♪ IT THE MUSICAL REMIX – Animated Parody Song

Hiya Georgie! What a nice boat, I got it, but I don’t mean to gloat. Stick your tasty hand into this sewer moat, I’ll give the boat back and teach you to float. Arm’s the appetizer, soul’s the main course, Cause I like to sever limbs like a bodily divorce. SS Georgie’s sinking faster than Titanic, Blood fills the streets as he starts to panic. I like the Losers, tormenting them, It’s thoughtful to bring bully meat chasing Ben. Starving after sleeping for 27 years, Need to feed on kiddies and sip on their fears. ’88 and ’89, those are the seasons, It’s the prime time for my feasting. I guess those kids gettin’ eaten, I guess those kids gettin’ eaten… …I guess those kids gettin’ eaten, I guess those kids gettin’ eaten, I guess those kids gettin’ eaten! I’m a shapeshifting clown, In Derry Town. And the Losers found My sewer layer deep underground. History, I’ve been dancing through, Every 27 years, I’ll eat your crew. Not much you can do, I took your girl, Yes I wrecked your world. I tasted your brother now I want some more, So come on down and save your little wh-re. Boo hoo got you, I’ll cut your friends a deal, If they let me have you I’ll be done with my meal. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! There’s no way for you to win, Take a pole to the face, form claws on a whim. Pop out a painting and do a creepy spin, Impersonate your brother from his nose to the chin Your feet will dangle as I hold you by the throat, Never play by the rules, even kick you in the scrote. Redecorated my circus lair, Filled with floating bodies and covered in despair. When I have a guest I love to entertain, Then I gobble them up and introduce them to the pain. Manipulate mullet head to kill his dad, I think it’s funny but others say it’s sad. Stab him in the neck and you’ll feel tall, Kill them all, Kill them all… …kill them all, Kill them all, Kill them all! Losers, We must work together to pound that… that clown. He kidnapped our friend Beverly, We must free her or he’ll eat her, her soul. And maybe there is a chance that, That my brother is still breathin’, alive. So long as we stick together, We will not let fear defeat us, we’ll survive. Losers, losers, loser, loser, lo – lo – lo – lo – lo – lo – lo -lo, Losers! What is “IT”? A sh- sh- she or a he? I’m just trying to be PC. I think it’s both. You know, a non-binary. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s got a sausage AND a fish taco. Beep, beep, Richie, let’s keep up the pace, Hold Stan down while I munch on his face. Break a p***y’s arm, then crawl out the fridge, Body contorted worse than Exorcist. I’m a great actor, play a headless child, I can be a creepy leper, with a freaky smile. Push me down a well, but I always come back, Never give up like a hobo on cr*ck. So mark your calendar: 27 years, I’ll be back to feed on your fear. So let me sleep now, go away, SHOO! But remember, you’ll float too. You’ll float too, YOU’LL FLOAT TOO! Kill them all, KILL THEM ALL!


THE LOSERS CLUB they are pretty good playing there music and i love it so much and a lot i love this music is so cooler😎😎😎

Did you hear? It chapter 2 came out a couple weeks ago and boy is it awesome!!!
Edit : I mean it was SIIIIIIIIIIICK
jumpscares + confusing plot lines + great editing = a movie I must see

Can you please go back to your old animations like the animations in 2012-2013 Tranzit the musical and die rise and buried and mob and origins the musical

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