6 Hardest Vocals Top Singers Can’t Sing Live Anymore – Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin Reacts

Hey guys welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing.
I wanted to go ahead and do a vocal coach reacts to the 6 hardest vocals
singers can’t do any more but I want to clarify a couple things along the way.
The first thing is as I cover in my singing course if you don’t take care of
your voice that if you don’t do regular workouts and warm-ups correctly you will
lose your voice over time. So the focus of this video obviously is that you know
how over time singers lose their voices and that’s it. Well I’d like to share
something with you I’m 55 and I’ve never sung better and it’s because I know how
to take care of my voice and I cover all this in my singing course how you need
to work out every day and you need to just take good care of yourself. It’s
like any form of exercise but you got to do it correctly and there’s a specific
building block. There’s a specific sequence in how you do this. So I want
to take this on. I haven’t seen this video yet so I’m not sure what I’m in
for but I do want to clarify that now. Also it’s kind of unfair to you know
point out a singers weakness on one night and a singers greatness on
another night. You know they could have a cold, they could have been traveling a
lot, you know not sleeping well. There’s all kinds of factors that go into this
so it can’t be just oh here’s proof you know I’m gonna stake..make a case for how over time all these singers lose their voice and then that’s that. So with that
said let’s go ahead and react to what is it yeah six hardest vocals singers
don’t sing anymore. So let’s rock. Ok. Kelly Clarkson is the first up to bat. Okay so that was a g5 so um (sings) she’s
got that one (sings) right so yeah it’s a high note. Let’s go back and take a listen to it
one more time. I’m gonna back it up, here we go. Alright cool so that’s a g5 and it’s a
high note and she’s hitting it full voice which is great. Some people I’m sure
probably think it’s just purely head but it’s actually chest voice so she’s doing
a great job on it. Let’s see what she does here coming up. By the way, that was Terek Cocconi. Terek’s played on a few my records and one of her earlier
guitar players also played on one of my records and Jimmy Paxson one of her
drummers who also played with Alanis Morissette, did the Stevie Nicks gig and
has just done a bunch of other you know things he also played with Kelly
Clarkson, played on a couple my records also. They’re both excellent players
so she always hires good players it’s pretty fun. Okay now notice you can hear
kind of a slip, kind of a splitting in her vocal fold. That’s not good folks. Now
again she could have just been singing a lot and she could have been just coming
off the road or a big long tour but it does sound like she’s struggling and you
know yeah that’s from some technique that needs to be kept up with every day
in order to be and good a good dietary things to and I have a whole video on
you know a sing…diets for singers. I’m going to redo that too because
there’s a whole new thing on inflammation that I want to cover too. So I’ll have a new video coming on diets for singers but let’s see what
we’re talking about here. She even said I didn’t think that was
gonna come out. Yeah she just like (sings) kind of hits it
you know just touches it and comes back down. Hey man like I said and again I
don’t know if this is coming off of you know singing 15 songs back-to-back or
you know what that is you know so singers again they they duck things all
the time live like this so it’s not the end of the world but it could be that
she’s having trouble and you’ve seen it you know over and over again where she’s not
hitting that note and maybe the note was too ambitious. She did it on the record
and tried it a few times. I know that’s true I heard um who was it it was oh
yeah so Lizzy Hale had said she was doing you know like “Painkiller” and a couple
other songs couple Priest tunes and she tried it at first and then decided you
know hey I did it a couple gigs and you know I I almost made it and couldn’t
quite do it. So it’s no shame in that but it does sound like her voice is
atrophying and what a bummer because she’s a great singer and it’d be great
to see her take good care of her voice okay let’s continue here we go. Ok and this so I guess there’s one more. Okay she ducked it all together so she
wasn’t brave enough so so that actually does tell me that she’s had a lot of
trouble with this note and she’s just decided she’s not gonna sing it anymore.
Well what a shame because (sings) we can. Here I am you know a baritone
singing those notes there’s no reason that she couldn’t keep her voice up to
be able to do that okay. Let’s let’s continue to rock here we go. And by the way this is this this is this
is incorrect information so in the video if you see it says her voice sounds
really tired but it’s simply incredible that she’s been singing this hard part
of a song for more than 10 years. You know guys so I’ve been singing some
pretty hard stuff this isn’t to be bringing attention back to me. I just
want to point out how technique works is I’ve been singing some very hard stuff
for a very long time since you know my late teens up until now so you know why
does some 35 years or whatever and so hey man you know this can be done if it’s
done safely. I cover all this again in my singing course but okay let’s see who
else is up to bat let’s check this out. I’m going to jump with you too Kelly. Miley Cryus (sings) she’s kind of flat on that one a
little bit alright let’s check it out, a little pitchy you know. Hey in her defense though the way she hit the vowel she didn’t spread the vowel to where she went (sings). She tucked it up nice and high in the throat and it wasn’t too nasally and
