Hello and welcome to a new vlog My name is Larissa, this is Laura, that is Martijn and behind them is Shawny and we are still in Spain Martijn: oh really? I thought we were in Greece You didn’t know? We are really almost for a week in Spain now I said Greece Yea I know, but did you really think that? yes oeh.. then you were wrong That must be weird. Like a total plot twist We’re gonna eat We’re gonna have breakfast at 1:30 pm Yes, that’s right Laura and I are still sick, and it’s not cool Yesterday we were at that party till about 2 am and first we thought it was at another place again so you would have to stay till the end because of the busses but this was just near here, so we could just walk back to the hotel if we wanted cause it wasn’t like that yesterday, then you really had to wait for the busses the day before yesterday the day before yesterday, yes that’s what I meant so we went back a bit earlier, not that much earlier though, but I just felt really bad but I was like, I payed so much money for this, I’m not not going that would be a waste. But for the rest it was just a lot of fun so yea, now we’re gonna eat yummy Subway bread Damn my holiday is so sick comes in handy after all No one saw that Larissa, what are we gonna do? Taking pictures for? Instagram they’ll come on you’re screen now, here or there yea yea? Uhm.. uhm I don’t know I don’t know what you mean That the pretty pictures we posted on Instagram will come into the screen soon No, then you should go to my Instagram and follow me Yes that’s right, look at our names, followers My name.. No just kidding and mine, the best person of the group that would be me I believe I made a nice double chin shot Follow me on Instagram but let’s go Let’s climb a mountain when it’s over 30 degrees for some pictures Good of us right I can barely breathe but that’s fine A seugull and a cat ey puss It’s so small and cute Is it still bearable in this heath yea it’s okay also when taking pictures yea we’re getting some pretty pics but also the thought that I can jump in the pool when we get back, keeps me alive That’s right in half of the pictures we’ll just be covered in sweat but that’s fine What are we looking for? A girlfriend Do we find one? No, because we are forever alone When you want to be in the sun but you burn way too fast That was The Phantom of the opera by Larissa Zeeuwe What if that man comes back and? and Laura De-mus Bye viewers from Larissa Hello I’ve been struck in my heart Oh right I had to put on my bra Oh were you filming? We’re going out We’re gonna sing We’re gonna sing in the karaoke bar They said we would go to a karaoke bar Okay stop, people That’s pretty much out of tune That’s my jam! Yes it’s our turn! It’s our turn here we go There we go Oh I.. I normally sing better Normally I sing flawless Normally I sing very pretty Not to brag But I honestly sing better normally But you can just hear the pain in my throat I can’t. I just already know.. The pain was less You can just see my nosespray and my throat sweets over here like: welcome to my sick life I’m just sick okay, Laura as well and I just know our voices will be gone tomorrow Martijn as well as well everyone is kinda sick apparently this is not okay Why do we all have to get sick like we already were here really short, only a week actually and then halfway everyone gets sick it’s so fucked up cause today I also felt really bad and I actually just wanted to stay in bed but I was like, I did that yesterday as well and then you just throw another day away so I did go outside after all and I’m glad about that, but.. Ugh, yea I don’t know, it just sucks anyway tomorrow we are going to Barcelona that’s why we went back a bit earlier, otherwise we would have probably stayed longer cause it was really nice ‘a bit earlier’ a bit, yea we left pretty early at this moment we’re just all sick and I don’t think we can afford it to only get 4 hours of sleep and then go to Barcelona so that’s why we’re going to bed early good kids, we’re so good we have been raised very well, thank you parents thanks to our parents shout out the only parents who will probably watch this are mine Laura: shout out to mama, cause I always show her these things Oh Laura’s mom also watches my vlogs, that’s very sweet Hi Laura’s mom! I’m going to stop talking cause my throat hurts and then I’ll see you tomorrow bye


When you first start feeling bad, start taking Vitamin C as much as possible. I felt a cold coming last week and drank 4-5 drinks of Emergen-C and I didn't get sick. Vitamin C is godd for "before" drinking 😁 Have fun! Peace!

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