All my weird singing experiments… (Compilation)

Hi, you’re looking great have you lost some weight? I’m not actually kidding I can see you through your phone camera. I love your nostrils About 20 years ago. We started doing the singing experiments series on this channel and today We’re looking back on the worst moments because you know it’s all being f***ing awful First off I tried out singing one syllable out of sync and not necessarily because it was a cool concept But because I’m a pasty white dude, and I don’t really have any rhythm so.. Let’s watch that That was great right you know why because I came up with that concept all by myself I definitely did not steal the whole premise from the mailman James Forman And there’s definitely not a card in the top right corner You can click to check out his original video So don’t even think about it. Next up is a video me and my friend Jorgen recorded where we took the Billboard number one song Shut the f*** up. We took roomies number one billboard song numb but backwards check it out (Jorgen singing numb backwards) Whatever happened to meeeee? Whatever happened to childhooood? Whatever happened to Dreammmms? What ever happened to memorieees? Whatever happened to meeeee? I was supposed to be better I was supposed to beee truuue But IIII, I sold out tooooo The next video was a huge success Probably my biggest achievement to date. I sang underwater, and it sounded amazing It was so good wasn’t that the worst one of all? Shut the f*** up. Bluhh bluhh buugh (Roomie singing Chainsmokers- closer under water) *grunts* hehehe (Singing again) I always get a crush on myself watching that.What an amazing performance Just Unbelievable, you know people are kind of gonna loathe you for being that smug. Smug? What are you talking? I’m just being objective man. Next I came up with the really awesome idea to record my singing slowly And then I sped it up in the computer and giving it a bit of a pitched up sound.. PARKOUR That was cool. After that some fans of mine decided to do this to other songs, and that’s how I started nightcore culture Anyway, let’s watch the video Lot of people are afraid of computers Shut up.. like seriously It’s barely fun anymore with the rise of AI a lot of people are afraid of computers and them taking over the world so we Decided to do an experiment where we compared the best computer-generated singing voice in the world to the best human voice in the world Well who was that you never told me about that dude it’s me (u sure?) Please believe me Please believe me it was I who fucked it up Okay like I gotta admit that computers are getting a lot better But even if this voice can out sing things like Ed Sheeran or Adele or whatever? I’m not sure if computers will ever really be able to compete with my amazing singing voice What are you laughing about speaking of divine voices this next video is me Replacing women forever with my androgynous good looks and my amazing uncannily accurate Female singing voice in this love do it with myself So sad ;( So dead Every thing feels so different rekt That was beautiful that was the best dude, I’ve ever heard. next up is an amazing mind-blowing Experiment where we switch the lyrics between famous songs, okay, let’s go As you can see these are not merely YouTube videos for making this is fine arts Jesus this is high Yeah, okay, it’s not that high next up We tried making ASMR Music this video was definitely not the video that got the least views and you know was the worst in the series? It’s it’s an amazing video like the Queen loved it the Pope loved it everyone loved it. Let’s watch it I’m inside your mind To send your card details To [email protected] Next up I had my friends Dave my bald friend Dave come over and we recorded some songs in double tempo And then we played them back in slow motion. Let’s watch the hope that goes gravity. Hope that goes Rabbit Okay, so mad, but what’s palms sweaty knees weak arms are heavy, there’s vomit on his sweater already mom’s spahgttie I’m really drop bombs But he keeps on forgetting what he wrote down the whole crowd goes so loud he opens his mouth But the words won’t come out. He’s choking now Everybody’s joking now the clocks rap comes up oh Snap back to reality oh there goes gravity. Oh there goes rabbit choked he’s so mad, but he won’t give That mom spaghetti part is just my favorite thing in the world. It’s just the best next up I inhaled helium it might be one of my most groundbreaking videos yet No other youtuber had done that before me, and yes, it’s just it’s a really good video check it out Okay guys jokes aside. Thanks so much for watching the singing experiment videos I think oh that is like the first season we have new ones coming out And I’m just really excited for you guys to see them. Thanks so much to my team by the way Jonas That’s behind the camera right now my mixer Erik my other cameraman John Aleksandr like I love these people And you know I don’t want you guys to think that I’m doing all this myself like they’re amazing. I got so much support Thanks to patreon and everything so thank you guys so much, and I’ll be back soon with more singing experiments and more other stuff Please click the subscribe button and the notification bell because otherwise no one will see my videos, and I’ll be really sad anyway Thank you guys so much, and I will see you soon with a new singing experiment video. Bye. You’re my editor. You know I’m the best singer in the world come on Right I? Just feel it’s kind of like weird when you say things like that you know I’m the best come on Why do you get it bust my chops like that? I’m busting your chops. Yeah. Yeah, okay, I’m sorry you make me sad I’ll make up for you. I’ll shoot like a really cool shot of you where you like look really good and talented, okay? Yeah, do you little porker flip and I’ll put some really dramatic music on it alright, okay? See? friends again, are we? dun dun dun Let’s see what we co me up with when we make a full song without hearing anything. 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