in the front of the face so at least she’s got some good placement on the
vowel and again I don’t know how well she can hear herself. There’s so many
factors that go into this guys but she hit the note man she’s singing live
that’s cool. A lot of people this would be on tracks so I’m glad it’s not. She’s singing the octave up which is cool. Sorry that the mix is kind of bad but. I love Leona Good pitch. Whoo that was nice what was that (sings) whoo
that’s way up there what note was that. Let’s check this out again hold on a
second sorry I’ve been watching this first time
with you guys hold on. I think what is that it above an A I think. High note I gotta warm-up for that one. I’ll get back to you guys on that
but you know that’s nice she’s really fluid and it sounded great so let’s
continue I almost got it there for a second. A little flat but good holding it good you
know, good diaphragmatic strength, a little bit of Mariah Carey in that it’s
nice. And by the way what do you mean crack.
Hold on I gotta go back and listen. I didn’t hear a crack let me listen to
that hold on check this out. I didn’t here a crack I disagree. I don’t know. She ended a note early but. She sounds out of breath there. Okay she scooped. I agree she ducked. Okay. It’s nice ok now I want to point
something out here so um if you notice too it’s a lot of this can have so um
have to do with the way we pace ourselves as singers so it’s not just we
can or can’t hit a note. Now guys I cover this in my singing course. I want
to point this out it’s really important a lot of times if you sing the bottom
too heavy or you cover and darken a sound when you come off a descending
passage or a phrase or you know in this case a line or a lick, it inhibits your
ability to go back up top. So if the sound is darker on the bottom you have
to reopen that sound to go back up. In her case she just sounded like she was a
little bit out of breath she just needed to recover for a second usually takes
about 3 to 5 seconds and you come back and you know you hit it again. So that
sounds exactly like what happened, it didn’t sound like she can’t sing the
note because it’s however many years later, it just sounds like she got caught
a little bit on oversinging the bottom or if she was out of breath and she
recovered and came back and delivered so that’s true professionalism that isn’t
losing your voice over time. So some of these are losing your voice maybe, some
of them are just being out of breath, some of them are just a lot of years of
bad singing you know whatever and some just maybe not pacing yourself or just
you know not having the stamina for the moment and then you recover quickly and
you come back and you deliver with something else so there’s no crime in
that but let’s continue here we go. By the way that other lick was pretty
cool it was a little pitchy towards the end but that can be kind of hard to do
if you can’t hear yourself and stuff. She’s hitting it it ah she cut back a little bit who cares. Yeah she ducked the note
and by the way guys let’s remember I’m not sure who put this video together but
you.. it’s kind of unfair to like grab certain things to tell the story that
you want to tell. I see a lot of these people doing this online all the time
they want it they want to make something look bad or they want to tell a story
and they’ll grab the bad of this and the bad of that and they put it together
and they have their you know conspiracy theories about what’s going on eh you know well maybe maybe not there’s some truth to a lot of this time again if you
don’t take care of your voice I’m yeah you’re gonna lose it there’s.. that’s for
sure and if you don’t warm up correctly before every show yeah you’re gonna lose
your voice over time but it doesn’t mean that that’s exactly what’s going on here
so I’m gonna give it the benefit of the doubt some of these singers. I did see
Kelly sing about two years ago and she was killing it so uh you know I don’t
know what kind of night it was for her when they grabbed this footage and put
this together but anyway that’s Kelly Clarkson at the beginning of the
video here we go. Little flat. (sings) Okay now I don’t know if she lip-sync that note
or not she wasn’t facing the audience maybe for a reason. I do know that it is
true Christina has been losing her voice over
time she’s got a fabulous instrument it’d be awesome if she’d taken care of
it and she hasn’t and there’s lots of reasons ok man drugs and and diet and
sleep and you know just not warming up and over singing and just all kinds of
factors that go into this so um yes it is true you know she has her voice
has been atrophying over time but I want to point out something again. You know
we’re seeing a lot of shows and I have to reemphasize this. Good night bad night I
don’t know and I know that a lot of these guys do put some of this stuff on
tracks which is a bummer. We’re gonna get into that on some of the other videos
but anyway so let’s continue I think that might be it let’s check it out here.
Yeah that’s it okay so anyway um one of the things is all I know is that if you
do take care of your voice over time it will work for you into your 70s and 80s
and we’ve seen this with a lot of different artists so my commendation is
for you guys to consider that you singers out there for you that are
just along for the entertainment ride, I hope this was beneficial and fun for you
Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing
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Miley might have had a rough day in the second vid. When not having proper warming up my vocal chords, throat would clog up so I could not control the low voice. Going up an octave would save the face at the gig but it would also strain the voice breathing wrong for me.

