Ally Brooke Sings Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and More in a Game of Song Association | ELLE

(crowd chatting) – Oh, got it! I thought it was, I’m sorry! (laughing) girl, oh my God. I thought it was how
many songs in 10 seconds, that’s why I was doing that. – No, just the one song, yes. – Should we start over? Hey guys, I’m Ally Brooke
and I’m here with to play Song Association. Let’s see how I do. I am ready. I am so looking forward to this game. I love rapid fire games like this. I hope the timer doesn’t
distract me too much. So, I’m gonna try to
focus and do this face. (singing) The first word is real. (ticking) Real oh my, God. Real. Real smooth. Real, Oh my God! I’m freaking
out cause of the timer. (singing) Real love (laughing) (loud buzzer) Oh my God, I failed. (loud laughing) The word is free. (ticking) (singing) Free falling (ding) that felt good. Oh, Tom Petty? Wow, I’m a failure now again. Word number 3. Alone. (ticking) (singing) alone again (ding) (singing) naturally. (laughing) oh my, God. I’m about to cry. Word number 4 is here. (ticking) y’all ready? (singing) Here and now. (ding) (singing) I promise to love faithfully. Next word is time. (ticking) There’s lots of (singing) I’ve had the time of my life (ding) (singing) and I owe it all to you. Dirty Dancing. The next word is dance. (ticking) That’s a good one, hold on. (singing) Just dance, gonna be OK (ding) (singing) Da doo da doo, Just dance (mumbling) that record baby (singing) Da doo da doo. I love you, Gaga; Still a bop! The next word is key. (ticking) (laughing) Did you do that on purpose, Elle? (singing) Low key, Low key. (ding) (singing) you should
really get to know me. (singing) Low key, Low key you
should really get to know me. That was really cool to do. Oh, honey. The next word is work. (ticking) (singing) Work, work,
work, work, work, work. (ding) (singing) Work, work,
work, work, work, work. (singing) Work, work,
work, work, work, work. I got that one, down pat. Oh, number 9 is dark. (ticking) Hello? Dark, think of it. (loud buzzer) Gosh, Dang it! I ran out of time. Word number 10 hard. (ticking) (singing) So hard (ding) (singing) yeah, yeah, yeah (singing) so hard (singing) so hard (laughing) basically that’s it. Rihanna, my girl. Next word is, simple.
That’s a more intricate one. (ticking) simple, simple, simple, simple, simple. Not that simple. Simple. Oh, You’re so simple. (loud buzzer) Simple plan? Does that count? As the name of a band. (laughing) The next word is bed. (ticking) I’m gonna do something
here, just go with it. (singing) Vámonos, vámonos, vámonos (singing) Pero a la cama,
a la cama, a la cama no (ding) Okay, so I kinda snuck my song in there. (laughing) It’s a feature that I did. Vámonos, Featuring me and Messiah. It’s Kriss Kross Amsterdam song, but cam no is bed so
that kinda counts, right? (laughing) Number 13 is perfect. (ticking) (singing) Someone prettier
who works a little harder, (singing) Someone who ain’t
afraid to take it further, (singing) but every time I feel like (singing) I ain’t really worth it. (singing) Then you say I’m perfect. (ding) That’s another one of my
songs, feature that I did a few, last year. Word number 14 is angel. Let me try to switch it up here. (ticking) (exhaling) Angel, no. (loud buzzer) The Beyonce one! Help me out here. (singing) No, Angel. I probably sound like a real big creeper. I’m not, I promise y’all. (laughing) Just trying
to get the song right. Okay, the last word is come. Let’s see. (ticking) I’m gonna try to think of
a real good one, hold on. Ahhh! Hold up, hold up! (singing) I’m gonna come and get it (ding) (singing) I like it, I like
it, You love it, It’s litty. That’s also from my song, Low Key. I had to put it in twice. I’m sorry guys. Go check it out if you
haven’t listened to it, Okay. I hope you love it. (steel drums music) That is awesome. I actually
did better than I thought So, I’ll give myself one of those. (laughing) Thank you guys so much for watching. My new single Low Key
featuring Tyga is out now. You can check it out, I hope you love it. Thanks, Elle.


I though Ally was gonna sing “Work from home” when the word was Work😱😱😱😭😭😭😭🤪🤪😂😂😂😂😂😂

“Work work work work work sjskjsksos work work work work work work dksisksk work work work work work skaksks”

she intentionally didn’t sing 5H songs . you can tell when she the word is angel and she says lemme switch it up here . i don’t think she woulda missed such blatant opportunities on purpose

You're disliking the video because she didn't sing songs from her group? Seriously? 1,200 people had so much of a problem with this that they left a dislike? That's NOT ELLE's FAULT or Ally Brooke's either. If she wanted to venture outside of her own music, then isn't that a GOOD THING!? What the fuck?

She can't sing other songs well. She sings her songs good, but not others. Her personality is very weird and quirky, I love it! It's just, her singing is horrible.

Ally:ok uh the next word is work
Ally:work work work work work
Me: Uhhh ok nevermind

Ally:uhh uhh uhh uhh uhhh……….

I try not to be mean cuz I know these people feel put on the spot. But Man, is she annoying! Couldn't watch it all the way through!

I’m sorry she can’t sing. Let’s have need to breathe, Jamie n commons, Monica or anyone else that can actually sing. No bueno

Songs she could possibly sing:-

Dance – Don't wanna DANCE alone.
Work – WORK from home.
Angel – Who said I was an ANGEL.
Time – I won't believe a thing you say, this TIME.
Perfect – I told you that I wasn't PERFECT, you told me the same.

Anyway, there might be some complications. So it's okay. But I'm disappointed.

(Free) to scream, the clock at (work ) says 3, time c(ame) and show me your direction- i love your smile by shanice
Living (alone) – all by myself by Celine
There in the (dark) – underneath the Star by Mariah Carey
We drink champagne and we (danced )all night- candyman by Christina
Dreams are (hard) to follow- hero by Mariah
It's (hard) to kill – when You believe by Whitney
And it rains on my (bed) – addicted by Enrique
(Come) into my world by Kylie minogue

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