23 Different Musical Genres on the Violin

Welcome back to another episode of TwoSet Violin. Today, we are going to be doing… Musical genres violin charades. Now, you may be wondering… When is Brett going to jump in this time? Why is he not here? In which direction is he going to jump in? Hmm… I don’t know. But I cannot continue this introduction without him. Brett! Where are you? NYAH! Scissors, paper, rock! Scissors, paper, rock! Uh oh… Boom, boom. Looking through the screen. While Brett sets up the timer… Did you practice today? Cause if you haven’t practiced today, and you are watching this, you are now obliged to hit the like button. Alright? Like the video! Subscribe if you haven’t and just finish this video first. – And then go practice.
– And then you can practice. – Film.
– Yes. Inception. I thought I knew it after two notes, but I wanted to make sure – You double checked.
– Is it the right notes? And then I was like, yeah. – Film music.
– We should limit this so each person only has three chances to guess. – OOH! Alright, that’s a new rule.
– That would be fun! – You can only have three guesses!
– Boom! Three guesses! Yeah, otherwise we will just spam. It’s better, Yeah. Cause, Yeah. To raise to the next level, guys. Three guesses. Level up. – Contemporary.
– Yes. Ooh. I’m a bit more nervous now. – I know.
– I’m like… – It’s like… Oh, crap…
– Do I say it? – Baroque.
– Yes Classical! Yes! Nope. Oh.. HoHoho… Yeah, that’s just where [inaudible] guess the wrong thing. I know! I’m a classical musician! Ah!!! Um. – Dude, there’s so much more tension now.
– I know! But I can’t play anything cause I’ll mess you up. Yeah. Oh! My anaconda don’t want none until you got buns – Yeah, so what period is it? I mean, what is it? I’m pretty sure that’s… Hip hop? Yeah!!! Oh. Uh, um… Uh… Jazz. – Yeah, yeah.
– Oh… What? Wait, no, I’m thinking about the pitch. – I can’t ruin it… Give me some time!
– Oh, I thought that was it. I forgot the pitch! – Opera.
– Yes! – Da da da da da da da da da~
– What key is that anyways? Anyway. Well, close enough. Ohh… Jesus. – Pop!
– Yes! Oooh! Oh, dude, what. Um.. Um.. Umm… Shaky bow? Ahh! Country! Noo! – Folk! Okay
– Yeah. Oh… – Thank god we still have three guesses.
– Oh… – Kpop? Okay.
– Yeah! Rock! – Yeah, yeah, yeah, no.
– Hard Rock Yeah, I am going to count it, Rock N’ Roll. – Okay, yeah, okay, yeah.
– I am gonna count it. Romantic! Yeah. Yes. Alright. Game! Uhh! Noo! Country! Oooh!!! Oh… Oh… What’s in between? Yeah. We have classical, romantic… In between classical and romantic. Oh! Oh! Oh!!! The.. Uh… The… The… The… Freaking… Uh. 16th… – Yeah, what’s it called? What’s it called?
– 16th cen… Uh…. I don’t know what it’s called. Pre… Pre… Bro, one minute and ten seconds left. Pre… Nah, whatever, I don’t know. It’s Renaissance. OH!!! Okay. Urgh! Who listens to that these days? Dude, you look like no face from spirited away. I know. Dubstep! – Yeah…
– Okay. Okay. – I was doubting myself for that.
– I was like please – Yeah. I think dubstep but I’m not so sure anymore. Yeah. Oh. Oooh. Ah. Piazzolla. Mexican. Um. Um. Ballroom. Bwa!!!! What is it called? Oh. What’s the next genre called? The genre’s called bonus challenge. What! Philip Glass? 21st century? Modern? I think I… Contemporary? Oh my – Minimalism. Oh, well. It’s alright. No time to… No time to weep for two minutes. Minimalism! Oh, man. You definitely would not know this. Okay, something I don’t know. Zzzzz! Ah! Zzzz! Ah! Nah, let’s just skip. – What was it?
– Music theater. – Uh…
– What? Rock! – Metal! Oh…
– Yes. Oh! – Ooh! Oh… Freaking….
– Ooh! Oh. Bro, I don’t know. Um. No, thats not – That’s not it… I don’t think that’s the genre. I’m probably – It’s probably not the right genre. Oh, what the hell. Oh, what the hell. Um. Oh! Even my shoulder rest is like I’m out. Um… No, no, no. Nah, nah. Skip. – Oh, what was it?
– Bossa nova. What the hell? That’s pretty um… Outside the comfort zone of… – Oh, okay
– All the classical violinists. Um… Dude, how? How did I scratch my violin already? I don’t know. Avant-garde? No. What? Nah. Nah. Skip. – What was it?
– Serialism. Uh… Uh… Uh… Oh! – Country?
– Yeah. I was like folk, but we’ve done it before. Country. Please sub… scribe and… Do not hit the… like button unless you didn’t practice, then you should hit the like button.


2:19 My teacher led us hear this song in lunchtime two days ago, I just heard it from an ad in YouTube about 5 minutes ago, now this??! I swear God is fucking with me

EDIT: The song is Schubert – Erlkönig

I love your channel and your programs, but sometimes I have a hard time understanding what Eddy & Brett are saying.

When you crack up at inside jokes, you are unintelligible. I just close the video. Enunciate. Speak clearly. The joke is lost if we can't make out what you are saying.

For peace of mind can you for the love of god PLEASE TELL MEE… why you guys DO SCISSORS… paper……. rock…

Piazzolla going "At least you remembered me this time" while playing Oblivion is a level of meta comedy I don't know I'll be ever able to reach lmao

Before i knew violin i always watching you guys, after i learn violin i rately watching you guys bacause i was so busy practicing, and for the concert and for the event hahaha peace 😋

Violins are so damn cool….. I wanna be able to play one some day (currently cannot afford one) but I'll get their some day!

I’m so sad that I can’t practice bc I’m losing my mobility I can play piano violin cello guitar harmonica and snare but now my hands are giving up welp there goes my life

I haven't practice today

1. 'Cause I am lazy
2. 'Cause I liked the video
3. 'Cause my mom didn't say anything about it
4. 'Cause I'm evil😏😈

I didn’t practice because I’m sick and play a brass instrument. I bet Ling long doesn’t get sick, nothing can stop him from practicing 40 hours a day

I don't know anything about the violin (I'm a flutist) but I literally cant stop watching these videos 😂😂😂😂

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