ANGELICA HALE Impossible REACTION America’s Got Talent | Lucia Sinatra Vocal Coach

ciao my beautiful people my name is Lucia Sinatra I am singer songwriter performer and
vocal coach but first of all I am a so today I’m going to react to a sweet
sweet stunning very young girl I think she is around 12 years old please let me
know she’s from Philippines what they have to say our talents are phonemes so
today I’m going to react to Angelica Haile singing impassible Wow wait-wait-wait-wait-wait I want to
listen that again okay okay okay guys we have in front of us a
very naturally talented gifted lady perfectly trained and capable – to learn
faster than others for sure she makes something very very cool whoa yeah to make something
extraordinary for a kid of that age through the heart this kid is outstanding first of all she
have a beautiful tube which is sometimes powerful very well sustained from the
diaphragm she is naturally gifted but do you believe me if I tell you that she
can improve more than this a lot more and she’s only 12 years old
I guess my mistake she’s very open that’s her real tune she almost had the
totally wrong woman voice also other things that I realizes her
interpretation I have a way to express herself on the stage she is very into
what she’s doing this is a natural natural gift that she has since she’s
born and nobody can teach someone to sing like this she can only improve
music is what she have inside and she can only become better and better I’m watching also up her facial
expression and the way she opens the walls is perfect and to do a growl for a kid is very hard
nothing to say it’s not so easy to do that this is she’s a prodigy and to keep that note did you saw Simon
Cowell face yeah because he knows she is an alien what I like most of her is that
she truly believed in what she is doing tell me tell me the truth what I’m
eating and drinking in the Philippines tell me the truth I want to know huge
straight no beautiful run in falsetto this is something I didn’t mention
before totally perfect page and she’s so timely she’s does not I’m
also tiny lady and she’s all mouth see when she opened that mouth is big
because she needs a lot of space to push out all the beautiful sound I really think that this kid with a
really good manager if Simon Cowell will keep her under his wings she will be a
star what was supposed to be but her mouth
work was very open like an impasse beautiful let’s use some Italian words
beautiful passaggio she’s mixed boys put a little vibrato very nice and fast run
at the end which is not easy okay she made a very breathy sound then
she tried to reach the brat to moving a little more her chin and jaw because I
think she’s still learning the vibrato and she’s in the perfect right direction
she doesn’t have nothing to to lose she had to go on because she can do it I
have to say that I really really enjoyed this kid Angelica Hale you are amazing
you are stunning you have something out of this world and I love the way you
push yourself fearless sorry about my time and accent but I
think you understand me right Angelica Hale great job so for this
video is it from my studio to all of you in the other side of the internet please
put a thumbs up and don’t waste your time subscribe right now because you
really really really need you how my studio to all of you in the other side
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Angelica Hale is a stunning child prodigy talent I recently discovered because of your suggestions. Here's my first reaction of her performance live!! 👍🏼 For Angelica huge THUMBS UP 👍🏼

Fantastico my lovely Lucia, the awesome one of all. huge, monstrous, gigantic, overwhelming and tremendous hugs 4 u:-)

Thank you very much for great reaction.Her vocal coach is Miss Tara Simon.and she's so proud of her student .Angelica Hale was the only one who got Golden Buzzer twice

Hi Lucia Angelica hale is from Atlanta Giorgia USA. But her mom is Filipino and her dad is half Filipino.she have her back story when she was 4 years old she had double phenomonia and her kidney stop working and she needs to find a donor so luckily her own mom it's a match her mom gives her a new kidney.then after she went through from that sickness her mom send her to vocal lesson coz she likes to sing and singing makes her happy she's been singing since she was 3years old.. Please do reacts to her other videos on America's got talent I'm 100% sure you gonna amaze by her voice infact she gets two time golden buzzer for that performances and she's only 9 years old at that time that was 2017.and she recently had a collaboration with the TNT boys concert. And one of my favorite videos of Angelica hale is when she sings clarity.that songs is powerful but 9years old Angelica sing it so Well and it's incredibly amazing.. Thank you Lucia ciao💜💜💜by the way she's only 11years old😘

love Angelica she is just amazing and improving all the time been following her since she was 5 she has a YouTube page check it out

