ATEEZ sings “Wonderland” in Spanish | Try-lingual Live 에이티즈

Try to get a perfect score! Try to score 100! Mission: While singing a song, the lyrics will change to another language. Try to sing along! Main vocal. So smooth. Master falsetto. Master of falsetto. Have any of you ever seen Try-lingual Live before? Yeah! Yeah, We’ve seen it! We watched the (G)I-DLE one. It was really funny. but it was hilarious whenever they got thrown off. Is there anyone who can speak a foreign language? I’m really good at Korean! No, you’re not Mingi. I’m good… Ara…Arabic… Try saying something in Arabic. (.Hello) السلام عليكم He knows how to speak Arabic a bit. Bonjour. (Hello.) Wow, nice! I can do that much. The language you will be challenging today is… Spanish! ¡Hola! (Hello.) Oh, I feel like we can do this! We will try our best! I’ll do whatever it takes to be the best. Let’s just try it first. We’ll do our best! Let’s get it! This is my first time rapping in Spanish. Dude, what am I gonna do? Even my original version is fast. ATEEZ – “Wonderland” ATEEZ is taking the stage. Let’s get it! How am I supposed to do this?! DIFFICULTY UP! It says “Difficulty Up!” What? What did you say? Let’s go! All together! One more time! Last time! This is really tough. Rapping wasn’t easy at all. I think I got almost 100% of my parts. Vámonos ya, vámonos ya (Hurry up, hurry up.) I can’t remember a single line from the rap part. Trying to pronounce everything correctly in a short amount of time was intense. I’ve learned one Spanish word from this. “Let’s go” is “Vamos.” I know what “vamos” means for sure now. “Hurry up” is “Vámonos ya.” Who do you think was the best member at speaking Spanish? Jongho. Jongho and San! My tongue went “rrrrrrr.” I practiced how to do it. I definitely know one thing for sure. The Spanish-speaking staff in the back was laughing the entire time. Did we do a good job? You were great. We were? That’s a relief. Do you think you’d be able to perform this song if you had a concert in South America? Oh…… I think we could change “vamos”. Vamos~ I think that part’s possible. Hello, we are ATEEZ! Thank you so much for watching this video. Please like and subscribe to hello82. hello82, wherever you are!


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am a new fan of them i just know san and seonghwa and the leader hongjoong 🖤 (what's the fandom name tho??)

please do one for oneus with there song lit __ it will be funny 😂🖤

They did it really well haha but Seonghwa's
" vámonos ya, vámonos ya a ese finaosjsklssbsándonos" hahaha so cute

Is this what Korean people hear from people (who don't speak the language) who try to sing a kpop song??😂😂😂I speak Spanish…and this was like crack head time for me-


Speaking English:

Speaking Spanish:

Spanish speakers: WELL Ehm according to my calculations they just summons the spirit of tefegegegegevyirfwd thank you very much….

ATEEZ 💖💖 muchas gracias por el video! Ojalá decidan hacer tour por Latinoamérica, LO NECESITO! (*el único comentario en español ja)

I don't know much about ATEEZ or kpop in general but I do know that their pronunciations were actually very good! Props to them! (Could anyone tell me more about them?)

You guys hiring? Need a teen for anything? SIGN ME UP IF YOU WANT 😂😂
I want to be the spanish speaker in the background laughing too ^^

Me everyday :
Vamos…. vamos
Yo voy y voy
todos marchan al ritmo
Yo voy y voy corran
tras él uno, dos
Yo voy y voy hago
un nuevo camino
Vámonos ya, vámonos ya,
a ese camino que está esperándonos

😂 😂 😂

Por favor pueden invitar a ONEUS?? me gustaría ver a oneus cantando en español, seria genial, verdad??

I’m pretty sure they summoned some demons up in there😂😂😂😂 And San rolling Non existent Rs had me dying 😭😭😭

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