American Accent Trick: Placement


thank you Rachel, I have a suggestion for the next video, could you make a video how to pronounce Present Perfect with contractions? please!

The moment when you feel hapy because you could understand everything she said and realize that's happening bacause she's making a easy talk so that we, beginners, can get it. :,)

Hey props Rachel! How to pronounce and link words with IT at the end of sentence. For example words such as: watch it, learn it, open it, close it, live it, talk it, live it, love it, miss it, loved it, talked it, closed it, opened it, lived it, watched it, clear it, cleared it, and so on….

As a non-native English speaker I can simply play with some words and "to me" them will always give the same meaning to certain sentences or situations, but I think that a native English speaker should perceive some kind of difference.

That's why I would like you to teach me how, when and where to properly use the following words…

Someone / Somebody – Anyone / Anybody

*and many others like: All / Whole… *

If you already have a video about this topic, please let me know where can I find it… Thanks

love your video! always wondered why native English speakers sound so different from non-native speakers. Answer: Low Placement! Thank you so much for providing such a helpful video: )

Hi , I was wondering how to pronounce words like : Desks , tests , twists
I don't understand how to pronounce those when it's pluriel

Hi Rachel. I love your videos so much, they helped me a lot but I still have one problem. I sound too hard. It's because my mother language is very hard and clear. My mom said that I should put something in my mouth and then try speaking. It helped but I want to be able to speak like that without anything in my mouth. I have probably watched all your videos and also many other tutorials, I know the IPA and I can pronounce words correctly but still kinda too hard and clear. What can I do to sound softer and not like a robot?

Hi Rachel, would you please make a pronunciation video about how to pronounce "stamp" please ? Your videos are awesome and I'm watching them on a daily basis. Thank you very much and all the best for your work !

Already 10 years ago, a Japanese English teacher, Mr. UEKAWA KAZUAKI started propagating a way of good English pronunciation «at the throat level», especially for Japanese people (in vain). He published two books on it in Japan. He has become a little bit popular there : nevertheless the idea cannot be so easily understood by Japanese people. On YouTube, "Eigonodo class" or "sampa4626".

My god! It helped me A LOT!! I can't describe my hapiness right know. I've watched a lot of your videos but THIS helped me the most. LIKE LITERALLY. Now I'm able to feel the placement. I tried your excercise and I realised how many times my throat "was closed". Very important is to learn the "ʌ" vowel properly. Try to pronounce it as a single vowel a couple of times. Do it before speaking and put into sentence words with for example "ɑ" "e" "ash" and "ʌ". You'll probably hear that it is very hard to pronounce sentences fluently without stoping at words with "ʌ" vowel. I suppose It's because "ʌ" requires from our throat and diaphragm special position. Then you should adjust this position to each vowels > words > sentences. And important – don't be afraid to train even if it may look weird. Thanks a lot. Keep doing your videos 'cause you have a big impact on people's pronunciation :))

anyone tried this app?, it's awesome, I want to share it to everyboday, it's very useful. I think it's really help my listening

That looks similar to some exercises for vocalists. Am I right? I often notice that while speaking in English I sometimes experience the same difficulties as when singing. And most of them refer to breath and placement.

Wait a sec! What about nasal sounds? It can't be kept low, can it? Well, anyway it doesn't work for me, but I'll practice more. Please send a video or sound file of your voice to

I have to comment again, I'm amazed… Not sure what to get now, do I subscribe to the Academy or get the book? Is all the book content included in the Academy?

This is so great! A always thought that American English was more tense and in my lessons when I looked at myself in the mirror when I explained a topic – my face was so tense and I could really see how difficult it is for me to control the sounds. But having completed this task, I actually felt how relaxed the natural sound with correct placement is. Thanks. Genius excercise!

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