🎼 Work Bag Tour : Singer

Hi guys, so I am back with another video. If you are new to my channel then “Hello”. My name is Cicilia Today I am going to show you What’s inside my work bag as a singer. So If you are interested on watching then stick around but If you don’t.. All the things that keep in here, they are really essentials that I cannot live without when I’m performing. The first thing that I’m going to show you is this tablet I cannot live without it. and yeah. It holds all the lyrics and stuff so I will never forget my words. This is my microphone. This one is Audix. I bought it like 2 years ago, If I’m not mistaken in Singapore. The next thing is a vocal effect. This is Voice Live Touch 2 by TC Helicon This is really really good, it got.. 200 presets (giggles) even though you don’t need that much you know, you better have one but it’s for everything rather then.. have a few effects but, you just carry so much stuff ! and this is the boring stuff I got these 2 babies so one for the effect to the mixer and the other one is for my microphone to my vocal effect. and now let’s get to the fun part which is MAKEUP Kuai, can you pass me the lipstick that you wore earlier ? Throw it. Basically I just have this oil face paper (giggles) just in case If I have oil on my T – zone. and another one is a.. lipstick or lipcream. This one is Dear Me Beauty They have a new whole collection, I love them all. and the next thing is, because we cannot predict the weather sometimes it’s really hot and sometimes it’s really rainy I always bring my vitamin in this little heart-shaped box. usually they put a ring but I put a vitamin in it. I thought this video going to look really pretty turns out there are cables and then vocal effect, microphone ! On to the last one.. I always bring.. flat sandals with me This one I bought it from.. a Sunday Market last week. Because my other sandals already.. Rest in Peace I don’t want to run around in my heels after I sing but I wait for everybody to go and then I can come down from my throne.. so yeah ! that’s basically all of the thing that I always carry in my work bag I hope you do enjoy this video and find this video a little bit helpful Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you on the next one bye !


Beb.. Tas cantik, isinya kabel2? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lu totalitas banget seh. Yg jadi pertanyaan, setelah orang tau isi tas lu, apa yg mereka lakukan? 🤔

Kalau gw sih males bantuin lu angkat tuh tas 😉.

The best yaaa.. 😘😘😘

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