Andy Mineo, Lecrae – Coming In Hot (Official Music Video)

Yep It’s true. OH! Joely Hansen you scared me
it’s good to know the calories here Look guys I’m backed up like the 405 on
carpocalypse take the watch Help yourself I don’t do the most but I do a lot I’ma make a toast ’cause we still alive No Big, I feel like ‘Pac I shoot the shot (Brr, brr, brr) I’m coming in hot Coming in (Hot, hot, hot), yeah (Shoot!) I’ma shoot that (Shoot that shot) Ayy, why not? (Ayy) Yeah, coming in hot, just like a fajita I write what I live My live in the speaker I’m nice with the flow Just like the demeanor I’m feeding my fam I’m feeding the meter, uh They got the iron while I got the steamer I bring the fire, but you never seen her I testify, don’t need a subpoena They want my soul, better go to Korea I love my dog just like I’m PETA Gotta protect him I made the call up, it just like I’m reffin’ I know we left, yeah, now we back together But I guess that it’s Better now Later Than Never like, uh What’s happenin’? I’ma need y’all quit askin’ when Me and my wife gon’ have some kids Right now we just practicin’ (Woo! Woo!) Practicin’ Teacher said quit rappin’, man That gon’ hurt my average I said, “Thank God I ain’t average!” Yeah, I’m a bright young man (Bright young man) Kill the GPA, uh (GPA) And the BPM (BPM) Look, we on (Ten!) So say what you say ‘Cause that’s A with Lecrae From the A-Train to the A I’m coming in hot I don’t do the most, but I do a lot I’ma make a toast ’cause we still alive No Big I feel like ‘Pac I shoot the shot (Brr, brr, brr) I’m coming in hot Coming in (Hey) I’ma shoot that (Shot!) (Hey, yeah) Ayy, why not? (Ayy, why not?) Ayy (Yup) I’m coming in Wake ’em up (Wake ’em up) Wake ’em up (Wake ’em up) See ’em still sleepin’, so I had to shake ’em up (Shake ’em up) I kept it too real I wasn’t fake enough My real life was a headline (Headline) Your real life got a deadline (Deadline) My timeline was a hashtag Your timeline just a hate crime Comin’ in hot, feelin’ like ‘Pac Back in ’94 when he took 5 shots (Pop, pop) Too much drive to ride yo’ wave Ditch my top then I’m off that lot (Skrr) Black on black on black on black on black on black on black You don’t have to ball or rap to get them racks on racks UberPoolers tryna catch my vibe and find my way Yeah, I know, I know I’m ratchet, but I’m really saved Hot sauce drippin’ (Drip) E’rybody wan’ start dippin’ (Dip) First, nobody wan’ listen (Shh) Now, e’rybody pay attention Now, e’rybody pay a fee (Ching) Even Trump gotta take a knee (Sheesh) When the horn blow, y’all gon’ see Make the wall fall down like, “Yee!” I don’t do the most, but I do a lot I’ma make a toast ’cause we still alive No Big, I feel like ‘Pac I shoot the shot (Brr, brr, brr) I’m coming in hot Coming in hot (Coming in hot) Shoot that shot (Shoot that shot) Shoot, why not? (Ayy, why not?) Ain’t no Big (Ain’t no Big), feel like ‘Pac (Feelin’ like ‘Pac) We can’t lose We can’t stop (We can’t stop) Coming in hot Coming in hot Coming in hot (Woo!) Coming in hot Shoot that shoot Ayy, why not? Ayy, why not? Ayy, watch out I’m coming in hot Just the fastest man alive He’s the fastest man alive Ohhhh And you tell me That I’m the fastest man He’s the fastest man alive They’re not, they’re not cops They’re not! They’re not cops!


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Smh…."reach records"? Who are you reaching and how does this glorify our God?? This is the world and to be friends with the world is emnity with God. You cant straddle the fence with God. You are either all in or all out, there is no inbetween. And I know im going to get bombarded with negative comments….but I dont care. This is the truth. Lecrae is promoting the world and not glorifying the Father through this music. I remember when reach records actually made music to reach the lost…now they seem lost themselves. Lord help them come back.

1) The city drone shot and the shot of Andy and Crae coming out of the police car was SO clean!
2) Kinnnjjjaaazzzz!
Well done guys, love the growth.

iono if it was on purpose but I kinda see the message of how God hijacked us from the enemy and set us free. check me if I’m reaching.

pun intended

Music video is amateur level. I expected better. No visual of " Hot sauce dripping" I was disappointed. The song is actually very good so the video is meh.

I was just waiting for the music video and let me tell you they absolutely delivered! It was also very funny and enjoyable to watch. Lol

I remember when Andy and Lecrae used to be Christian singers. Now they just brag about themselves instead the one who blessed them with these talents. This is why I quit listening to secular music…..

Talking about fucking his wife son, what a joke, the fake ass Christian clan back at it again, we do the same shit in these streets that you doing in your church my nigga hahahahaha watch out for "us" wolves in sheep's clothing, we coming for your money bitcheesss!!! Hahaah

Funny how at 3:14 lecrae is throwing up the 666 with both hands while covering one eye.. whoever falls for this deserves to be deceived. So sad to see someone lead the blind off the cliff I'm so thankful Jesus got me

Just like the title of the song…'s 🌡️♨️🌶️🔥‼️ 😂Madd respect and love 2 Andy & Crae! Both of them dudes are goofy.

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