Aerials but a MYSTERY SINGER INTERRUPTS | System of a Down

Always wanna go but you never wanna Tablecloth


you should do pantera walk but a7x interupts trying to steal the show, they have a cover of walk so it would work pretty well i think

I was drinking water when 2:42 happened, started laughing, and spilled water all over my shirt. I've now been playing it over and over for approximately 10 minutes just loudly laughing at it.

The funny part is that SOAD sounds like shit live. So this would be about on par for them. Perhaps better vocals than usual

This parody of System of a Down is funny, but System of a Sown it's NOT a trush, please respect the people who likes that GROUP.

Dear Magik Mike.

JasonParadise said that his favorite SOAD song is "Psycho", and that he would go crazy if anyone were to… "modify" it.

You're got work to do 🙂

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