Please react to this performance of Angelica on AGT, she was only 9 years old! It’s incredible

Hi, lovely reaction, Angelica will go far! Please could you react to one of my favourites who is Marlisa Punzalan,,she was the youngest ever to win the Australian Xfactor at the age of 15yrs in 2014! She also sang impossible at the Xfactor! Please react to her,please

Nope, she is from Atlanta, Georgia she was on America got talent in 2017 along with another prodigy Celine Tam whom I thought was way better than all of them including the winner Darci Lynne Farmer. here is a link to Celine Tam on a bigger stage in China "world got talent" the song that Celine sings here is written by her and arranged by her.

finalmenteeeee….i hope you saw her history of her life and her AGT performances before this video…
and btw. she lives in Atlanta/Georgia. Her mom is Filipina and she donated her Kidney for Angelica..
you just scratched the surface of Angelica…be ready for what u will see and hear from her,
your life will never be the same again :))))
she's in the 'league' of Dimash, Morisette, Katrina Velarde…if you know what i mean 😉
ciao ciao ciao cara 😍

she is an amazing singer and so talented
she also has an amazing vocal coach
i really enjoied this reaktion
pls reakt to her singing symphony on americans got talent

Wow what a beautiful video reaction about Angelica Hale, and I love that you called her a prodigy.Angelica is absolutely stunning with a voice of an angel, thank you so much for your reaction and hope you do more!!😎💕🇨🇦

Hi Lucia. Thank you for your informative videos. I would be very interested in your professional analysis of Diana Ankudinova's performances, such as Wicked Game I think Diana is a great talent.

You are right , she is a child prodigy. She took part in Michael Jackson's " Heal the World : Child Prodigy cover". She is also classically trained soprano at an early age , a member of Atlanta Opera . And due to sepsis ,when she got sick at 4 years old, Angelica has a permanent scar on her right lung which now only function about around 75% only . BTW , she just released her own composition " Feel the Magic " . Hope you do more reaction of her AGT performances. Thank you

if your curious o hear vocal like nothing you ever heard before check out pisces by jinjer the lead singer tatiana has a very unique voice

Hello madam…angelica hale is a half filipina and again thanks for reaction video of another filipina talent even half filipina….again more power and god bless your whole family…

I love your reactions and explanations. She is amazing! Her vocal coach is Tara Simon, an American, who had been on the show AGT. When Angelica was younger, she was very ill and could have died. Her Mom gave her a kidney. It is amazing that she is able to sing like this with all that she had been through.

coach LUCIE good day ☺☺☺ so can you might shock the performans try to view them MISTRESS at asias got talent you might get shock ☺☺☺ they are filipino too.

You had me until the part about Simone's wings. She 11years old from Atlanta Ga. She the sweetest thing on earth and a super hard worker. She has her own gig already. Simone's too close to that crazy(mental) leftist Hollywood crowd. They better stay away from her. She's way too important for their non sense. Loved the reaction. She has many song out there please do more.

I really appreciated your reaction! I am a huge Angelica Hale fan since her first tour of Americas Got Talent in 2017 where she became the youngest runner up in AGT history (she was 9 years old at the start of that season). I hope you do more reactions to her performances.

FYI, she is 11 years old and has never been to the Philippines :). She HAS performed in Taiwan and India, as well as frequent performances throughout the US and Canada.

Some ideas for reactions would be her 2nd golden buzzer performance on AGT the Champions (Fight Song). That video has nearly 40 Million views and growing. Her original golden buzzer performance in the 2017 AGT season 12. That went viral and has many millions of views (1 copy of that AGT video I believe has 76 Million views). Not sure the exact count. All of her performances on that season are awesome and surprising and well worth watching.

She did an amazing performance of Pink's What About Us. Just do a search on Youtube. There are too many more to write about. Just take a look at her official Youtube channel "AngelicaHaleMusic". Btw, she has over 1.5 Million subscribers on both her Youtube channel and also on her Facebook page.

