13 times Harry Styles vocals SHOOK this Vocal Coach

Whoa Yo, what’s good tristans and tristfam So y’all have been asking me to react to Harry Styles video for a while now and to be completely honest I’m a Very out of the loop with Harry Styles and his music and his voice and just like everything I kind of hardly know who he is, but we’re gonna change that today 13 times Harry Styles vocals had me shook is the title of this video before we get started be sure you check out my website youcansinganything.com I am a vocal coach and I teach singing lessons online every single day done the description link to my vlog channel cover channel twitch and discord channel Karaoke discord channel also links my patreon on that patreon. I do have a reward well, I will help you improve your singing in both video and written format, but but But here we go 13 times Harry Styles vocals. Have me shook. Let’s see what I think about this Sorry, that’s very loud it sounded good though It’s almost country Okay, he’s very young right this is one direction That’s very cool. Whoa, he’s so much older now Oh That’s amazing actually hearing him both as a kid and today like really interesting He he still maintained a very very similar sort of a style like vocally And give a tone Yo perfect, yo he knows the genre for him Like folky country pop I don’t even know the right direction. I’m trying to describe here Rocket gets works too, huh? I like this actually very toppy almost He’s not even trying kind of, but he is He’s doing some very interesting stuff like stylisticallly There’s a lot of stuff that I didn’t think would work? In todays like pop environment which would be like almost like Country-ish or folksy sounding vocals and if some singers do pull that off like Ed Sheeran sure There’s a number of different singers that pull that off but he’s doing something that is just seems super unique to me especially this rock star He has a very adult sound if that makes sense, I guess that’s another part of it. That’s kind of shaking me right now Still that country vibe those This is amazing, there are like to be completely honest with you like there are so many like folksy I almost like maybe like alternative That’s not the right word though, cuz alternative these days implies like the indie vocals sound But there are so many singers who I appreciate that Don’t do like the indie vocal sound but still have this like more serious adult tone to them while still doing the folksy stuff and that I love that silent that you Honor and I did not know Harry Styles did that that gives me a whole new level of respect Cause I love this genre Very authentic voice Not, okay not to be offensive, but I didn’t expect that from One Direction singer He’s always had them rock Fogle’s, huh What the. I gotta be honest. I’m not sure about that suit though He’s rocking’ it though, I mean I wouldn’t wear it but His voice is so unique for being like a a major pop singers it just really is Oh shit those high notes though Damn they have like an emotional connection to it I love this song… kind of I maybe I love how he’s singing it cuz actually don’t really like that song Like that song is just like what it was really really cheesy. What is it like 90’s songs late 90s mid 90s. I remember that song just playing in the car all the time, right? I hated that song when I was kid Baby not like mid 90s, baby. You said cheesy I like the mid 90s, baby, baby Justin Bieber is like you sit down and you eat a piece of cheese Do you know it’s a piece of cheese when you’re gonna eat a baby? That’s what I’m talking about anyway, baby That’s a tough up that’s a tough song Whoa, I did not see that coming and he did it again? Harry Styles is like the like the hippie of the group. Am I right or am I wrong about that with one direction? And now he’s like the hippie that grew up Wow His voice is really like, it’s really mature and improved like, it’s crazy Never heard this song I’ve heard people sing this song that I’d never heard like heard the actual song It sounds so like No wonder I’m getting the hippie thing this there’s like some 60s vibes going on here His pants His style of a kind of a point though Wow Yo, you know what I made a comment before Responding to like some like maybe a Zayn video and I think I said something like he was always Someone who I thought was like one of the most advanced vocalists from one direction But Harry Styles is like he’s he’s right up there with Zayn Wow crazy That was great, no wonder ya’ll have been trying to get me to watch this I think the next thing I need to do is watch a carpool karaoke with Harry Styles Be sure that you drop a comment down below if that’s what you want me to check out next and be sure you like this Video if you like this video subscribe, if you’re new until next time Tristan’s and Trisfans. Peace out


I joke that I'm too old to be a "Directioner", so I call myself a "boy band connoisseur"- from New Kids on the Block, to Backstreet and NSYNC, up to One Direction. All the fellas in 1D are immensely talented, but Harry Styles just has a certain magnetism, a certain energy about him….. he's an unbelievable vocalist, and really an all around amazing human being. So glad you took some time to check him out!!!

he's clearly a rockstar tristan xD just saying. even in one direction the way a sang and "danced" was always very rockish

I don't get the repetitive verses. They aren't tonally interesting at all. Again, it's like they expect the audience to feed their dependency on the star, rather than the music in Pop. I mean whatever that pink suit song was about.

ik Harry sings like a goddess but can we just take a moment and appreciate how good he looks every single time he sings….God really snapped 😍

But what the fuck did you mean saying u dint expect that frm a 1D singer huhh… All of 1ds members are superrr talented and amazing singer all 5 of em… Way more successful than u'll evr be so be careful talking bullshit next time loser… Billie was absolutely correct when she asked u to stfu 😡🤬😠

when you said He's almost up there with Zayn WHO HAS THE SECOND TO WORST VOICE OF ONE DIRECTION. I had to click off. Love your videos but NO NO NO NO NO Harry is THE best voice to come out of one direction. It's Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn Louis. IN That order. Zayn sounds like he's singing through his nose and NEVER really contributed during live performances he just stood there.

Tristen: “ not to be offensive but I didn’t expect that from a one direction singer”

Me being a diehard 1D fan:” what did you fricken expect from an international boy band singer? Also I did find it offensive”

Tristen: “ Zayn has the best vocals in one direction and Harry is right up with him” ( those are not his exact words)

Me: “Yeah and Niall, Louis, and Liam’s vocals are up there too”

I’m really happy with Harry Styles’ musical direction. Quite different and refreshing with a lot of talent and hard work.

I have literally never been at all interested in this man and after watching this and the seventy videos of him flapping pride flags around like wings at concerts I suddenly have the desire to be his best friend.

I actually love one direction so much I’ve literally love then since day one and I was one of them girls where I hade the full doll set I had towels with them on had posters all over my room and literally the day they get back together is going to be the best day of my life no joke and Harry has always been one of my favourite literally loved him for the start ❤️❤️

I’m not hating but someone has to agree with me, it’s really annoys me when he just starts talking over harry singing so he can’t hear it properly if he talks and he doesn’t say anything when he is not singing and it’s just the music but then he starts talking again when he starts singing

I love how he’s just fascinated by the fact that zarry have got powerful voices for mere pop “boybanders”

Just because One Direction sang pop it doesn’t mean that the boys like pop music. Their music taste and style has always been far from pop. What I like about 1d breaking up is that they’re able to do and sing what they love.

Is it just me or does Harry do the majority of the vocals in 1D? Like literally he is the one beinifiting most from being solo right now.

6:29 I love this song
I actually dont know it
If that isnt me when i hear harry singing then i dont know what is 😂😂 love you haz

That pink cat I swear she's lookin at me it's kinda creepy.
" his folk-ish, 80's, 60's etc.." That's because Harry is an old soul, you're welcome 😂

After watching the full video i just realised that queen cat has been staring at me the entire time.

Ooooo really creepy!!!!

When the teacher starts singing it’s like be quite I want to here Harry Or you think by his face he is gonna say something bad about him 😂

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