Thank you!
I learn something from Every One of Your videos.♡
I inherited extra good hearing from my father, and sometimes I've heard a great singer, hit,, what's described as a flat note.
Helping to define this is very helpful for myself!
And (I'm just sayin')really, they aren't perfect, who is.
Right. "?"

I doubt these "artists" could ever really sing. They're all auto-tune queens with highly produced records and a history of lip syncing and live auto-tuning.

Very informative video, Ken. I'm not a singer but appreciate a good voice. I've been a fan of yours since "Ít Won't Be Long" and that's been a minute, eh?

Your reaction is so much better than other YouTuber. You explains and demonstrated and seem u know very well about singing technic. Well done!!!

Indeed. Glenn Hughes is still nailing it – no mistake – check out the Black Country Communion live DVD. No messing around there. And my voice is still in great shape, though I don't practice as much as I used to. Mine could be better, but the point is that I've been doing it for around 30 years, and I'm a baritone with a similar range. It can be done – it's more about technique, relaxation (which is hard for all of us, but so important). And I find it's about beat structure and style – even within the hard rock genre, there are beats that let me create syllabic structures that work and others which don't. And of course, keys matter – some keys are easier, others not. The big difference is not being on the road. I can't imagine trying to keep my voice in shape with the madness that goes on in that lifestyle.

What happened to Kelly she was so talented and was fit with a great body. You would think that now that she has money she would have a nutritionsit, a personal trainer, etc. But no she totally let herself go. Hopefully she can turn it around and sing and look good as she did in American idol

The video seemed a bit overly critical about the choice to hold a note or cut it early or "dodge" it. I think sometimes this is just an artistic choice. Also, depending on the setlist the singer might be pacing themselves so as to not overdo things midway through their performance.

Dude, You say you're 55? That's insane! There must be something good in those family genes because you look and sound great and the reason why I say family genes because your cousin Sammy Hagar looks & sounds great too for his age & I think he's what….70?

I recently attended an 80s revival concert. One of the acts was Paul Young. He should have stayed home. Back in the day, I used to hear some of his notes and think, “that sounds like it hurts.” I’m here to tell you, it must have. The poor guy just can’t anymore, and I don’t just mean the higher notes. He must be surrounded by people who cant bear to tell him it’s over. It’s over. He’s got to be deaf to not hear it. Sadly, in interviews he’s denied it or attributed the changes to any number of other things. Like Renee Zellweger and her eye job. Just say you’re aging and it’s showing, then move on. On the other hand, Katrina was also there, minus the Waves, and she’s better than ever. Care for your voices, folks.

This was fun!
I have heard some singers have their bad days and good ones. However I believe and have heard of misuse and abuse of vocals of a few profesional singers have had some consequences.
I'm not a particular fan of Miley Cyrus But I do like her cover of Crowded House's song Don't Dream It's Over. I actually did hear a crack once in a Ann Wilson live song …It was still awesome lol. And I am a fan.

brilliant video Ken, I love the analysis . I am not singer, just a guitar player, but fascinates me to hear your opinions (and knowledge) on things. thanks for your time again.

