPLAUSE]


Any video with Andy and I'm on it! Seen them all and just love his presence on the show (mostly scared or nervous!) haha…. love it!… 🙂

Hey Ellen I need ur help my name is kayla Carlson and I’m 24 I was adopted at 11 with my biological brother by the most loving people inthe world. Problem is I have a sister Emily who’s also biological from both mother and father who I’ve never met and am dying to meet, but things just keep getting in the way. I don’t know what else to do please help me meet my sister I can’t spend another day wondering what if. Please Ellen help me. I really hope u see this❤️

I’m the Diane he was singing to! If I can’t get serenaded by the real JT, this is the next best thing! Oh, how this made my day. Andy, you’re the BEST!

I’m so sad I was gonna get this for my best friends birthday because she and I both LOVE Ellen but I just checked and it’s up to 500$ 😭 Still I’m so glad the money is going to such a great cause, Ellen is literally one of the best humans on the planet❤️❤️

sorry for going off topic again but can one of you guys by that I mean Vt host, please bring me back Jeniffer Lawrence. I am missing her so badly.

I want Andy to say “Hey Selena I want to bring you to the Ellen show all expenses paid for by me. I love you, can’t wait to meet you” Hahahahha!! And then have it actually happen

Andy are you married you are so complacent easy to get along you smile alot
You are professional even caught off guard. Ellen scares you to death. Now she demands for you to be professional. You are a professional. Ellen is alittle tensed. Please treat Andy as your equal not your jump and bark because Ellen said so. Ellen you were humble before now you have zillions of dollars for great causes. You moto is be kind to one another. Please remember your staff with you moto

So..Andy could have went the direction of “its like I’m a mirror (yea)” he had to go “I’m bringin sexy back” 😂😂

Average Andy is one of the two reason in the show that I keep coming back for. Respect Man! You're a sport, mate. Huge respect. A new fan all the way from India. Keep up the good work.

Sometimes the relationship between Ellen and Andy reminds me of my sister and I. She constantly forces me to do things I don't want to because she thinks it's hilarious.

I never knew that Andy is Jew. Wow 😯 Am learning something new every day lol 😆

( Shloom 3likhom ) means peace upon you or Hello in Hebrew .:. 🤗 ‏שלום עליכם

Hi ellen next month 14 September my son birthday.please asked andy to say hey to son asfand yar khan and also u and andy wish him his 1st birthday.

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