Audience Members Imperfectly Sing John Legend’s ‘All of Me’

I love to serenade people. But sometimes it’s nice to
be serenaded, too, you know? So before the show we passed
around the microphone. And we asked the audience
to sing my song All of Me. You didn’t know we were going to
use this for the show, did you? They got some of
the words right. Take a look. [MUSIC – JOHN LEGEND, “ALL OF
ME”] (SINGING) What would I do
without your sweet mouth? (SINGING) I can’t jop seeing it,
just ringing me da air to you. (SINGING) My head’s underwater
and I’m breathing fire. (SINGING) Oh, dizzy,
and I’m out of my mind. (SINGING) ‘Cause all
of me loves all of you. Got my legs in all your
edges, all more [MUMBLES] imperfection. (SINGING) ‘Cause all
of me loves all of you. (SINGING) My
[INAUDIBLE] you do it. [LAUGHS] (SINGING) Give you all to me. I give your love to you. [MUMBLES] Even when
I lose, I’m winning. (SINGING) It gives
you all of me. Ooh. [LAUGHS] (SINGING) ‘Cause I
give you all of me. [CHEERING AND CLAPPING] It’s nice to finally know what
you guys think I’m singing. All of me thanks all of you. We’ll be right back.

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