Atelier Ryza – Opening Song Trailer | PS4



I might break my streak of not buying these games (stopped buying them after they stopped supporting English voice options) for them thighs👀👀👀👀

Are these series worth jrpgs or are these just otaku cash grab? I have just a few friends who got them but they barely play or have 0% playtime…

Still never played an Atelier game, but I love a lot of the music from the series. Can’t wait to hear the tracks from this one!

And also yes, thick thighs do indeed save lives!

Ohh i've been wanting so bad to play Atelier and now this shows up! But i have to play the other games to understand that one? Cause if that's the case then i have a problem 😅


Some come for the potential Wifus others come for the sound track. Me I'm here for both and I have enjoyed myself to the fullest

I miss the timed gameplay, it really set it aside from other jrpgs. Now this franchise feels pretty soulless. The gameplay too easy, and the story to majority of the ones Sophie and up to be pretty mediocre. I tend to end up finding myself skimming to even skipping the cutscenes. Its not even worth getting all the trophies anymore. I mean thighza pretty cute don't get me wrong, but that's all she'd be is a oh another cute anime girl. I honestly stopped copping these games.

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I see they finally switched from games that look like they are for PS2 to brand new PS3 looking games wow what a progress we are making here

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