10 Minute Vocal Warm-Up

** As you get higher, try switching to “ah-ah-ah-ah-ah” **


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thanks for these. I have tried so many warm ups over the years but this one is the best – especially with the breathing exercise and the consonant exercise.

"Let your head gently float down from side to side " 💆🏼 cracks neck 😣

😅Lol i love this warm up ❤️

I am new to singing at 60, have joined a choir, don't understand any of the terminology and am finding your scales and warm ups make a huge difference to the quality of my singing and it really helps having the visuals as I also need to learn to train my ears. I went to class last week and hadn't done any of the scales for a week and my voice was really clunky and unoiled in comparison to only do the scales daily. Now I am following the rest of your lessons for warms ups and scales. Thank you so much for your great and enjoyable method.

Your videos as a GREAT help. I'm starting just now, and I really like the exercises. Congratulations!

I think this channel is the best channel i have ever visit thank you mam you really help me to improve my voice….now im feeling more confident to sing in public….✌✌👍🎤

Unbelievable helpful videos – thank you so much for your help to people and trying to make it easier to people to sing!
I wish you all the best!

is the one at 7:15 designed for Ariana Grande? The rest was helpful thank you so much, the NEEE exercise had me going into falsetto tho

I love the singing school videos and find that daily practise has improved a voice I have hardly ever used. I would find it helpful to have the first note written at the beginning of each of these

Awesome exercise mam, unfortunately came across this video only last month. Have been doing these exercises daily, I can’t believe now am
Able to sing in Asharp. After delivery my voice became so bad that my range was F or F sharp. Thank u so much for ur tips n the wonderful videos u upload, lookin forward to more new exercise videos:)

wow this does so much to train the vocals, but that lesson you gave about pretend to be taking a bit of an apple really works well for me! I have a problem with anxiety so the first part of this lesson really helps to relax the vocal chords and tension in the jaw:) Thank you! You have a beautiful voice! 🙂

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