Acts With Attitude: 5 Angriest Contestants on Got Talent

claps ohhhhhh fuck off your technique is not even there do you think that you’re a better singer than me you guys a really polite today do you think Asia’s Got Talent is ready for you yeah I-I-I’m ready for you guys anytime


Bruh i love the two back stage guys their so nice,polite,cool.
5:17 i love this part
And also the girl with the blue shirt at 12:00 is very polite she's nice and honest
And i like how simon's polite to her at the end

The second one tho the judges just dont accept his talent he is great at dancing but cringy i have a classmate like that who loves to dance but cringy if somebody makes fun of him or messes around with him he looses his temper he rages and cries i sometimes feel bad for him

I feel so bad for this guy. People are cruel. He isn't talented but it isn't a reason to be that mean for him!

I don’t know if its only me, but i think sometimes and i repeat SOMETIMES the judges can be a little rude… i think so.

"If the show was called America's got obnoxious little brats, you would win it"
Toastier than my buttered toast and roasted coffee.

The singing trolls were good actually, i think it’s that one of them were making them sound scratchy and a goat thrown off a cliff, possibly the green gurl.

David is a little bit of a spoilt brat.

Number 4 was way uncalled for. Idc if he is bad, You don't ever call someone useless. That can destroy people.Judges was out of line and could have said "Sorry it's a no. But good try and don't give up in your dreams. Keep practicing and you come back next time stronger than now." Audience were rude jerks. Didn't help anything. When he came back to apologise, the audience ruined that too making him even more upset. All he wanted was to apologise for his words when he walked out I think.

Guys Alvin wears red not green.
Theodore wears green
Simon is blue
So don't bring them into the girls, because Alvin's group sings better than them. Lol.

Girl In The Green Shirt: We Are The Singing Souls.

Simon: The Singing Trolls?

Girl In The Green Shirt: The Singing Souls!

Girl In The Green Shirt: Don’t Make Me Come Down There!

The girls in the blue and red for the singing souls looked like they didn’t even want to sing or be there..

I don't like the Idea of a show where your only purpose is be judged by someone you've never seen in your life in front of a crowd

I don’t why but can someone tell me why the 3 girls look like Alvin and the chipmunks but way worse. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Th judges r so rude to those people how about the judges go up there and see how hard it is to sing in frount of 100 people

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