ATEEZ(에이티즈) ‘WONDERLAND’ (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)


상관없어난 isn’t exactly translated to I don’t give a shit it’s basically just “it doesn’t matter to me”

Gaja hahahahah even oneus also said gaja what a relationship proud of them….Luv u ateez and oneuss♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Ready now for next journey
sum chamgo dallyeo naega dallyeoganeun get money
I got a win deo oechyeodae,
Acreboda keuge chyeobeorineun taembeorin

jaek seupaerouboda nopi
garago na garago nan heundeullim eopshi
ttaeryeo BANG BANG danbeone sumi
machi down with us get it going

For everyone who is attacking KQ for not giving Yeosang more lines

ATEEZ members are in charge of line distribution. NOT KQ. Yeosang has stated multiple times that he is still not very confident in his vocal abilities which is why he doesn't want many lines. He wants to focus on dancing for now until he gets better.

Everyone needs to stop criticizing KQ. This is almost identical to past Jin in BTS. Lots of ARMY gave BigHit hate regarding his lack of lines even though BTS members were in charge of line distribution. Jin didn't get many lines at first because he didn't start singing and dancing until right before debut. As time went on and he improved, he got more and more lines. Now he is only behind Jungkook when it comes to stable vocals while performing. His hard work has finally paid off.

Just like with Jin, we need to be patient. Yeosang's time will come and he will unleash his vocals when he is ready.

Ok, rant over.

I loooooooveeeee this comeback but I also love me some Yeosang and I can't help but go huh? why tf does he not have any lines, and two words are not lines if someone tries to prove me wrong….kq fix this NOW!!! In future comebacks if this continues I demand his solo then

siapa disini pilih yeosangn dan orng indonesia btw sedap banget lagu nya ✨kang yeosang,choi san,wooyoong,hong joong,joong hoo,sengohwa,mingi,yun ho aku pilih nya yeosang yang pilih yeosang like ya dan setuju klo yeosang jadi ketua nya krn menurut ku hoong joong tdk cocok asalkan yeosang raja inggris ayo yang setuju like

"We must going on"
"Couldn't nobody else"
"Can stop nobody else"
"My heartbeating so fast"
Me: how can their bad grammar sound so cute?!?

OMG esta re buena esta cancion soy army y no sabia de la existencia de este grupo (perdon), no los diferencio, pero me gusta esta cancio me salio en un anuncio y quede en shook
Pd: no se si soy yo o que pero woonyoung tiene un timbre de voz parecido al de jimin

I must have a a thing for rappers 😂 I love Mingi so much and then in BTS I love RapMonster and Exo I love Tao,Kris,Chenoyol ❤️💯

Me before the comeback: Pls give Yeosang more lines! Pls pls pls

Yeosang during the comeback: 상곽없어 || 끝의 시삭

Me after the comeback: …

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