3 Dancers Choreograph To The Same Song – Feat. Jason Rodelo, Taryn Cheng, and Dom Johnson

what’s up y’all it’s Clay & Jessie and
welcome back to STEEZY’ss YouTube channel your number one source for dance
education. Your guest this episode are Dom Johnson Taryn Cheng and Jason Rodelo
the song we chose is windows by Kamaiyah and not only do you have the
choreograph to that song they also each received a specific prompt that
they have to incorporate into the choreography. Let’s get into it.
Choreographer number one: Jason Rodelo Hi my name is Jason Rodelo. Currently a
member on s-rank…s-rank. The challenge I got for my choreography was to do
something my mom would do. choreographing for this song…it’s a really cool vibey
song very you know…West Coast bouncy but I still wanted to maintain like the
character of the song too and my own personal character. My mom would always
do super silly dance moves growing up she would like to try to make me laugh I guess and
they made me cringe more than laugh. Doing something my mom would do…you
obviously can’t look cool the entire piece doing that. Taryn: Nice…we hit that first gunshot kind of similarly…and what the heck?! Dom: …aye. Taryn: Jason’s control is also crazy. Dom: this guy’s crazy. Taryn: I love the way Jason performs and just like Taryn: incorporates character…ew. AHHHHH Dom: Yeah see the gunshots! Got everybody be like… Taryn: Ewwwwwwww what the heeeeckkkkk Dom: Ayeeeee Taryn: Niiiiice. That’s super catchy and memorable Dom: Ayyee that’s catchy Dom: I’m gonna do that do that…I’mma do that Taryn: Wow Jason!!! So good. Dom: I love Jason’s musicality choice Dom: He is just super clean I feel like
everything that he wants to display is like really clear. I would never think of
those like concepts like that. Taryn: This song is so Jason. His movement like by itself is super unique and different. His character and like his facials makes it like
that much nastier. GUESS THE CHALLENGE Dom: Catchy dance…since you repeated that and
maybe you want to do that so I’m just Dom: gonna say catchy dance moves. Taryn: Okay well
this one is like the move that’s in my Taryn: head…I’m just gonna say dance like
you’re underwater. Taryn: NOOOOOOO
Kevin: It’s “do something your mom would do” Dom: That is pretty specific that’s good I love that.
Choreographer number two: Taryn Cheng. Hi I’m Taryn and i’m from GRV. The challenge I got for my choreography was
to dance like I’m on fire. I think I normally gravitate to more like slower
kind of emotional songs so it was definitely a challenge for me to receive
this song. There’s one combo where I do like a hit and then as if I’m like
blowing the fire off of my arm…also I tend to be very stationary what I
choreograph so because like fire spreads like into different areas that it
consumes I tried to travel a little bit more and like incorporate more of my
feet into this piece as well. Yeah it was super fun making this piece. Jason: okay…ooh. Yeet. Dom: Same. Ooh! I wanted to do that! Jason: Mmmmm okayyy. Choices man always with them choices Dom: Sick. The gunshots man! Jason: Yeet. Come on with them iso’s man. Dom: Jesus. Aye. Ayee. Yeet, yeet yeet. Aye. Jason: Ayeee. That’s an actual window she’s doing a window okay. Hey. Yeet. Mmm. Dom: Ooh you wanna… she said hmph.
Jason: That was raw dude. I could see that on stage
and it makes sense cuz you know she’s from grv and she’s just a little killer.
Her isos’s and her little points of just like getting out of the groove and
then outta nowhere showing us that little like control in the ISOs…Muah.
Sick. You always think that you can’t be swag…you can do swag. You can do swag.
you can do SWAG. Okay but that was sick. Jason: yeah well done.
Dom: The gunshots man.
Everybody going crazy. it’s just like Dom: embodies that hype feeling and that the
song…that I get from the song and I get Dom: what I want the whole time…
Dang, girl. so good. :,) GUESS THE CHALLENGE Dom There’s a lot of waving that made me think like the ocean…I dunno.

Jason: I think Taryns challenge was mmm and Jason: that’s crazy you guys did this man I
think it was almost like an open perspective of a window looking into
certain crisis…es…crisii…that we have in our world today. Kevin: Dance like you’re on fire.
Dom: Woo! Woo! Yeah!!!
Jason: Oh you’re on fire? okay. Jason: Four more guesses and I woulda got that for sure.
Choreographer number three: Dom
Johnson. Hey guys my name is Dom. You’ve probably seen me on s-rank or in a Brian Puspos video. The challenge that I got was to
incorporate a concept of taking a selfie I felt this song was perfect for an
up-and-down type of vibe. The gunshots… The gunshots. Ha! The gunshotsare like super big and loud and I couldn’t wait to get to them. The constant ones in the breakdown of the
song…it just made me feel so powerful. like most natural release of dopamine. Jason: is that part of the choreography?! Jason: I cannot bro. stop it.
Taryn: Dang you did a whole
intro? I literally just stood there. Jason: Woah. Hey! Taryn: a lot of like similar kind of
wordplay Jason: Hey. Yacht yacht yacht. Hey
Taryn: I would have
never interpreted that combo like that Taryn: okay floor work. whoa!
Jason: Woah. Wooahhhh! where’s Dom coming
from? Taryn:it’s all so crazy that he’s so tall but his level switches are so fast. Jason: “……..” Jason: *stunned* Taryn: He brings back the phone lol Jason: what the! Jesus. Oh he got no messages.
Jesus Lord.
Taryn: it’s so good. :,] His flow is so Taryn: natural so even if he sticks in like
random ISO combos or like goes to the Taryn:floor all of a sudden it still flows
super well.
Jason: no I’m literally like shocked Jason: that was freakin awesome.
His subtleties man the subtleties how he Jason: can just go from subtle to just popping
out you know a little his little grooves Jason: man…he knows how to be groovy but still
hit that subtle musicality at the same Jason: time to show us a little edge…yeah dude
that was insane.
GUESS THE CHALLENGE Taryn: A social…media…celebrity. Jason: He’s very insecureand just wants to feel
loved…via his social media maybe? And he Jason: needs…what’s the word I’m looking for.
Validation! Jason: Aw What! Im going too deep in these man. I was close.
Jessie: we tried something a little different for this video and hopefully you guys enjoyed the
insider look at how different choreographers approach the choreography
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This was so cool to see how everyone interpreted the music and chose to emphasize certain notes and beats. It really shows how one song can mean something completely different to two (or three) people. It would be really cool if you showed a bit of the creative process of each choreographer as they were working, like a behind-the-scenes!

1st one knew his ability and worked with it really well.
2nd was kinda repetitive. She goes in and out of focus with the music.
3rd one started off nice(his choreo) but tried to hard to do something he didn't master and looked kind of fatigued…idk

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