Hallo guys How are you?? Hope youre Fine As you can see i’m holding a package its Usb type C for Mic External from xiaomi yi 4k+ its New Version from previous xiaomi yi 4k and Now xiaomi y 4k+ and this camera already using USB type c so that more fast for moving data and charge the battery If you want to buy this Adapter you can check on my description in this video the price about $8 ok, lets opened so this is i will try on this camera and then we will test how quality from this External Microphone check it now i try to put so, adapter already installed on this camera like this this is result of Mic external xiaomi yi 4k+ the wind very strong this is mesque Meulaboh hopefully the result is good And this xiaomi yi 4k+ without Mic External what kind of difference you can see the difrerence


Keren ๐Ÿ‘, hasil audio videonya bagus n spertinya g ngaruh dgn kondisi cuaca ….hasil gambar terang wlopun lg cuaca agak2 gerimis d mbo dan suara angin yg berisiknya pun teredam dgn sempurna ๐Ÿ˜Š

If you have access to a SJCAM SJ8 camera then can you please check it with that camera.Or do you know if there is some adapter available for SJCAM SJ8?

Mantapbro Subscribe balik ya thanks ditunggu saling support salam motovlog motovlog ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฉ

Infonya lengkap , tp kurang jelas pake mic yg mana ya ? . Oh ya saya pake mijia 4k dr xiaomi bisa gak pake mic yg sama ?

Mau tanya bang.. apakah semua action cam bisa di pakai mic colokan nya kaya gitu ??
โ€œJadi ga harus bongkar2 lagi di lobangi lagiโ€

Kalo yi4k biasa bisa ga ya make converter micro usb ke Aux, terus disambunh ke mic? Mau beli takut gabisa jalan

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