In all honesty, you should have addressed that Kelly Clarkson dropped keys when you featured her second time around. Which means that she can’t even sing in her original key/range.

I would like to see something on Phil Anselmo, Paul Stanley, and Geoff Tate. Others too like Robert Plant after 74/5 vs before.

I love how you mention that sometimes there's little obstacles that can affect a singer. I love how you demonstrate the note too!!!!!! You're so far the only one that gives detail! Love you!!!!!

Ken! Thank you for putting these out.
I sing at a dueling piano bar for three hours a night for four sometimes five nights a week. We are very energetic and talking a lot throughout the show. I’ve only been doing it for two years and can already hear/feel my voice going out. My question is besides making sure I properly warm up, what is the number 1 thing you’d recommend I do to save my voice?

Appreciate any advice. Again, thank you for putting these videos!

for me i think vocal pitch or a vocal chord changes according to age ,, a lot of singers during dr 20's sing wel,, but when they reach 30's up it changed either higher or lower..

Correct me i im otta line but i think that in many cases these new bands or soloists are more concerned in the visiual aspects of the show and all the stage theatrics that the vocal takes the back seat.nothing more to prove after they have made a name for them selves its all about the bling instead of the real deal.

Loved Ian Gillans voice, till he left Purple the first time. In between, he joined Black Sabbath a bit and then came back to Deep Purple with the Perfect Strangers album. Not bad, but disappointing cos his voice was not the same. Not sure of the reason, but he seemed to be smoking in interviews I saw. His finest performances were in Andrew Lloyd Webbers Jesus Christ Superstar album in my opinion. The voice and range in the song "the temple" was incredible.

I hate these tupe of song. It sound like nails on a chalkboard. Also, Just because you can sing onn a musical rollercoater does not mean it does not gove you a migraine.

For proof that you can still sing great late in life, just look no further than Ted Neeley. I've met him multiple times and most impressive for me personally was when I saw him perform Jesus Christ Superstar live in Tampa, FL when he was around 67-68 years old and he hit an A6 during Gethsemane and held it FOREVER! Pretty impressive since he was doing that at a G5 at 30.


Can singers get back some of the notes they once did with your course? Or once your voice starts atrophy or we loose some of the the high notes and falsetto its gone?

Recently on an even of my village I challenged myself to sing 3 octaves in one song. I could barely hold the microphone with my shaking hands, but suprisingly the G5 came naturally. 😀
(G2 was harder)
Of course if you practice enough and do it correctly G5 shouldn't be that hard.
I think being famous has much to do with losing your voice. If it's too stressful, you don't have time to rest and you forget to take care of your voice… It can also be laziness though.

Thank you for being objective about it. I believe Christina Aguilera is one of the singers out there that actually know what she's doing. Check out the dou with Andrea Bocelli. Amazing stuff!

Ken, if you had to name your top 3 most powerful vocalists who have maintained their chords throughout their careers…who would you name?

im wondering if ken has whistle register? He can go really high and his lowest note is like an F2 or somewhere there?

I love the fact that you're hitting all these notes that these female singers sometimes have a hard time singing. Great video! I'd love to see a reaction video in the future Petra or Theocracy. Keep up the good work, brother! God bless!

There's been studies that women''s voices naturally deepen after pregnancy/child birth. Could this be what has changed some of these voices?

I'm going to disagree about demi Lovato! Although that song in particular may not be a good example of her incredible vocals, or even a good song at all really, lol, her range and talent has become absolutely incredible over the years and she's NOT gotten worse at singing, in fact, she's gotten miles and miles better at it since leaving Disney! She actually is one of my biggest vocal influences there is and where i would like my vocals to go. I used to have incredible vocal range when i was young killing amy Lee, Maria Carey and Christina Aguilera even but when i got older i was in a major car accident almost totally broke my neck, then worked at fright fest yelling and screaming and then eventually multiple sclerosis took its toll on my voice and wrecked havoc. Inflammation has ruined me completely but I'm holding on to hope that Ken Tamplin can bring my voice back for me! I loved your candid moment in this trying to hit those notes your voice is spectacular and esp for having such a low baritone naturally it's amazing you can hit those notes at all. Nice job

Hi Ken, only just found these. Fantastic stuff. Just want to put a shout out to a couple of older Aussie guys who are still white hot vocally in their late 60s and early 70s. Daryl Braithwaite and John Farnham. I heard Daryl at a club a couple of years ago and he not only held one of his high sustained notes longer than on his album (from the late 80s), he then proceeded to work up the scale from there! Astonishing for a 66 year old.