We, her rabid fans, will watch every reaction you do of her performances and will give you lots of love and support 🙂 Keep up the good work!

Double pnumonia at 4 years old that led to sepsis a blood infection. This caused massive organ failure. She was placed in a coma and her life was saved by a kidney transplant from her mother. She is from Atlanta GA USA. She is a living miracle!! You should watch her full audition for America's got talent in 2017 when she was 9 years old. I love your reactions!! Oh! BTW your son has an excellent voice and I hope he discovers an interest in singing and starts attending your lessons!!

Lucia, Angelica Hale, a young, wonderfully talented, singer/songwriter, survived multiple organ failure and now lives with a permanently scarred right lung and one kidney. Angelica Hale also possesses a giving spirit. Miss Hale travels to different states lending her vocals to fundraisers regarding Sepsis Awareness. Miss Hale's performances have raised millions of dollars to help the medical fight against Sepsis. This loveable little Super Star is pure quality. Loved your reaction to Angelica Hale, Lucia. Thank You!

a Pianist opera singer movie actress and composser and song writer as well with a new album being released nexr week with 5 original songs and the new Princess Elsie promoting anything Disney also her new annimated T.V weekly show Maya Unleashed and 2 rebuilt lungs and 3 kidneys to keep her alive

PLEASE please please please react to all her performances on agt!!!🙏🙏🙏 11 years old is her age

Thank you so much for reacting,Angelica is a phenom with an amazing
life story who's life was saved by her mother! She
was 11yrs. old and won't
be 12yrs. old till the end of
I think of her as a *** Star
Vocal Athlete:
* pitch perfect voice
* can sing multiple music
*appears to be gifted in dance
* can also play the piano
* has stage presence
* can act,Alanta Performing
Arts,made a movie,and a voice-over for an animated
*First child representative of
the National Kidney Foundation
The list goes on and on!
Angelica has achieved
more by 11 years old than
some people achieve in a

Please make more reactions for her,she has a lot of videos,a new subscriber here because of Angelica Hale♥️

í gσt σnє pílípínα ѕíngєr ín phílíppínєѕ αmαzíng vσícє αlѕσ ѕhє íѕ αngєlíє rєѕpσѕpσѕα

Please React to Sarah Geronimo's cover of End of Time/Last Dance! :

and Queen of the Night Operatic version:

Her vocal coach is Tara Simon. Her life story is amazing as well she almost died a few years ago. Also a half Filipina and became more popular when she audition for Americas Got Talent at 9 years old. Pls check her first audition and the rest of her journey in AGT.

You should watch her 'Hospital Story'. This girl is a walking miracle, and touched by God Himself. She supports children's charities because of what she went through. She has such grace. Here is the link ……

Thanks for your video reactions. Yes Angelica Hale is an exceptional American singer at 11 years old., her ancestors are from the Philippines. Her coach loves Angelica & her family. Angelica is a focused quick learner according to her coach Tara Simon in Atlanta,Georgia, USA. She has a You Tube site at “Angelica Hale “ with over 1.5 millions subscribers . You will see amazing music performances recorded since she was 4 years old.. Angelica just released her first single song, which she wrote and sang on her music video. She is learning & blossoming into a beautiful performer . Angelica is such a giving person so full of joy & love. Thanks again for your reactions, very informative a new subscriber & fan from Texas,USA.

She is 11 years old and will be 12 in July. She was the first runner up on America’s Got Talent in 2017. She is very trained and has a vocal coach. This is when she was on AGT Champions in 2019. She is incredible! You should read her back story.

The and her parents are all American citizens no pinoy blood all from The medical crew that hellivacted her to the Children's hospital of Atlanta

Al Melrose. That says it all u forgot her interviewing skills check the video where she's lnterviewing a congressman and woman on capitol Hill brilliant

She’s not the next Whitney there will never be another Whitney but she’s the first Angelica Hale 🥰😍😘

I really love your reaction. I know nothing about music, but, whenever I hear Angelica it just touch my heart making me to believe. I love your explanation and assessment to her performance. Much love and respect from India. 🙏💞

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