🤯Spurs 2-7 Bayern Munich🤯 Champions League 2019 Song Parody (Gnabry 4 goals!)

Spurs 2 Bayern 7! I haven’t seen devastation like this in North London since the Blitz! Ha! The Bayern goals went in – 7-2! Uhhuh Uhhuh Even Arsenal weren’t as bad as you! Haha! Haha! The Bayern goals went in: 7-2! And it’s thanks to me for selling you! And they all ran into the dark for to get out of the shame! So let’s go back, right to the start… And watch our seven goals again! Ja! A wonderful goal by 32 – hurrah! JOSHUA!!! A wonderful goal by Lewy too! Hurrah! POLSKA! Spurs led by one, then trailed 1-2. It’s time to see 4 goals by you! And they all ran out of the dark… Ready to get totally shamed! ROLL PLAYBACK! It’s second half! It’s time to kick off again! JA! A wonderful goal by 22! Hurrah! HAHA!!!! A wonderful goal, for him that’s 2! Hurr-a HAHAHAAAAA! Another great chance! He made it 3! This boy’s world class! I told you Tony! Can we all run into the dark? For to get out of the shame? NO! Sixth time I’ve had to restart…
THIS BETTER NOT HAPPEN AGAIN! A wonderful goal, for me that’s 2! Hurrah! CHEATER!!! My favourite number, a 4th for you! HAHA! CPR! North London is red! 7-2! These best thing I did, was selling you! And we all trudged into the dark… For to get out of the shame… I’m not coming back! He’s broken my heart! I’m off to sunny Spain! Good luck at Madrid, Christian! They’re even worse than Spurs!!! HAHAHA!


Welcome to Madrid side losing 😭😭I wish Ronaldo didn’t go at least we have the best player in laliga benzema

Aubameyang got his 7th goal on Monday and Sp*rs were thrashed with 7 gols as well…..
Coincidence? I think not

Spurs tactics for the match at the Allianz:
– remind Neuer that Son is Korean
– have Reus pretend to be Müller to miss open goals
– switch Lewa's Bayern shirt for a Poland one
– convince Phil he's still at Barcelona
– let VAR do the magic

Clear Conspiracy Dean

Jan Vertonghen was killed by Eriksen during the game. However, at the start of the song (which is AFTER the game), he is still there, completely fine.

Hmmmm… There could have been a clone involved

What if Spurs made a comeback to Bayern. Like 7-2, that's the opposite of they scored. Expect they would score 12 bayern 1.

(sanchez) the barcelona's goals went to 2-1
(messi) even Dortmund weren't that bad
(suarez) Aha-aha
(sanchez) Barcelona's goald went to 2-1

For once iv’e actually heard a bit of Eriksen pls keep up with that i need to see more from Eriksen.

Dean, you picked up from the original song from the bollywood song Na bole Tum Na Maine kuch kaha. Great idea. By Merwyn Alexander from Mumbai, India

It's nice seeing Spurs devasted on a night when I thought my beloved Real would make all the headlines for all the wrong reasons <3

Some Easter Eggs 🥚 I've enjoyed on the vid:

0:25 reference to the movie Seven 7⃣
0:33 reference to why the Sp*rs defence were sleeping (Vertonghen sexting Eriksen's mrs)💌
0:49 Alderweireld getting a 🍆 overEriksen's mrs
1:08 how Vertonghen actually had the bruise on his right eye 🤼
1:11 Wenger's favourite number (finishing fourth as an accomplishment) 😂

I really loved this vid ❤️️, Great work from Dean, Sam and the team👏

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