Great video Ken! Good to see a fair viewpoint 🙂

In a lot of these examples, the singers' first performances look like they're from a one-off TV appearance to promote a single where they're at their height of fame, probably treated very well and put up in a really nice hotels etc. – very important to nail the performance considering the viewership… and then the last performances are from a 1.5hr+ concert with many shows either side that, perhaps on a demanding tour schedule where they have to make sure they deliver at least a decent show every night – so while I think some do lose their voice, it's so difficult to get an accurate picture, like you say! I do think a lot of these singers are more than capable of pulling off their earlier performances under similar circumstances today, if they truly have taken care of their instrument!

I dont like these types of videos because often times they just take clips from off days or bad performances. Every singer has bad performances, every singer has days when they just dont feel prepared. It doesn't mean they cant do it anymore.

Hmm it’s so sad how some real good singers lose their killer voices…but nothing changes the fact that they’ve still got charisma!
And thank you for this useful vid Ken

I love watching your videos! You are so observant and informative. I am in no way a singer! I couldn't tell you the difference between a bass singer and a tenor singer except maybe one sings high and the other sings low!🤣🤣 But I still love watching your reactions!💜

I'm doing my Tom Waits vocal exercises everyday. I gargle with gasoline and drink warm whiskey and smoke 20 packs a day!!!

This really shows how special the late ronnie james dio was even when he was very sick the guys voice had remained intact he is the true metal god 🤟🤟🤟

I think when you look at these singers that lose quality over time then think of what Freddie Mercury did right up to Queens last show in 1986 at Knebworth and you realize what a singer that man was. I believe he was HIV positive in 1986.

Not to point out the obvious about the Kelly Clarkson one but the first is a TV show…she sang ONE song that was it… the others are from touring gigs… God only knows at what stage of the tour of the gig lol

the only thing i have to say though ken is that when you talk about how you’re capable of singing these same notes healthily, you sing in a much more head voice type mix. a lot of these female singers hit these notes with a lot more chest involved, if not almost bringing chest all the way up there. it’s just different. so comparing their support with yours is different. i can use head voice to sing a mariah belt, that doesn’t mean it’s going to sound like a correct belt without some nasal overtone.

why do some guys have really high head voice like you? One kid in my choir did for some reason and he had a deeper voice. Is it just a thing?
Edit: you just gonna heart me and not respond oml

Christiina aguilera hits this note on her 2019 tour more then once and Kelly still hits her note sometimes but skips the note other times in Oder to rest her vocals

I'm a band singer singing 15 songs straight in a whole night instead of losing my voice for a year or two of singing like the way it is, I'm improved! I'm still 18 and didn't got a voice lessons since I started singing, but I do browse your stuff Ken and it helps me a lot all the time. My very best technique that I'm using is voice control and try not to strain all the time, must relax yourself for high notes and bam here we go! 😉

Kiss fans are griping that Paul Stanley is lip syncing for some songs in concert but when I saw them back in February, I didn't notice anything that would lead me to believe that the band is doing that and I was actively listening for it.

Legendary Australian singer John Farnham has just announced a new tour at 70 years old.

This is probably his greatest vocal performance of all time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dv54giOSRKs&list=LLJKXh3PbOwfGv6deF-llWwQ&index=3&t=83s

Adam Lambert can sing anything to perfection. What a range! His voice is insured for 47 million dollars & he takes very good care of his voice, even on stage drinking water or throat one tea to keep chords moist.

Ken I gotta ask man since I am a solid baritone myself with some bass and tenor range: Those are some incredibly high notes you hit. When you warm up, I assume you warm up softly instead of going right for the “through the roof” notes? I am a person that has drainage issues in my throat and it does affect the consistency of my voice. I am under a doctor’s care with weekly allergy shots. Any tips?

Not to dismiss any of the advice or observations given here, but I find the use of these emphatic high notes in so many songs unmusical and unpleasant.

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